Jose Rizal's Education

Jose Rizal's Education

Rizal's Life, Works, and Writings: An Online Syllabus

Jose Rizal's Life, Works, and Writings: An Online Syllabus
NOTICE: The lectures/articles in this online syllabus are protected by copyright laws. Viewers (professors and students) may use them for educational but not for commercial purposes.


DIVORCE BILL: Online Survey and Open Friendly Debate

"DIVORCE (OR THE DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE) is the final termination of a marital union, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the parties. In most countries divorce requires the sanction of a court or other authority in a legal process. The legal process for divorce may also involve issues of spousal support, child custody, child support, distribution of property and division of debt.
          "... the Philippines and the Vatican City are the only sovereign states where divorce is prohibited ..."


RH Bill: Online Voting and Open Friendly Debate

ONE CONGRESSMAN FROM MANILA cited the Bible verse which reads, “Then God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:28). In effect, he is asking why the RH Bill should be approved when it contradicts God's will.
          The proponent of the Bill, on his part, questioned the interpolator’s incomplete citing of the verse. He claimed that should the verse be continued, it also mentions of subduing or controlling, thus, "Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it…”. ...


What Money Can't Buy


BECAUSE MANY BELIEVE that money can buy almost everything, majority of people, if not all, are engrossed in amassing wealth. One anonymous poet nonetheless begs to disagree on the supposed power of money. Take time to look at this nice poem while listening to this famous video of Travie McCoy (featuring Bruno Mars) entitled 'Billionare'.



An article contributed by SARAH JANE DE MESA  from New Era University, Quezon City. (You, too, can have your articles published here. Send them through e-mail to

I FEEL LIKE posting. This is another of my "love-related blogs" and to clear up further  misunderstandings, I am NOT and ABSOLUTELY NOT in love.

Well in the process maybe. I am merely influenced by the materials I have been reading and watching. I just wanted to blog about it. You know the feeling after you watch or read a love-related piece you are at times left wondering about stuff like "What is love?" or "Would it really hurt so much?" or "How much do we have to give just to get what we deserve?" And so I came to love.


Got cellulite, anyone?

It is quite cute when you are blessed with a pair of dimples. It accentuates your smile and gives you a unique look.  But dimples on your thighs, buttocks, tummy and upper arms, no way!

To all women, fat or thin, this video might help enlighten you on this unsightly cottage cheesy flesh. Enjoy! 

Lessons in Life: The 10 L’s of a Balanced Life

1. LEARN TO BE content with what you have.
2. Learn the true meaning of life and fulfill it.
3. Learn the secrets to long life. Exercise and eat healthily.
4. Learn the horrific consequences of immoral acts.


10 little things to do to cope with stress

WORKING IN A MEDIA FIRM is one of the types of jobs which are by nature stressful. Especially in dailies, one necessarily has to beat the deadline and must be able to strictly deliver on time, as press people have what they call press time.  
Hence, finds it wise to take an advice from someone who survives in a media firm on how to cope with stress ...


10 Commandments in Human Relations

1. SPEAK TO PEOPLE – There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting.
2. SMILE AT PEOPLE – It takes 65 muscles to frown, only 15 to smile.
3. CALL PEOPLE BY NAME – The sweetest music to anyone’s ear is the sound of his own name.
4. BE FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL – Be ready to extend a helping hand, especially to your friends.
5. BE CORDIAL – Speak and act as if everything you do were a genuine pleasure.



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