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I.  Objectives:  At the end of the lesson, the   students should be able to:

  1. Explain business planning.
  2.  Enumerate the Principles of planning.
  3.  Differentiate the stages of planning.
  4. Identify the criteria of an effective business plan.
  5. List the different components of a business plan.
  6. Describe the characteristics of a sound business plan.


I.T. Time with Acer Philippines

A “Teatime with Ace David” Spin-off

HE DOESN’T WANT to be called “the man.” Although as far as his company is concerned, in various senses, he definitely is.

Mr. Manuel Wong, the General Manager of Acer Philippines, once graced with his presence Mr. Ace David’s AM radio program “You’re the Man!.” For these two “aces” or first-rate individuals in their respective turfs, the dialogue which transpired on September “the first” of 2012 was nothing less than historical, if not necessarily providential. The interview sparked off a sequence of fruitful “collaborations” between the institutions the two gentlemen respectively represent.


Electrical system on Board Ship

The electrical equipment aboard ship is inspected and tested during the complete engine survey which occurs every four years.

Such a survey is prescribed under the Rules and Regulations for the Classification of the Ship (depending where your ship is registered)

The electrical survey guidance in this report is based on the periodical survey regulations of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, London.

Other classification societies have their own rules which although similar to Lloyd’s,shouldbe consulted prior to an electrical survey.


SEMICONDUCTORS: The Beginning of Electronic Devices

The field of Electronics is a branch of Physics that deals with flow of electrons in electronics devices around the electrical circuit.

Anything around us is consist of many of the reference about matter are defined as anything that occupies space and has a mass. Inside the matter, there is a molecule and there are different types of matter, there are Solid, Liquid and Gas.  When we say solid, it is compressed, in molecules in liquid is occupying the space of the container and gas is further apart from each other. Now today, there is a new discovered type of matters. The existence of plasma was first discovered by Sir William Crookes in 1879 using an assembly that is today known as a “Crookes tube”, an experimental electrical discharge tube in which air is ionized by the application of a high voltage through a voltage coil. (


Helpful Ways to Combat Hunger and Malnutrition

Hunger and malnutrition are two serious problems that students in many poor countries are facing.
These are considered reasons some students fail to continue schooling and are thus the cause of high drop-out rate in different schools. 
Every individual should stay fit and healthy in order to perform well in daily activities. The fight for hunger and malnutrition should start at home.
One needs not be a dietician or a nutritionist to fight them. Here are essential tips to overcome hunger and malnutrition at home:



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