How to Get High Grades in Chemistry

Chemistry is a branch of Physical Science. It is the study of the composition, properties, and behavior of matter.
The atom is the basic unit of chemistry. As it is science, its procedures are systematic, and reproducible. Also, its hypotheses are tested using the so-called scientific method.
The following are some tips in getting high grades in Chemistry:

1. Be Prepared.“Familiarize different concepts before setting foot in the chemistry like writing and solving algebraic equations, exponents, scientific notation, negative numbers, logarithms, and fractions.” (

2. Attend class.“Go to class, pay close attention and copy the example problems the professor does on the board.” (

3. Always learn chemistry with a free mind.“Do not stress out yourself about it.”(

4. Practice daily.“It is like an athlete practicing everyday even though there’s no competition. Solve word problems about chemistry at least one to two problems regularly.” (

5. Focus on understanding. “There’s nothing wrong about memorization, but understanding is much better than just memorizing.” (

6. Work the Problems.“Be responsible enough to solve the problem by yourself. Do not copy the solutions from someone else’s work.” (

7. Talk to your Instructor. “Do not hesitate to talk to your instructor during their available hours very often about things that confuse you.” (

8. Get plenty of sleep.“You can’t do work if you’re tired because of lack of sleep.” (

9. Re-read the material.“It is important to re-read the chapter after the class and having some familiarity with the materials. This gives your brain another chance to go over the material and it develops your ability to read technically difficult material.” (

10. Improve your study habits through adding routines to the way you study. “Studying by group and working with other people who knows about chemistry can help you.” (

Chemistry is one of the hard subjects in science because here, one has to understand and familiarize himself to all things about chemical elements. Sometimes, it ends up to boredom studying chemicals, but just bear in mind that learning new things is just a way of enjoying the subject. Don’t forget that the quality of your study time is important as the quantity of your studies.

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What study tip do you use in studying chemistry?

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