15 Interesting Facts About Plato


15 Interesting Facts About Plato
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The Greek philosopher from Athens named PLATO is one of the most important figures of the ancient Greek world and th
e entire history of Western thought. Let’s know more about him by reading this article.
Here are 15 interesting things about Plato:
1. Plato is just a nickname and his actual name is Aristocles (ask.com)
2. The nickname Plato (which means “broad” or “wide” in Greek) was given to him in reference to his broad shoulders. (platophilosophymrj.blogspot.com)
3. Plato was born in 428 BC and he died in 347 BC (ask.com).
4. As a young man, Plato was not only a student—he was also a wrestler and a playwright. (platophilosophymrj.blogspot.com)
5. His parents are Ariston of Athens and Perictione. (ask.com)
6. One of his brightest works was “The Republic” which deals with questions of virtue, justice, wisdom, courage, and government. (platophilosophymrj.blogspot.com)
7. In 388 B.C. he founded his school, the Academy, which is considered the first European university. (History.com)
8. He used a lot of dialogues to try to obtain a deeper understanding of individual subjects. (platophilosophymrj.blogspot.com)
9. Aristotle was one of Plato’s pupils at the Academy. (History.com)
10. Above the entrance to his Academy was the following quote, “Let none who has not learned Geometry enter here.” (funtrivia.com)
11. Plato’s philosophical works were heavily influenced by Socrates. Plato’s agreed to Socrates’ ideas in his writings. (platophilosophymrj.blogspot.com) (Related: Socratic Method: The Elenchu)
12. Plato was a student of Socrates (funtrivia.com)
13. ‘The Apology” is Plato’s works that describes the trial of Socrates, and Socrates’ defense against charges that he was corrupting the youth of Athens. Socrates' self-defense was eloquent but not persuasive to his peers, who voted to have him executed. (platophilosophymrj.blogspot.com)
14. Plato is recognized as one of the finest writers in Greek literature. (History.com)
15. Plato and his most esteemed student, Aristotle, both appear in the painting “The School of Athens” by Renaissance master Raphael. (platophilosophymrj.blogspot.com)
We can see that Aristocles, well-known as Plato, is a real wise man who contributed a lot in Western philosophy. Some of his works and philosophy are classic as they remain useful in the present time and perhaps even in the future ... continue reading

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What is Plato’s most important contribution in Philosophy? Why?
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