Same Sex Marriage: Good or Bad for our Society?

         Same Sex Marriage: Good or Bad for our Society?

THE ISSUE cannot be ignored, as legislators and voters around the country grapple with whether and how to recognize same-sex relationships.
Traditionally in this country, marriage has been defined as a religious and legal commitment between a man and woman, as well as the ultimate expression of love.

          On the other side, gay marriage, also known as same-sex marriage, is marriage between two persons of the same sex. Homosexual relationships are increasingly gaining acceptance in other countries, but still banned in the Philippines. A same-sex marriage opponent argues that marriage between a woman and a man is the fundamental, cross-cultural institution for insuring that children have loving, committed mothers and fathers while on the other side, a same-sex marriage advocate argues that recognizing same-sex unions would be good not only for gay people, but also for society at large, since society has an interest in supporting stable, loving relationships for all its members. The question here is, “Is it already a fascinating time for social revolution? Or is it still needed for us to nurture the traditional family values essential to our society?”

Possible reasons for same sex marriage:
1.      Homosexuality is an accepted lifestyle nowadays with most evidence strongly supporting biological causation.
2.      It doesn't hurt society or anyone in particular. Therefore, denying these marriages is a form of minority discrimination.
3.      Legalizing same sex marriage will be a big help for orphanages since same sex partners cannot pro-create which would probably brought them to adopting orphans.
4.      The only thing that should matter in marriage is love.
5.      The same financial benefits that apply to man-woman marriages apply to same-sex marriages.

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Possible reasons against same sex marriage:
1.      Homosexual relations/relationships are not biologically natural.  Same-sex couples cannot naturally produce children through their union.
3.      It would further weaken the traditional family values essential to our society.
4.      It confuses children about gender roles and expectations of society knowing that only a man and a woman can pro-create.
5.      The gay lifestyle is not something to be encouraged, as a lot of research shows it leads to a much lower life expectancy, psychological disorders, and other problems.
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As initiators of this friendly online debate, we are giving you the floor our dear viewers. Think wisely, speak and stand for what you know is right. We all have the chance either to oppose or favor the legalization of same sex marriage.
So what’s your stand? Is same sex marriage good or bad for our society? Write your answer in the comment section below.
For us to have a healthy debate, name-dropping of any religion or scriptural assertion is discouraged.
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i disagree i am not a hatter of same sex relationship but marriage is sacred and holy it and it is only for male and female maybe in other country it is acceptable but we are living in a country where same sex relationship is still not good.

There's nothing wrong of accepting same sex marriage because in other countries same sex marriage is legal. There's nothing wrong of accepting because some of the Filipinos now are engage into same sex relationship.

yes for the purpose of individual freedom,the state should give individual freedom to choose who to be with since we are in a democratic country

although we have all equal rights in our country but we should also consider our culture when it comes to marriage god created only man and woman we should act what we are

I am for it! I believe in equality. The bible teaches us that God will judge us. It is not for us to condemn anyone, everyone has the right to be happy! I have family and friends that are gay, that does not change how I feel about them, I still love them the same. You cannot go around condemning people for the choices they make in life. We are all held accountable for what we do, and it is not up to us to judge one another. NOH8 people!!! :DDDDDDDD

they also act as human however only their emotions we cannot change what feelings and emotion they find happiness with it and for me we can give them a chance to have equal rights in marriage we are all human despite in our physical appearance the most important is love ..

He has a point to what he said. This kind of Heritage is not a normal heritage it is a divine heritage that most of people giving important. Marriage is a UNION of MAN and WOMAN not MAN and MAN also not WOMAN and WOMAN. homosexuals can have a better life without marriage. they can have a family without a marriage, marriage is an act for the opposite sex (i'm not degrading the homosexuals but it is the true) so why we need to accept that the homosexuals can have a marriage too? there's a saying that when you give to a person a bread and did not satisfy, he will take your drink.

In response to Mr. Jeremiah de Leon, I am agree with what he says because the basis of morality is the holy scripture, the bible says that being a homosexual is a sin. and according to the law marriage is a contract between man and woman in accordance with law, therefore same sex marriage is not considered as good in our society.

I agree with Jeremiah De Leon's comment because our life is a matter of choices between good and evil, truth and lies. God did not created us as homosexual but rather we chose to be homo. Same sex marriage a big NO for me.

I beg to disagree to your opinion, you said that bible teaches us that God will judge us but did God teaches us to married to the same sex? God want us to know that men are for women only, and women for men,so that he created adam and eve.

It is bad to our society. Since Phil. is a christian country same sex marriage could brought bad image to it and it could bring confusion to the future generation and pospibly change our culture.

it is good to our society because same-sex marriage may less the population of the country since this practice cannot procreate.

I am not in favor of same sex marriage. Do not be hypocrite, for me anything that set itself up against to the knowledge of God is not the right thing to do for the word of God is foolishness for those who are perishing but to those who are save it is the power of God.

With due respect to you sir.. I would just like to share my response regarding your comment.. I think thing same sex marriage should not be take lightly. No matter how the LGBT community wants to legalized this same sex marriage, many factors must take look at.. If adopting a child is the answer to the couples who cannot produce their own child because of the same sex then think about of what will happen if all of the gay and lesbian couple will adopt a child. Number of people who die will increase and people who will be born decreased as married man and woman will lessen due to this same sex marriage.. I don't mean any ill intentions regarding with my statement. i just wanted to express and share my thought to other people like you.. Thank you :D

Ms. Mia Ong, I had read your comment about the same sex marriage. mawalang galang na po, :) I just wanted to share my response according to your comment. I think LOVE is not the only thing that matters in marriage. We should take into consideration all the factors that may affect our life not only PHYSICALLY but more important is SPIRITUALLY. Same sex marriage is a sexual immorality.

Hi, Sorry for replying~!! ^^ I was just thinking that you might be looking at the topic in a bit of a smaller view. The reason why two people get married is because they want to vow their everlasting love for each other. They want to be bounded to one another for eternity. It's not about sex.

Everyone deserves to be happy. Same sex marriage is somehow immoral for others but there are instances that it is moral to those who agree with it. We have different view of same sex marriage, and for me it doesnt deprive others right. So therefore I am in favor of it,

Im not in favor of same sex marriage to the fact that our country is a christian country. And same sex marriage is against God^s will and it is prohibited in the family code because we value the sanctity of family and marriage is between man and woman. Same sex dont procreate.

Yes, everyone deserves to be happy, but if this happiness renders to bad conclusion, therefore it can harm. We all know that SSM is can compose of same sex. HIV/AIDS can be the product of it. It can harm both at the same time, others.

This is in the reaction to the comment of gigifineza. Hindi magandang tignan na magkasama ang magkaparehang kasarian na nagmamahalan dahil sa mata ng maraming tao isa yung malaking kasalanan at saka sa ating bansa tayo ay relihiyoso.

With humble and respect to your reaction Sir Jeno Francisco... I would like to comment with your statement that even a person have a relationship with same sex, you can respect them as a person and they are also people who love each other. Even if they are together and they are committed you think that they are doing such things. As a person and as a children of God having sex with same sex is such crazy thing and if they have sex they will have an HIV virus. I think sir it is not a good reaction for this debate, but sir it is only for my opinion.. :)

Hi Mr. Peter Esteban I would like to share my personal opinion about your comment. I'm a bit confused, what is your reason why you agree in same sex marriage? Is it because it is legal in other countries? Not to oppose what you've said but I think that's enough reason, also the church is not trying to control things about love, they're just trying to protect the sanctity of marriage.

Sorry for those who belong in this Third sex but I strongly Disagree to this "Same sex Marriage". Our law clearly state that marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a MAN and A WOMAN entered into in accordance with law for establishment of conjugal and family life. So not for a man and a man or woman and a woman. This same sex marriage will just give a bad effect in the future of our society. Yes we deserve an equal protection of the laws but after all the general welfare is the supreme law and most important.

I can say that I am against same sex marriage because basically it is a union between a man and a woman.I believe in equality, but I also believe in respecting others beliefs at the same time, no matter what they are. After all, you do have civil partnerships, which has the same legal rights as marriage, so what's the difference? Do homosexuals want marriage just to be able to say 'equality'?

Agree.Marriages is for only for man and a woman and a purpose of a marriage is to procreate a family. how u can create a family if you are same sexual....for me same sex marriage is immoral.

because i really do believed that each of everyone of us has the right love and to be loved, and as a human being who live in a democratic country we should exercise our rights of freedom to choose the person who you really love, and as long as you are not depriving the life of other people, just continue what makes you happy. love is a pleasure.

Mawalang galang lng po. Di po ako sang-ayon sa iyong sinabe. Una, ang lalake ay para sa babae, ang babae ay para sa lalake. Pangalaw, pangit tignan sa komunidad na naghahalikan ang lalake at lalake. Kaya dumarami ang mga taong ganyan ay dahil sa kanila. Di ko alam kung naiinggit sila or trip lng nila o kaya nahahawa sila sa kanila. Last, may ginagawa silang masama sa society naten. MASAMANG HALIMBAWA. Wag namang tayong maging gaya-gaya sa mga ibang bansa na pede ganito, pede ganyan. Magkaroon naman tayo ng moralidad. Oo nga na walang ginagawang masama ang mga bakla, akala mo lng un. Hindi na naman lalake ee.

for me, same sex marriage is immoral. Even though we live in a free country, i personally respect everyones point of view,but i have to disagree with this one because i believe that marriage was meant to be between a man and woman.

ofcourse it should not be legalize, first of all we are a conservative country we must respect the law of god, it is written in Gen. 1:27 only Man and Woman was created by God, there is no Gay and Lesbian, it is against the Devine Law.

In reaction to what Mr. Jeremiah de Leon., I am in favor in same sex marriage, it is given that the bible states that homosexual is a sin and we have nothing to do with that because gays and lesbians are all over the world, and according to the constitution of the Philippines that there is a separation of church and state. why is that in making a law, church always attached or against on what the government likes. therefore there's nothing wrong if people wants to marry their same sex its their own choice and will.. its my opinion :)

Being who you are is not a sin. I do agree on same sex marriage, most of us can't fight on what we feel. and everyone of us have the right to be happy,right to love and be loved. So we should respect if our LGBT brothers and sisters found happiness with their same gender.

I'm not in favor of same sex marriage. God only created MAN and WOMAN to love each other and it is was written in the bible.For me, God's law is the supreme law.

For me same sex marriage is bad to our society.. because according to family code marriage it is a special contract between a man and woman, entered in accordance with law for the establishments of conjugal and family life..which it clearly stated that SAME SEX cannot entered into a marriage :)) -God provides that it is only for a man and a women not for man and man, and women and for women.

I don't think it is right. It's very immoral that a person commits his/herself to same gender although there is so called LOVE. SAME SEX don't bear children and it brings confusion to the children that marriage can be man to man or woman to woman.

For me same sex marriage is bad to our society.. because according to family code marriage it is a special contract between a man and woman, entered in accordance with law for the establishments of conjugal and family life..which it clearly stated that SAME SEX cannot entered into a marriage :)) -God provides that it is only for a man and a women not for man and man, and woman and for woman.

i'm not agree to her answer that same sex marriage is bad in our society ...there are instance that same sex marriage is good to our society why it is will lessen the population of our country because they can't produce children...^_^

in my own opinion same sex marriage is good in our society...Kc hnd nman nten mpipigilan qng un talga ang nararamdman ng bawat isa..cguro nga mkslnan pro un ang dinidiktang puso hnd ang isip... so hndi ako sang ayon sa sinabi ni marife na ang same sex marriage ay bad sa ating society ..

With due respect to you sir.. I would just like to share my response regarding to your comment.I agree that human are created with equal rights and equal privileges in choosing partner in life but think of this, same sex marriage is not acceptable, because God made man and woman to be with each other, he didn't make man to be with man or woman to be with woman.

Nirerespeto ko po ang iyong opinyon, pero hindi ako sang-ayon. Hindi ako against about sa relasyon ng mga same sex pero kapag marriage na ang pag-uusapan, I disagree. Philippines is one of the religious country, and family is the basic unit of society. Ang pagbuo ng pamilya ay para sa babae at lalake lamang dahil sila ang may kakayanan. Same sex marriage will create confusion to the children about gender, the true meaning of love and marriage. And we should keep in mind that all our actions, we do it to please God.

Same-sex “marriage” destroys the integrity of true marriage by turning traditional marriage into a species within the marriage genus. This broad marriage genus would supposedly encompass traditional marriage, homosexual or heterosexual unions, and whatever other bizarre new relationships might arise.3 This new “marriage” genus, however, is not marriage. Marriage is the permanent, sacred bond uniting a man and woman who desire to constitute a family and face life’s trials together. Marriage entails selfless dedication, devotion and sacrifice. Marriage and the family are sacred institutions that foster the common good of society. The legalization of same-sex “marriage” and its placement on equal footing with traditional marriage subverts and destroys the latter. When public authority and society in general deny true marriage’s uniqueness and irreplaceable contribution to the common good, and when individuals can find its legal incentives and rewards more easily in counterfeits, then true marriage is on the road to extinction.

Sorry if I am contrast with your comment. For me, its not right to have "same sex marriage" here in the Philippines. God made us, its either girl or boy. We all know that "same sex marriage" is now legal in other country but for me its not right to be legal here, we cannot reproduce the law of other country just to say that we are also in. That's all. Thank you.

I just want to share my thought/reaction about your comment. Sorry if I am contrast with your comment. For me, its bad to have a same sex marriage here in our country. God created us, its either boy or girl. God created woman for man, not woman for woman or vice versa. We do not need to reproduce the law of other country just to say that were also in.

i am not in favor for same sex marriage kasi marriage is a holy sacrament and para lamang ito sa babae at lalaki. Third sex are being tolerated pero hindi ibig sabihin nun ay matotolerate din natin yung same sex marriage.

para sakin BAD kasi hindi puede un kasi hindi namn puedeng mag pakasal ang dalawang LALAKI O BABAE sa simbahan at hindi rin eto tinatanggap ng simbahan at hindi rin cla makakabuo ng baby !!!! kaya para skin ay BAD

A good day! Mawalang galang na ho. Pero kung sasang ayunan nating lahat ito dahil lang sa ito yung trip nila, edi wala ng matinong nangyari sa Pilipinas. Ang pagpapakasal ay para lamang sa dalawang tao, isang babae at isang lalaki. Huwag nating haluan ito ng iba pang kasarian na hindi naman talaga dapat na ikasal. Hindi naman ako galit sa kanila. Pero ang ikasal ang dalawang magkapareho ng kasarian ay sa tingin ko hindi maganda sa paningin ng ibang tao at ganun na din sa ating Diyos.

I agree with you and i also against with it. as a christian, i just believe and follow what the bible said but some people accepted same sex relationship, not marriage. so, how about that?

Improper, dahil nakasulat sa Biblia ang babae ay itinalaga para sa lalaki. Para sa akin ito ay paglabag sa Diyos.

I am against to same sex marriage although I don't have a problem to those who are gays and lesbians. I bet to disagree because for me only man and woman can be united as one. God created man for a woman and woman to man. :-)

Good day po. Mr. Mark Angelo Rivera. We have a Assignment for our logic class to find a comment that I dis agree and to post a reply. Its okay also for me that they were helping to our society and they were loving each other. But I disagree that even though its legal to the other country it supposed to be legal in our own country. We as a Filipino are very religious in terms of marriage. As the written in the bible that a man is for a woman and a woman to a man. :-)

Its okay also for me that they were helping to our society and they were loving each other. But I disagree that even though its legal to the other country it supposed to be legal in our own country. We as a Filipino are very religious in terms of marriage. As the written in the bible that a man is for a woman and a woman to a man. :-)


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