Helpful Ways to Combat Hunger and Malnutrition

Hunger and malnutrition are two serious problems that students in many poor countries are facing.
These are considered reasons some students fail to continue schooling and are thus the cause of high drop-out rate in different schools. 
Every individual should stay fit and healthy in order to perform well in daily activities. The fight for hunger and malnutrition should start at home.
One needs not be a dietician or a nutritionist to fight them. Here are essential tips to overcome hunger and malnutrition at home:
1. Care for your diet
The Food Nutrition and Research Council advises us to follow the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances). Diet is being aware of what to eat based on RDA (eating the right amount, right food according to age, height and weight). Observe proper diet.
2. Observe daily activities, habits, and lifestyles

Avoid stressful jobs/works andd bad habits like sleeping late at night, skipping meals, and vices. Stressful jobs are the cause of severe health related problems. Sleeping late at night will affect the normal functioning of the immune system because the immune system is the body’s built in doctor that works at night from 9 pm to 5 am.

Skipping meals most of the time especially breakfast is not a good habit.  Eat heavy breakfast to support the energy needed by the body in performing task for the whole day activities.
Vices like smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks should be avoided because they harm the body and damage the vital organs. Vices slowly kill the victim. Do not be a victim.
3. Manage the resources wisely
Mothers are the managers, budgeting the income which is really a big problem. 50% of the income should be allocated for food. Most of the time the budget allocated for food cannot sustain the needs due to high prices of commodities. 
Try alternatives so as not to sacrifice the health of the family. Prepare meals at low cost value. Adding malunggay to every dish is the best option. It is not expensive and yet full of nutrients needed by the body. Known as Miracle Tree, it can prevent 300 diseases.
4. Be aware of what to eat
The Food Pyramid serves a guide on what to eat. It clearly illustrates what food should be taken most, more, eat less and little amount. Teen-agers usually love to eat junk foods, street foods, canned goods, and processed foods.
These foods should be avoided because they contain preservatives, nitrates, saturated fats, MSG, and large amount of salts that may harm the body.
Keep on eating fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water. These will keep the body healthy and active.
5. Acquire knowledge on nutrition
Read articles about health and nutrition to keep track the importance of proper nutrition as a lot of information are available. Ignorance of nutrition excuses no one from getting malnourished. The acquired knowledge should be applied, act on it, practice it, and do it.
6. Teach the concept of proper nutrition
Help promote good nutrition by influencing someone to combat malnutrition. Teach the young people. Talk to them on the importance of proper nutrition at a young age.
Train them. Proper training of eating the right food at the right amount is a challenging task but once accomplished you help solve the problem of people from generation to generation.
Altogether let us fight hunger and malnutrition, remember to follow the simple steps:
                   C-are for your diet
                   O-bserve daily activities
                   M-anage resources
                    B-e aware of what to eat
                   A-cquire understanding about nutrition
                   T-each the concept of proper nutrition
I personally believe that the solution to  hunger and malnutrition lies on our hands, we should not pass the burden to the government, fighting malnutrition should start at home. Let us be responsible and help save the next generation. Let us act now.
I Thes. 5:23 states: “And the God of peace Himself sanctify you wholly, and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
About the author:
Cerina Fecunda Vicencio-Galoy, the contributor, is a Technology and Livelihood Education teacher in Pinagbuhatan High School, Pasig City, Philippines. She believes that all things works together for good to those who trust and love God and walks according to His purpose. Her facebook e- mail account is
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