Safety Management

Safety Management

“Safety First” this is the saying that every company impost to their business, it maybe because it is one way to boost the morale of their workers.

We all know that safety is everyone’s concern because no one wants to suffer in accident that may cause injuries, illnesses or in worst case fatalities. Safety may be defined as an condition of being safe or it’s easy to say freedom to accident. This safety may achieve through safety management.

What is Safety Management?

Safety management is an act or an art of managing the safety elements in the workplacein order to avoid or eliminate the accident. Actually this safety management is not easy as we think that it just eliminating the accident, however this focus in almost all of area in one business like hazards in workplace, chemicals, machines, atmosphere, accident investigation, cause and effect of the accident, controlling hazards, procedures for safety, recording accidents, and some other aspects regarding safety.


Accident may occur anywhere and anytime, in different jobs or duties and even what we are doing. Actually no one wants to involve in accident, it is because no normal person wanted to hurt his/her self and no one wanted accident to happen. “Accident is defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) as something that is unplanned, uncontrolled, and in some way undesirable; it disrupts the normal function of a person or persons and causes injury or near injury. During an accident, a person’s body comes into contact with or exposed to some objects, other person causes injury or creates the probability of accident.” Actually this accident also is unforeseen and no one wanted to occur that may cause damage, injuries or death. 

According to OSHC there are 6 types of accidents. These are as follows

Fall to bellow

Struck Against

Fall on the same level

Caught in

Caught on

Struck by

Causes of Accidents

Actually accidents has two primary causes the unsafe act and the unsafe condition.

Unsafe Act is improper human behavior, action or performance that may violate safety rule. According to OSHC “unsafe act is a human action that departs from a standard or written job procedure or common practice, safety rules, regulations, or instructions. It is also a violation of a commonly-accepted safe procedures and or processes.” Example of unsafe act was horse playing, disregarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), using defective equipment and many more. Actually this unsafe act has three contributing factors these are, improper attitude, Physical or body limitations and the third one is lack of knowledge and skills on the job that they are doing.

“Unsafe Condition as the OSHC defined, it is the physical or chemical property of a material, machine or the environment which could result in injury to a person, damage or destruction to property or other forms of losses.” This unsafe condition is most probably can be eliminated or it could have been guarded or prevented. Some example of unsafe condition was slippery floor, excessive noise, defective tools, equipment, Inadequate warning systems, working in confined space and many more.

Can Accident be prevented?

 According to OSHC in a typical accident 98 percent is preventable and 2 percent is unpreventable. It means that there is a big chance to eliminate different accident in our daily life. Actually at that 98 percent it is compost of unsafe condition that has 10 percent and unsafe act which has 88 percent. As we can see we must addressed both human and technical factors for the prevention of accident.

You may watch these video for more information.

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About the Author:

Mark Gerald M. Quinia is the author of this lecture entitled Safety Management. He is an Industrial Engineering Graduate at Batangas State University. He is also currently enrolled at Rizal Technological University taking up Master of Science in Engineering Education major in Industrial Engineering. He was trained in Basic Occupational Safety Health training thru the Occupational Safety and Health Center under the Department of Labor and Employment. The author is currently working at Batangas State University as an instructor; he loves to make filipino poems and dream to become a great Filipino poet someday.



Safety is defined as freedom from accidents; therefore, it is a must for everyone. As stated in this article, 98% of accidents can be controlled, meaning there are preventive measures available. It is up to us if we were going to follow these measures and be safe in our work places.

Safety may begin with an "S" but really it starts with "YOU"^^

Safety is very important. Prevention is better than cure. :))

Isn't it amazing ? Isn't it surprising?... that we can prevent accident if we just control ourselves. 98% of accident can be controlled so we must prevent it. Its better to die because of our age than to be buried because of our mistake. THIS IS THE ACCEPTABLE REASON. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

In every workplace,the safety of the people must be guaranteed. It is important to have a safe environment where people can work with minimal risk of their health and at the same time, they should also practice the safety acts in order to avoid accidents. Keep Safe! :)

it is important to have enough knowledge about safety management to prevent accidents on the working area.

Good job!..hope this will greatly help us understand more about safety management..

Safety is a choice. Our safety is our responsibility. It truly depends on us and how we act, and to whom we will entrust ourselves. Remember that safety is one of the most important priorities we must always put in mind. SAFETY FIRST! :) The quiz was fun. At first I thought it was a typical quiz. But then, upon taking the quiz, it was quite fun and unique. Hoping there's more! :)

It was such a good lecture!As an engineering student,it is very important to know how and why do we need to study Safety Management. In the future as a professional person,having a safe workplace is really helpful to prevent accidents such as working on the construction sites!Safety is what we can do to protect ourselves! :))

We are not always sure of our safety unless we give importance to it that is why we must always observe our environment or the things that surrounds us, as well as the things we do in order to be safe. :)

nice dicussion.

This article is of big help to those people who are in the field of productions and operations so as to prevent rather than cure every accident that will occur.

Sir parang lahat sinabi na nila eh. HAHAHA! Safety first, think of your actions for your own safety, make use of proper PPE and report any unsafe conditions will be helpful to lessen accidents in working area.

We must always be careful to what we are doing. The safety, it is in ourselves on how we work.

This kind of examination is good in a way that the students are free enough to answer on their own and let their minds fly. Also, you can take it anytime you can, in case of something came up, and you won't miss any exam. In this case, you can review where you've committed a mistake and next time you could make it right. This would be a great practice to everyone to understand more the lesson and deduce your learning and facts. Always be alert and mindful on your surroundings to reach your goals and nothing would be an hindrance to it. (accident) Let these learning reach your heart not only on your mind, for these would lead you in a better and safe tomorrow's path. :)

"If you think safety is expensive, try ignorance" Maintaining a safe work environment will surely be beneficial for all. As an aspiring Engineer(Environmental & Sanitary Engineer), for me, safety is all about protection- protect your employees, protect yourself, and protect the environment--our workplace. We must be home safe, in the same conditions when we came in to/before work. In everything we do, it is always right to think of safety first before working. Vincent Jon E. Gallardo BS EnSE 4201

almost all accidents are preventable. so there is a small risk for us to be unsafe. what we all have to do is to be responsible enough in doing our work and maintaining the proper management of our work place.

safety management is all about preventing accidents. i have learned that 98% of the accidents are preventive, and to prevent it we should know the things that will trigger accidents for and the things that would prevent it to happen. this topic is very helpful to civil engineering students because their jobs are more likely prone to accidents

A quite good quiz. But next time Sir could you make the images larger. ^_^ Continue promoting the E-learning. GOD BLESS!

Since the young generation today is very inclined to the internet, this idea of online lecture absolutely complements to students like us. The access to such is favored more likely by the netizens! This is probably a preparation to more advance education coming with the involvement of the internet and modern gadgets. Regarding to the given topic, it is really important for us to have the awareness towards Safety Management. This concept transcends to every aspect of our life - prolonging our existence to the world.

Katigbak, Roi Vincent D. EnSE-4201 GO FOR ZERO ACCIDENT :) SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS. In order to have a good living, we should do safe/healthy acts and ensure that there are safe/health conditions. Having safety management is having safe life. :) Go for safety. I admire those people who give their jobs to promote safety management. :) Someday, I can also be a safety officer, then to be a Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner and luckily, I would like also to achieve the OSH Consultant level. :) SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY. :)

For the knowledge being shared on how to work safely. It’s all about creating safety and healthy work environment to ensure one’s life which is everyone's responsibility. Including also an inspiring workplace we all want to be part of. According to the article, accidents are preventable so be reminded to begin right by always thinking of safety as we perform our work. Keep safe.God Bless.

For application in real life: Safety management is really important for the workers. Workers must know the hazards and danger they may encounter to their jobs. And if they work in a clean and safe environment, they are able to reduce distractions and can focus on what they are doing. It’s not only for the safety of workers but also for the goodness of the company that may results for a better production of products.

In any place or situation, safety is the first priority. Having an accident, injury or destruction of property, may fall into losses of money for medication and repair. Safety management should be subjected to everyone.

Safety is everyone's priority. Everyone must undergo safety in everyday lives even in school, workplace and in any other establishments. Everyone should not make their own risk. Lets make safety first..!!! Jonel M. Silang Ense-4201

all about You...and the people around you! as long Sir na ang isang tao eh me pag papahalaga sa kaniang sarili at sa mga taong nasasa paligid nia, "concern" ika nga, ..madali nang i-apply ang "safety" sa knilang buhay.. :)) at ska SIr " Disiplina" din pag me time! (^_^)

In all aspects of life, there is one thing that human must consider - and that is to be SAFE. And it must not end in the four corner of classroom, in modules or activities given like this. We, engineering students must entail this knowledge on how to prevent a certain accident as a preparation in the future job. Even in our lives today, we can now apply this type of management on our own homes. Follow the 5S rules. But importantly, this all should start on ourselves, make this a HABIT :) - Regin P. Barquilla (@PrinceRegin13) CE 3202

Safety is as simple as ABC-Always Be Careful.A simple quotation from an unknown author with a deep sense.98% of accident is preventable and 88% of that is caused by unsafe act,which means that our acts has a great contribution for our own safety and for others.

Safety a word that we must always consider and kept in our mind not only in our work but also in our daily activities in life.Being safe at all times is our responsibility.We can't put all the blame on someone if an accident occur."Ganyan tayong mga Pilipino minsan or should I say madalas ,isinisisi natin lahat sa ibang tao ang mga masasamang pangyayari sa atin gayong mas malaki ang nagiging parte naten sa pangyayaring yon. comment sa quiz: Medyo mahirap kasi dapat talaga tama yung pagkaka identify mo pero inenjoy ko ang pagsasagot.Itatanong ko lang po magkapareho po ba talaga ang meaning na controllabe sa prevantable,para kasi sa ken hindi.

it made me realize that safety must always be our priority. so be careful everyone. :)

For me safety management is all about discipline :) all we just we need to is.... do the right things in the right place and in the right times :D

Safety Management is all about skills and ideas that we can use in our everyday life..As a future Civil Engineer we should be knowledgeable enough about this things so we can work safely.. :)

safety is very important in workplace,,, think safe act first in all aspect..

Wow Sir! Ang sosyal lang. HAHA :) As a Civil Engineering student, never thought that this subject will be this exciting. Noong una po, naisip ko, bakit may subject pang ganito sa CE. HAHA. Pero ngayon po naintindihan ko na. Kahit san po ako makarating, lagi ko pong naiiapply ung mga knowledge na itinuro nio po. Malaking bagay po naitulong nito at naging mas responsible po ako sa mga ginagawa ko regarding safety matters. :) Marisol Macuha CE 3204

This lecture is a must read one :) It is very informative and helpful. Everyone must learn about safety management so that more individual will have the knowledge about it :)

Good evening Sir! Abot pa sa pagsasagot ng online quiz nyo. HAHA. Kakatuwa lang magsagot sir kasi mostly yung mga tanong eh nasa exam nyo na nung prelims. Ito pong article nyo is really a great help for us most especially engineering students to gain more knowledge about safety management. It is not only applicable in doing jobs but should always be practiced in our daily routines.

"Safety first progress must". Everyday is safety day safety has no holiday life is rare live with care.

at last nakapagcomment din ako dito. hahahah. nka80 ako dun sa exam na hindi ko inuulit :) ..ok sir itong website na ito..intersting sya.. ok po ito sir. thumbs up :)

Be safe, be seen. Be informed. Be protected. Be KNOWLEDGEABLE. "Psalm 91:8-11 8 You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. 9 If you make the Most High your dwelling— even the LORD, who is my refuge- 10 then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. 11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;" Jonas Manalo Taran CE-3204

Safety management is necessary in order to prevent accidents on our working place. Proper guidance on what to do help us to eliminate unwanted events. Safety management are done first with ourselves because we are all responsible on what might happen. This lecture help us understood more the importance of Safety Management and how can we prevent accident.

Safety management is understood as applying a set of principles, processes and measures to prevent accidents, injuries and other consequences that may be caused by using a service or a product. Safety management implies a systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structure, accountabilities, policies and procedures. It ensures that all safety risks have been identified, assessed and satisfactorily mitigated. Its objective is to prevent human injury or loss of life, and to avoid damage to the environment and to property. “it takes lesser time to do things right than to explain why things go wrong.” safety first!^^

Sir ndi mapanuod ung video :D napaka importante talaga ng safety, hindi lang para sa work kundi pati na rin sa araw araw nating gawain, bilang isang civil engineering in the making :D this article is truly helpful :) thanks Sir ! John Well V. Hernandez CE-3204

Accidents can kill and maim. They affect all sectors of the economy. It is an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance. We need to ensure safety, to prevent human injury or loss of life, and to avoid damage to the environment, in particular, the marine environment, and to property. So, let’s think “Safety First”.

This article is really helpful... Especially on our every day life... there will be no victims if we know how to act safely and prevent accidents from happening... Well, prevention is always better than cure...

it's fun! safety is the main concern! Macky Bwen Ceniza EnSE 5201

Safety is the basic yet very important factors that every employee should be considered. Thanks for this sir. :)

fun fun talaga :)

thank you po.. medyo hard

As a future Engineer, safety is the most important factor to be considered in every project. After reading this article, it help me to give more idea in safety. The quiz is not too hard. But it takes me a minute to answer,because of my slow connection.


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