Same Sex Marriage: Good or Bad for our Society?

         Same Sex Marriage: Good or Bad for our Society?

THE ISSUE cannot be ignored, as legislators and voters around the country grapple with whether and how to recognize same-sex relationships.
Traditionally in this country, marriage has been defined as a religious and legal commitment between a man and woman, as well as the ultimate expression of love.

          On the other side, gay marriage, also known as same-sex marriage, is marriage between two persons of the same sex. Homosexual relationships are increasingly gaining acceptance in other countries, but still banned in the Philippines. A same-sex marriage opponent argues that marriage between a woman and a man is the fundamental, cross-cultural institution for insuring that children have loving, committed mothers and fathers while on the other side, a same-sex marriage advocate argues that recognizing same-sex unions would be good not only for gay people, but also for society at large, since society has an interest in supporting stable, loving relationships for all its members. The question here is, “Is it already a fascinating time for social revolution? Or is it still needed for us to nurture the traditional family values essential to our society?”

Possible reasons for same sex marriage:
1.      Homosexuality is an accepted lifestyle nowadays with most evidence strongly supporting biological causation.
2.      It doesn't hurt society or anyone in particular. Therefore, denying these marriages is a form of minority discrimination.
3.      Legalizing same sex marriage will be a big help for orphanages since same sex partners cannot pro-create which would probably brought them to adopting orphans.
4.      The only thing that should matter in marriage is love.
5.      The same financial benefits that apply to man-woman marriages apply to same-sex marriages.

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Possible reasons against same sex marriage:
1.      Homosexual relations/relationships are not biologically natural.  Same-sex couples cannot naturally produce children through their union.
3.      It would further weaken the traditional family values essential to our society.
4.      It confuses children about gender roles and expectations of society knowing that only a man and a woman can pro-create.
5.      The gay lifestyle is not something to be encouraged, as a lot of research shows it leads to a much lower life expectancy, psychological disorders, and other problems.
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As initiators of this friendly online debate, we are giving you the floor our dear viewers. Think wisely, speak and stand for what you know is right. We all have the chance either to oppose or favor the legalization of same sex marriage.
So what’s your stand? Is same sex marriage good or bad for our society? Write your answer in the comment section below.
For us to have a healthy debate, name-dropping of any religion or scriptural assertion is discouraged.
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Hello, concerning about your opinions I really respect your opinions and I don't to hurt your feelings,even though in our generation today same sex marriage are acceptable for me it's still bad. We still need to know what is right and what is wrong, emotions are not always right and it will just lead us to destruction. I think the love they experiencing is just a family love but not the love for a couple. THANK YOU!

I totally disagree with your comment. Still lots of same-sex relationships are ruining families. Just like the episodes that I just watch in "Face The People",the husbands/wives are breaking up just because they love someone else or they have a relationship to their similar gender. Just look at the case of the episode of "My Husbands Lover", their family are ruined just because the husband have a gay relationship.

Hi! I read your opinion regarding Same Sex Marriage. I respect your opinion, but for me Same Sex Marriage is bad because it stated in the bible that Man is created for Women. Children becomes more confuse because they don't know what is right on having a relationship with the same gender.

I am against same sex marriage because,marriage is sacred union for only male and female.Yes,they may inlove but my point here is that its against the law of god.

You're definitely right. But is SAME-SEX marriage is not encourage, and TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE (union of man and woman)is the only legal marriage, diseases such as HIV and AIDS might be avoided or minimized because heterosexual relationships are the only relationship that society accept.

Hi Ms. Margie.I disagree on what you said but i respect your comment, my personal thought for this is that true love cannot be define by male or female only, but can be define by all types of gender preference without gender discrimination.

Hi! I read your opinion regarding Same Sex Marriage. For me Same Sex Marriage is Bad. First, Same Sex cannot produce children. Second, having a mom and dad is better for children than having two moms or two dads. And lastly, homosexual behavior is immoral and should not be encouraged.

Sa sinabi ko, na yung same-sex couples dahil mas aware na sila sa pag iwas sa mga sexually transmitted disease, MAAAVOID AT MAMIMINIMIZE din yung mga taong nagkakasakit na katulad ng mga ganoon. Parang wala ring pinagkaiba.

You have a point. But let's be futuristic, if same sex marriage is already accepted, it's true that the couples will be more aware of such diseases, but it also means that they may not be afraid of showing their affection to everybody. That 'everybody' might include the youth, therefore they may try it for themselves. Knowing that they don't have enough knowledge of how to avoid such diseases, it may result to a greater tendency that they may acquire it. Result? Negative effect in our society. I hope you got my point.

Ang mga Lesbian/Gays/Trans-gender, wala naman silang pinagkaiba sa mga taong Straight na nagpapakasal. Haler?! Tao rin kaya sila na nagmamahal.

The focus of your answer is EQUALITY. But the question here is the impact of same sex marriage in our SOCIETY. They feel love but it didn't give the society a secure and a good LONG-TERM impact in our society. Because there are still children and teens who are exposed in our environment. It may not be good for them to grow in a society where there is division in the belief of marriage. It may cause them confusion of what to believe.

But if they are knowledgeable enough about same sex marriage they might understand and they will know what to believe.

Speaking of KNOWLEDGEABLE, not only youth might be confuse of what to believe. It will be hard also for the SCHOOL as well as the FAMILY whose parents are man and woman (where you learn all the basics) to adopt, to adjust, and to educate the youth about same sex marriage. Especially if they are not totally agree with it.

Yeah its true but homosexual relationship are not marriage

I read your argument about your stand about sex marriage. I think that you should avoid being so neutral about the issue because you have a right to speak what you want whether it is good or bad. Your argument should stand on one side and not to stand on both sides.

I read about your argument about same sex marriage. I beg to disagree because you said that the important thing in marriage is love, however, is there any fruit out of that kind of love?

For me it is not marriage bacause marriage has always been a covenant between a man and a woman also it violates the natural law and lastly it promots homosexual lifestyle

I looked back at your argument about sex marriage. Your opening statement should start with what side you stand for and not to stay neutral about it. You should side on what you believe and justify it, and not to side in between.

Hi miss, i read your opinion for Korina Marie Zamora which you disagree. i'm sorry but i disagree with your opinion because it's not us who has the right to choose whom we love or marry. God is the one who knows the right person for us who will love and marry for the rest of our lives. Dumadating din yan in a right time. :)

I looked back at your argument about same sex marriage. You said that marriage is about kids. That being said, would it be weird for the kids to ask for same sex couples of why they are like that? It would really sound so awkward for kids to ask that question to these same sex couples. Not only that, it will only get worse when the kid will grow up and ask more questions and once he/she has found out the truth, it might hurt him/her.

Hi Ms. Janine Dupaya, i read your opinion about Same Sex Marriage. But you chose PRO. I'm sorry miss but i beg to disagree on your opinion. In the bible and stated in Ten Commandments, it is natural that a man and a woman is fit to love and marry each other. Transgenders are not created by God, they are created by Humans. Kahit ba tao sila, meron din tayong salita ng diyos na sinusunod. :)

Hi allan, i read your comment about Same Sex Marriage and you chose PRO. I don't have the intention to hurt you but i'm sorry but i beg to disagree with your opinion because Man and Woman created by God, to love and marry. And it is stated one of the verses in the Bible. Even though people are Judgemental, How about in the eyes of God? do you think it is right to have Same Sex Marriage? And hindi maganda tignan kasi, lalo sa harap ng diyos. That's all. Thank you.

Hi friend, i read your side to the opinion of Mr. Deal. I don't have the intention to hurt you but I'm sorry but i beg to disagree on your opinion because Same Sex Marriage violated God's commandments. It is not stated that You will marry with the same gender. The proper is Man is for woman and woman is for man whom to love and to marry. Yes, we have the right to be happy but we should do it without foul. What i mean is without making any mortal sin. All of us wanted to be happy just take care. :)

Hello FITZ, I have seen and read your comment about “Same Sex Marriage”. I respect your opinion, but on some matter I disagree about having it. I know being love and to be loved by someone is enough to build a relationship that can’t last, but on my opinion love should consist of two people, man and a woman. And also, God created a man for a woman.

Hello Maria, I have seen and read your comment about “Same Sex Marriage”. I respect your opinion, but on some matter I disagree about having it. As you can say, “People only live once, so take the one life and LIVE IT”. So as my opinion, people should do what he/she think is better for him/her as well as in concerning to the human that surrounds them, especially on children who’s seeing them, and leaving some curiosity on their mind of what they have seen.

Hello Lannie, I have seen and read your comment about “Same Sex Marriage”. I respect your opinion, but on some matter I disagree about having it. For me, marriage defines as the state of being united to a person of the OPPOSITE sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law. For some instance, this also says that MAN is for a WOMAN.

Hello Merinissa, I have seen and read your comment about “Same Sex Marriage”. You’re right and I respect your opinion, but on some matter I beg to disagree about having it. As concerning on adapting children, I know your opinion’s intention is that both man and woman could also be help children on the orphanage. But children, can get some curiosity and confuse on their mind about their parents.

Hi Ms Merinissa. I respect your comment but man and women are only created two be united by sacred union and i am not against any gender discrimination.

hello ms./mr. "truthforself, I do agree on your first statement which is a freewill given to everyone but I got confused on your second statement telling that they should not go further in a relationship more than friendship because I think they get intimidated as soon as they developed their feelings to each other. And when the time comes that they feel a certain attachment,they can now be a lover and not a friend anymore.

Hi Ms.Lannie.I respect your comment that same sex marriage tackles about legality but my focal foint here is the salvation and the rule of god that man are for woman that can be tie their sacred union by means of marriage.

Based on my beliefs that same sex marriage can be seen by true love and legalizing it without any gender discrimination. It should be accepted in our society nowadays.Because of the social revolution third gender should have the right to be loved and to love without any sexual preference discrimination.

Hi Mr. Mark. I respect your comment that it is somehow legal nowadays dont get me offended by the sexual preference of a person.But for me it is stated in the bible that sacred union of a two person is for man and woman only.

Hi Mr. Roivezon Alda.Your stand in same sex marriage is you are against with it.But remember third gender have the rights to be happy, to be loved and to have equality rights without any discrimination they should be married because in other countries third gender is accepted in our society.

Hi Mr Mark. I respect your comment that third gender is accepted in our society nowadays, but dont get me wrong. I dont have any gender discrimination but my point here is that male and female are the only one who can have sacred union by means of marriage that is accepted in God's eye and it is stated in the bible.

I have read your comment on same sex marriage but I beg to disagree with your conclusion because equality is one of the basic teachings of the lord and that what it makes sense. Same sex marriage gives the opportunity to be society to be equal and to be love.

Good day! ms. haidee garrido, I have read your opinion about same sex marriage and unfortunately I disagree to you because it's not as simple as you were thinking of and besides why do you think most people attempt to be committed with their same sex orientation and other country will have to agree on it?

I beg to disagree to your conclusion because to love and to be love is the major role of the people in this world and with that, we don't have any rights to stop them on expressing their feelings with one another.

I beg to disagree with your conclusion because the only thing that should matter in marriage is love and God will provide the next. It's their choice and no matter how hypocrite they are.

I beg to disagree with your conclusion because same sex marriage doesn't hurt the society and if we stop them then we violate their rights to live.

Hi ms. marife valdez, I consider your point in citing a law and bible but I have to disagree you since in reality, most Filipinos are being unfair with them. And besides; I observed that even a opposite sex relationship also committed a sins.I presume that we are all a sinners so, we don't have to judge them as what we are seeing them difference from us.

Hi Ms Robina Aquino.I'm not satisfied with your answer because for me,I agree with same sex marriage, because even though they are in same sex they know how to love like as men and women. But, I was not saying that it is good for our society; just for me, as long as they love each other and they do not hurt or no covering up of other people.

I don't think same sex marriage is bad for our society, if you will read the article above under 'Possible reasons for same sex marriage, in number 2,"it doesn't hurt society or anyone in particular" , so you are discriminating the 3rd society in your argument.

Good day :D what if they adopt and the child get confused because their mother is a boy or their father is a girl, in the future they get bullied :D so i disagree on what you've said.

Hi MS. Kristinejoy D. Valbuena.I respect you answer but I don't agree with it because I can not totally be said that it is good for our society, but when our Government approved the same sex marriage it would be fair to all the rights and socially accepted gay and lesbian.

Good day ms. Angelica R Pueyo. Your comment about this issue: "Same sex marriage" was so discriminating to those same sex orientation and it sounds bad to them because like a man and woman, they also aspiring to have a normal life living in a society with no criticisms. gay marriage is acceptable to others as they believe that there are still true happiness found on this kind of set up.

Good day Ms. Calawagan. I dis agree with your answer, because now a days the two person even they are same sex they can adopt a child and they can build a family and it is possible to today. The most important thing is, they LOVE each other:)

good day :D i think they are attracted because there is something in a girl or in a boy that they doesn't have so i think its not love its only attraction.

Hello, I have seen and read your stand regarding same sex marriage. I have to disagree with you on having same sex marriage approved in the country because it will only weaken the traditional values and will only confuse the younger generation of today.

Good day :D i think its not all about love, you need to think too what is written on the bible about marriage because its a God's command that we need to obey.

I disagree with what you have said, same sex cannot pro-create but they can adopt children in the orphanage since there are many abandoned children, which will be a big help to our society. And marriage is not a permanent thing, there is what we call divorce. It doesn't matter whether it is a man-man or woman-woman as long as they love each other.


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