10 Interesting Information About Melchora Aquino

Melchora Aquino y de Ramos (January 6, 1812 – March 2, 1919) was raised by prosperous farmer parents, Juan Aquino and Valentina de Aquino, at Banlat, Balintawak, Quezon City. She was well known as a great Filipino Revolutionist against the Spanish colonizers. She earned the name “Tandang Sora” for being an elderly mother to the Katipueros, that despite her old age, she still managed to fight for independence.
            The following are 10 interesting information about Tandang Sora.
1. According to history, she never attended school because of financial inability. What’s amazing though is that despite her being unschooled, she was noticeably literate and highly intelligent, which was observed even during her very young age. (pinoyforum.com)
2. She had a talent in singing and was very well known for singing at the mass. She was also often chosen for the role of “Reyna Elena” during the "Santacruzan". (biography.yourdictionary.com)
3. Tandang Sora was married to Fulgencio Ramos, a village chief in their town, and was gifted with six children. After her hubby died, she continued her life as being a single parent to her children. (en.wikipilipinas.org)
4. After her partner died, Tandang Sora took care of the business he left and strived hard to provide her children good education. She became active in organizing celebrations like baptisms, fiestas, and weddings. (en.wikipedia.org)
5. In the Philippine Revolution, she made her home open for the revolutionists, which served as safe haven for sick and injured. (tagaloglang.com)
6. Her good morality when she treated the Katipunan was also an essential recipe for Katipueros’ success. She provided support to them by lending them their necessities and serving them with all her capability. (topblogs.com.ph)
7. Her great service to the Katipuneros gave her a prestige of being known by many titles such as "Grand Woman of the Revolution", "Mother of Balintawak", and most remarkably “Mother of Katipunan”. (biography.yourdictionary.com)
8. Spanish authorities were able to get through her whereabouts. While being a captive, she was interrogated but refused to disclose any information about her compatriots. As a result, she was thrown by the civil guards to prison and was deported to Guam, Marianas Islands. (en.wikipilipinas.org)
9. Even when struggling because of her old age (she was already 84 when the Philippine Revolution broke out), she effectively served her fellowmen in the midst of revolution outbreak. (pinoyforums.com)
10. Despite being recognized as a great contributor to the Philippine’s victory against the Spaniards, Melchora Aquino refused to accept any material recognition from the government and decided to live even with great poverty. (tagaloglang.com)
Melchora Aquino is indeed a remarkable Filipino figure in the Philippine History. Maybe we know just few information about her, and I hope this article helps us to know her better and her exceptional contributions in attaining independence.
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What is impressive and remarkable about Melchora Aquino? Why?
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Anong katangian ni Tandang Sora ang marapat taglayin ng mga kababaihang Pilipino? Bakit?

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Although Melchora "Tandang Sora" Aquino is unable to attend in school because of financial inability, Filipinos discovered that she's intelligent and strong woman raising her 6 children alone when her husband died and she still manage to fight for independence despite of her old age
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Despite of being unable to attend school because of financial inability, Melchora "Tandang Sora" Aquino showed how responsible and intelligent mother she was. And including herself to those Filipinos who are fighting for our independence despite of her old age was indeed, a remarkable act.

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