Safety Management

Safety Management

“Safety First” this is the saying that every company impost to their business, it maybe because it is one way to boost the morale of their workers.

We all know that safety is everyone’s concern because no one wants to suffer in accident that may cause injuries, illnesses or in worst case fatalities. Safety may be defined as an condition of being safe or it’s easy to say freedom to accident. This safety may achieve through safety management.

What is Safety Management?

Safety management is an act or an art of managing the safety elements in the workplacein order to avoid or eliminate the accident. Actually this safety management is not easy as we think that it just eliminating the accident, however this focus in almost all of area in one business like hazards in workplace, chemicals, machines, atmosphere, accident investigation, cause and effect of the accident, controlling hazards, procedures for safety, recording accidents, and some other aspects regarding safety.


Accident may occur anywhere and anytime, in different jobs or duties and even what we are doing. Actually no one wants to involve in accident, it is because no normal person wanted to hurt his/her self and no one wanted accident to happen. “Accident is defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) as something that is unplanned, uncontrolled, and in some way undesirable; it disrupts the normal function of a person or persons and causes injury or near injury. During an accident, a person’s body comes into contact with or exposed to some objects, other person causes injury or creates the probability of accident.” Actually this accident also is unforeseen and no one wanted to occur that may cause damage, injuries or death. 

According to OSHC there are 6 types of accidents. These are as follows

Fall to bellow

Struck Against

Fall on the same level

Caught in

Caught on

Struck by

Causes of Accidents

Actually accidents has two primary causes the unsafe act and the unsafe condition.

Unsafe Act is improper human behavior, action or performance that may violate safety rule. According to OSHC “unsafe act is a human action that departs from a standard or written job procedure or common practice, safety rules, regulations, or instructions. It is also a violation of a commonly-accepted safe procedures and or processes.” Example of unsafe act was horse playing, disregarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), using defective equipment and many more. Actually this unsafe act has three contributing factors these are, improper attitude, Physical or body limitations and the third one is lack of knowledge and skills on the job that they are doing.

“Unsafe Condition as the OSHC defined, it is the physical or chemical property of a material, machine or the environment which could result in injury to a person, damage or destruction to property or other forms of losses.” This unsafe condition is most probably can be eliminated or it could have been guarded or prevented. Some example of unsafe condition was slippery floor, excessive noise, defective tools, equipment, Inadequate warning systems, working in confined space and many more.

Can Accident be prevented?

 According to OSHC in a typical accident 98 percent is preventable and 2 percent is unpreventable. It means that there is a big chance to eliminate different accident in our daily life. Actually at that 98 percent it is compost of unsafe condition that has 10 percent and unsafe act which has 88 percent. As we can see we must addressed both human and technical factors for the prevention of accident.

You may watch these video for more information.

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About the Author:

Mark Gerald M. Quinia is the author of this lecture entitled Safety Management. He is an Industrial Engineering Graduate at Batangas State University. He is also currently enrolled at Rizal Technological University taking up Master of Science in Engineering Education major in Industrial Engineering. He was trained in Basic Occupational Safety Health training thru the Occupational Safety and Health Center under the Department of Labor and Employment. The author is currently working at Batangas State University as an instructor; he loves to make filipino poems and dream to become a great Filipino poet someday.



this article about safety is very eyes opening. i agree on what the article mentioned. the Quiz is not that hard but it really test on how well you understand the topic.

As a Student, I am taking Safety Management as one of my subject this semester and this information help me to broaden my idea and knowledge about Safety Management. The information about Safety Management in this article made me understand more and gives me more information about safety which I can I apply not just in my future but also now as a student. The Quiz helps me to have a clearer understanding about the topic and to test if I really understand the topic about Safety Management.

As an aspiring Industrial Engineer, this article helps me in understanding the importance of safety in the work place and in my daily life. I learn that safety awareness can help prevent accidents. the quiz was easy but it helps a lot in knowing more about Safety and it serves as confirmation that I have learn things about safety.

Prevention is always better than cure. Safety is a responsibility of every person within the workplace. It is important that everybody have knowledge on safety management in order to make the working place a better and safer place.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." It is better to prevent and avoid the problem at the first place than fixing it once it happened. This article gives additional knowledge about safety management. Safety awareness should be carried by everyone and must be developed so accidents could be prevented.

Safety management broaden my knowledge that safety is everyone's responsibility. It helps us to realize that accident can occur everywhere that's why we should be aware and act now before an accident occur later.

It is better to observe and see to it that we perform accident prevention than accident reaction. It is because accidents can be prevented when everybody is aware and knowledgeable about safety management.

"Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent". It means that it is much better to prepare for a possible mishap and prevent it from happening than have it happen and later regret it. Safety management teach us at our young age to be responsible enough of ourselves and our environment. It also helps us to be aware of our safeness, since we do not know when, where, what and how will an accident occur.

"Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent". It means that it is much better to prepare for a possible mishap and prevent it from happening than have it happen and later regret it. Safety management teach us at our young age to be responsible enough of ourselves and our environment. It also helps us to be aware of our safeness, since we do not know when, where, what and how will an accident occur.

Being safe is a priority of any individual. It is always on our responsibility because our safety results to a long and contented life. This article about safety management informs everyone about the importance of safety,those things that can cause accidents,etc.It is a good article because it helps us to be aware to our surroundings.

In order for you to be safe you must know how to prevent actions which are preventable not just trying to eliminate when it already happened.Safety Management is the reduction of risk to a level that is as low as is reasonably practicable.Having a knowledge and UNDERSTANDING with this article can help on everyday living.

Safety is a responsibility of each person. Being aware of it doesn't mean that your preventing accidents, we must put some effort to prevent the accidents that might happen to us.

Safe attitude is essential because it will help to create a productive working environment for all, so it is important to be aware of the risks to health and safety before an accident happens, and to take steps to remove or control those risks.

This is really helpful, since as an IE student, part of my academic curriculum is to take (and pass) Safety Management. Prevention is indeed far better than cure.

This is really helpful, since as an IE student, part of my academic curriculum is to take (and pass) Safety Management. Prevention is indeed far better than cure.

Safety is a everybody's responsibility thus everyone is expected to adhere to the needs of the majority to be safe. Safety as discussed here involves the person and his environment, making safety a complicated issue in a company. The company is obliged to guarantee its employees security and safety. this blog allowed us IE students to make this realization and thus pushed us to start safety within ourselves.

Accidents may occur everywhere,anytime or anywhere, therefore, one must know how to overcome or prevent it..

no one wants to be a victim of an accident and to prevent it safety awareness is a must.. even w/o safety management, a person should know how to have a safe environment..

" Alert today, Alive tomorrow." It is simply means that it is better to be aware. No one wants to suffer in accident that may cause serious case fatalities or injuries.Safety should always be the concern of everyone. We need to keep a safety workplace. I learned from this article about safety management that we are taking as part of our curriculum,about safety and causes of accidents. This article helps to apply safety in our daily living.

It is important to be aware and knowledgeable about safety management. We should always bare in mind that we need to have safety first because things we started cannot be done if accident happened to us. It is better a thousand times careful than once dead.

It is our responsibility to take positive actions to prevent accidents. We should be knowledgeable enough about our safety responsibilities within our self and the rest of the people around us.

Safety is simply as ABC, Always Be Careful. It is the condition of avoiding feeling hurt, injury and loss. This site is awesome. I feel comfortable.

No one can afford to get hurt.. so as long as there's unsafe act or unsafe condition that can be preventable don't hesitate to prevent it.. thank you sir for this site its awesome and I'm looking forward for more info about safety management

As a student and human being it is important to ensure the safety of the learning environment of the students and to lessen the risk of accident in any activity.

A safety and healthy management system, can help you to focus your efforts and improving your work.It is your responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. It is your plan that describes what the people in your organization do to prevent injuries and illnesses at your workplace.

Safety is a state of being safe...we must know that safety is starts with us...because we are Industrial Engineering Student who one can be responsible for the safety of our subordinates as well as ourselves. It is important to us to be aware to safety not just for being safe but to prevent an accident..... :)

This article provides informative discussions on how little unsafe deeds can lead to damage of property or loss of one's life, therefore the reader can have a better understanding on how to do work safely and wisely to prevent or lessen accidents. having in knowledge in safety management can greatly help in controlling hazardous acts or conditions in a particular work or activity. We must be aware of what might be the effects of our wrong deeds.

Safety First. Simple word but gives a lot of definition. This word simply show that before anything else we must consider our safety. By this, even if we cannot say that there will be an accident we must automatically set in our minds that safety is the first one to be considered..why?.. because we cannot say when and where will it be happen, that's why i may say that forget everything but not your safety..

Safety is something that we need to acquire in our daily living as a simple person and as a professional. Responsibility for our own sake and for everyone. This site can help to give more knowledge and importance of safety management. At the end of the day this imply of being "AWARE".

life is a very essential treasure that God had given to us. That's why we have to love it. In order for us to do it, we should consider our safety first. Because if we make ourselves free from any danger we can make sure that we are able to live thus life to the fullest

Accident can be found anywhere. Mostly it happens because of our unsafe acts or maybe the unsafe conditions on our working environment. We can prevent it! as discussed earlier 98% of accident are preventable. Being open- minded develops our self awareness. Prevention is best than taking late actions!!!

Think before you act, learn on how to deal with the circumstances that we may face in our daily living. One can ignore or move wisely. Safety Management is something you should learn on how to use or rather i can said that "ACT". Embody every good learning and use it properly. After answering this questionnaire, i can say that it can help me in order to be come more safe, and also it enrich my knowledge and vocabulary. Thanks :)

Safety management is an act or an art of managing the safety elements in the workplace in order to avoid or eliminate the accident.Accident may occur anywhere and anytime, in different jobs or duties and even what we are doing. Then we are studying the safety management to know the importance of safety in our lives and how to value your life :)

Safety Management is a systematic approach to managing safety, which includes the necessary organizational structure, accountability, policies and procedures.It's objective is to prevent human injury or loss of life, and to avoid damage to the environment and to property.Safety comes at a price. Almost all organizations have limited resources to devote to safety, and must deal with the conflicting goals of safety versus productivity, efficiency, or customer service objectives, which ultimately determine profitability. As long as we can control the so- called accident,let's just prevent it,because "It takes lesser time to do things right than to explain why things go wrong.".safety first every0ne!!!

"Safety First" is Safety Always. This article helps me to realize how much important safety management was and it gives us information on how we can apply safety awareness in our daily living. Safety is a very important aspect of life because it is the application of our ability to behave responsibly in order to protect ourselves and one another from injury and death, and to prevent damage or destruction of property. Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury.

Safety First..accident is everywhere..Remember this,"always stop and think before doing the job to make us safe in our safer move"..

Safety is everyone responsibility. Keep in mind to always take the safest path and never take shortcuts for us to prevent accident as much as possible.

Safety must be first considered in every workplace. Be responsible in every actions that your dealing with. It is important to know that accidents can occur anywhere if you neglected safety management. Every unsafe act can cause accident that may lead to damage of property, injuries and death. If we are aware to the safety management, it can help us to prevent accident and create healthy living. So let us practice safety for us to become "SAFE AS ALWAYS". LIFE IS TOO SHORT,DON'T MAKE IT SHORTER.

This article about "Safety and Management" is really a "MUST" read one. All of us is created by God, so we need to take care of ourselves. We must be careful and be responsible about our actions. We must be knowledgeable that accidents happens any time and any where so keep in mind that we must be ready, alert and careful to prevent undesirable accidents. Thats all., thank you :)

This article is all about safety management which involves accident causes and the prevention of it. Accident can be prevented through safety.Workplace or Technical factors is not the only cause of accident but also the human's concern about it.This article tells us that safety is the main factor to be considered and we must be responsible about it. :)

Accidents may happen anytime.This article serves as a reminder to everyone that we should be careful and be safe in whatever we do and wherever we are. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Think twice before acting..Let us put this in our mind, "Nothing we do is worth when we get hurt.." :)BOW!

if there's an accident,then there's away to prevent it.:) Safety Management are the words we must always remember in order to atleast solve and avoid such accidents to happen, because it do really affects not only our lives but also the lives and properties of many people. This article helps to understand more about safety, it gives additional information to a student like me to really know the things we must do in to maintain the peace and safety not only in the workplace but in my everyday life....:P

Accident is a unplanned event and you can't tell where and when it will happen, that's why safety is very important in every organization. It is to prevent an accident and to control the hazard in the workplace. Safety management can help us to understand our responsibilities and take positive actions to perform our safety duties.The responsible for safety is everyone of us.

Every company's primary concern is the safety of their employees. Yet, ensuring safety is not only for the management but also for each and everyone in the company. Being aware of the hazards in a working area in the company may lead to accident prevention and gives a person an assurance of safety while working. This article gives a reminder that accident is unexpected so everyone always need to be ready every time to ensure safety. :))

In every organization,it should not be a production and a safety program, or production and safety, or production with safety but rather, it should be a SAFE PRODUCTION !!:)

:) Safety is for everyone's responsibility, not only for those persons in positions but also for their followers. Great cooperation and communication is needed for safety to be achieved and be successful. :)

No project,no matter how critical,is worth a loss finger,a blinded eye, or tragic loss of life.When safety becomes the primary guideline for progress, all parties reap a rewards of a job well done and done safely.

safety is about what you can do to protect your workers. supervisors or employers should send their workers home in the same condition as they came in. safety is the root of success of any company. less/no accidents in your company can give you less/no schedule interruptions that will minimize expenditures of a company. when workers feel safe, they feel that they can make a difference. safe working place can increase the productivity of the workers.((:

Hi sir. Ako lang ata kakaiba comment e? Haha. Kadami nyong blog parang sarap basahin lahat. Kaya babasahin ko next time. Haha. Bye sir.

The assurance of safety in the workplace is an essential function and responsibility of employers. As such, safety management in the workplace is something to take seriously, because there are many devastating effects that can come from unsafe, or hazardous, work environments. The reason you should implement safety management systems is to ensure that when a task is carried out in your workplace, every precaution has been taken to reduce the likelihood of there being an incident and accidents that leaves someone injured or worse. Kenneth P. Sanglay CE - 3203


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