Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan (SK): Abolition or Reformation?

Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan (SK): Abolition or Reformation?

Council in the Philippines is the governing body in every chapter of the Katipunan ng Kabataan (Youth Federation). Each barangay in the Philippines is mandated by law to have its own chapter of the Katipunan ng Kabataan, aging from 15 to 18 years old who resides in their respective barangays for at least 6 months and registered in the Sangguniang Kabataan, or in the official list in the custody of the barangay secretary. It is the local youth program and projects implementation partner of the government. The Katipunan ng Kabataan members elect their officers known as Sangguniang Kabataan which serves as the local youth legislature in the village. The Sangguniang Kabataan is an off-shoot of the KB or the Kabataang Barangay (Village Youth) which was abolished when the Local Government Code of 1991 was enacted.
             The Sangguniang Kabataan initiates policies, programs and projects for the development of youth in their respective political territories. The Chairman/President of the Sangguniang Kabataan acts as the Chief Executive of the Sanggunian (Council) while the Kagawad (Councilor) as the legislative council. The Kagawads approve resolutions of the Sanggunian and appropriates the money allotted to the council, a share in the revenue of the Barangay.
Possible reasons to call for its abolition:
2. SK officials are youths, they are still in school, they cannot function well, and unprepared to discharge their duties.
3. The state will save a huge amount of money in abolishing it.
4. This will remove the youth from culture of politics which is usually associated with corruption.
Possible reasons to hold that it should not be abolished:
1. SK trains the youth to become good leaders of the community.
2. SK officers serve as the voice of the youth in their community.
3. SK projects enhance the different skills and abilities of the youth.
4. SK officers represent the youth in various government programs and projects.
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TAG: Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan (SK): Abolition or Reformation?



Please, People. DO NOT GENERALIZE. SK Chairperson ako ng barangay namin and I am proud na tinatry ko, namin ng council ko na baguhin ang perception ng mga tao tungkol sa Sangguniang Kabataan. Yes, there maybe people who contribute to the bad image of SKs but we should atleast consider and also give chance those who are doing their best to make a difference. Huwag tayong magsisihan sa mga maling nakikita natin sa lipunan. Sa isang banda, may kasalanan din ang mga constituents sa pagsasawalang bahala at pagbibingibingihan sa mga isyu na kinakaharap natin. Sa isang banda, may mga pulitiko talagang mapagsamantala sa kapangyarihan nila. Hindi ang pagaalis sa SK ang sagot. Let's work together to make living in our country better. Hindi trabaho ng isang tao ang pagpapaunlad sa isang bansa o buhay. TRABAHO NATING LAHAT 'YUN. Medyo cliche pero totoo lang naman. REFORMATION for this matter! :)

There have been persistent calls for the abolition of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK). This is a prevalent issues now-a-days that needs a resolution. However, there have been a various calls that seek either to reform or abolish SK. What are the arguments for SK abolition? First, SK is considered as a breeding ground for corrupt leaders. Second, SK officials are non-performing or have insignificant contribution to the community; most of their projects are building waiting sheds and signages, sports fests or paliga. Third, SK officials cannot perform their function as they have to attend school (or SK officials have to cut schooling just to perform their functions). And lastly, they are just too young, easily corrupted and irresponsible. I am one of the SK officer in our legislative, I can say that the performance of the SK is weak. there is dissonance between the needs of the youth in the community and the actual implemented projects of the SK. The public has a lack of knowledge about the actual roles of SK officers which result to further disparties between the needs of the youth and the actual response of the SK. The only way for the SKs to stop the mounting calls for abolition, is for them to start working and working good, removing reasons for abolition one by one. And the SKs need support and guidance from their communities in doing so. This simply says that I'm not agree with abolition. All we have to do is to reform and show how important to be a good leader that has a point of view in giving their service without affecting the part of the officers who stands as a leader to the youth.

Philippine's sangguniang kabataan or sk, should not be abolish. Ang sk ay magsisilbing practice ng mga kabataan para sa pagbabago na hinahangad. Matutulungan din nito na pagtibayin ang leadership ng bawat isa

SK is the fundamental body of the barangay community, it help youth to focus on physical activities like basketball, volleyball and other games conducting by SK official so that youth avoid bad activities like drugs and gambling by giving they time to sports provided by SK official.

For me, the SK should be abolished because base to the above reasons that it should not be abolished, I am certain that during my stay in our barangay for years, those reasons was not really accomplished or meet.

This is in reaction to sherry mae barce. As future great leaders in our country ,we should conduct trainings for the SK as early as we could for the progress of our country philippines. We should not neglect SK instead we should teach and help them and so that they will learn.

This is in reaction to sherry mae barce. As future great leaders in our country ,we should conduct trainings for the SK as early as we could for the progress of our country philippines. We should not neglect SK instead we should teach and help them and so that they will learn.

THIS IS IN REACTION TO SHERRY MAE.I say, abolish. Those first 2 reasons pa lang. walang significance nga mangya2ri or nangyari sa mga SK ngaun. Lets say the youth are complicated through the new aging technology at nahi2rapan pa sila harapin ang modern world.kahit nasa age of responsibility na sila, di maiwasan na meron clang attitude na pangit. Many issues about corruption and irreponsible SK officials sprout and multiply and we cannot deny that it is true. If they were given a chance na mag reform, then dapat meron silang maayos na moderator. Responsible enough na maturuan ang mga SK officials kung ano dapat gawin, sundin,ayusin para masabi nila na "ikabubuti ng mga kabataan. Dapat sa officials pa lang turuan na nila ng leksyon kc ang mga kabataan sinussundan lng ang mg higher officials. Pero para saken huge money ang ma sisave kung tatanggalin.

para sakin..reformation ang sa tingin ko nararapat gawin..hndi nmn lahat ng sk eh walang nagagawang tama..nasa disiplina kasi un nagsisimula...hndi dapat e abolish kasing para ng quit na dn taung mga kabataan sa karapatan natin and ung chance natin na marinig ung voices natin sa lipunan at mga magagandang hangarin natin :)

I choose abolition because they are just wasting the money of the government. The projects that they made for the baranggay is not good enough for the needed by the youths. They are also busy for the school works that's why they cannot concentrate to the duties for our place.

This is a reaction to the comment of estephany saldon im against to her comment because sanguniang kabataan is a big role in a barangay. they are the voice of the youths.

This is my comment to estephany saldon i suggest is to continue the sk because this is the stage where the youths practiced how to become a leader

This is my comment to estephany saldon im against to her because SK really helps a lot for the youth specially when it comes to liga.

Honestly, I would want it abolished. Kasi, nakikita ko ngayon sa mga SK ay puro pa-cute lang at minsan sila pa ang promotor sa mga kalokohan o kagulahan. Paulit-ulit lang ang kanilang programa katulad ng "liga" ng basketball. Hindi ko nakikita sa kanila ang mga programa katulad nito; Ang Paglilinis sa kapligiran, Pagtatanim ng mga puno't halaman sa lasangan, Paglalagay ng tamang basurahan o Pagpipintura sa mga pader. Maganda sana kapag ganito ang mga programa nila hindi puro liga lang... Para maging huwaran sila ng mga susunod na kabataan. Hindi puro pa-cute lang..

This is reaction to the comment of LEONARD TRUNO.. I'm not agree to him. Because Sangguniang Kabataan or SK trains the youth to become good leaders of the community.

This is reaction to the comment of leonard truno... Hindi ako sumasanggayon na dapat i-abolish ang Sangguniang Kabataan. Dahil sa pamamagitan ng SK nadedevelop ang kakayahan ng mga kabataan at natututo sila makisalamuha sa ibang tao... NO ABOLISH!!!!

This is reaction to the comment of LEONARD TRUNO... I'm not agree with him.. . By the projects of Sangguniang Kabataan or SK they will enhance the different skills and abilities of the youth. And, also, . SK officers serve as the voice of the youth in their community.

reformation kc kailangan lang aman ausin ung sk sana wag na to ipa alis

Sa tingin ko reformation, kc dito natin makita ang simula ng pagiging mabuting leader o kung maging irisponsable siya sa katungkulang binigay sa kanya. Oo, nasa murang idad pa siya, hindi pa niya kayang pamunuan ang kanyang katungkulan pero my mga kagawad naman na pweding maging gabay nila sa pamumuno.

para sakin reformation, ito ang simula sa paghubog ng isang mabuting leader at para din maiwasan ng mga kabataan ang drug adiction kc my programa tulad ng palaro para sa mga kabataan.

tama si hergie, reformation kc habang bata ka pa lang natutunan mo na maglingkod at maging responsable, nasayo yan kung panu mo e manage yong time mo sa pag-aaral at paglingkod sa iyong brgy.

It should not be abolished! Si Dr. Jose Rizal na mismo ang nagsabi na ang Kabataan ang pag asa ng bayan! Eto yung training ng mga youth para sa future. Dito dinedevelop kung paano sila mag act as an inspiring leaders of our community. Dito hinuhubog yung kakayahan nilang magpatakbo ng isang barangay.

Kasi para kay Rizal gusto niya ring ang mga kabataan ay maging magaling na leader ng bansa sa pagsisimula sa mababa ,pataas.

for me sangguniang kabataan is most important to each barangay,because kabataan are the hope to us. ,because as age of 16-is there make his own right decision for the good of her barangay and her future

Tulad nga nang sabi ni Deangel na sa pamamagitan nito nakakapaghubog tayo ng mga tanyag na leader.

Tama si Deangel ang pagpatuloy ang sangguniang kabataan dahil naka daragdag din ito ng kaalaman ng kabataan sa politika

Pwede din naman ang reformation na sinasabi ni Deangel pero ang sangguniang kabataan ngayon ay di na nasusunod ang tama karamihan ay habol lang ay ang kasikatan kaya dapat na itong i abolish

I’ll stand for Sangguniang Kabataan abolition. It is because, I know a lot of people like SK Chairman who only corrupt the fund of the barangay for their personal purposes. Therefore, it doesn't help a community or barangay that much. That's true that SK is only a training ground for corruption.

I disagree with your answer fam. For me, Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) reformation. Because, this "Kabataan" is the voice of the people in the barangay. Their representing each and everyone who lives in their place especially for teenagers.

I am strongly disagree with you fam. SK should not for abolition because SK is the fundamental body of the barangay community, it help youth to focus on physical activities like basketball, volleyball and other games conducting by SK official so that youth avoid bad activities like drugs and gambling by giving they time to sports provided by SK official.

Reformation. Other than the training for being a leader, SK gives fitting leaders for the youth. With a mindset of a youth, the SK will know what are the exact problems to be solved for the youth. Yes the barangay officials may know these problems theoretically but they don't know exactly the essence, the feel and main reason for the problem. As a youth, SK knows how young people think and how young people feel. Therefore they can give correct solutions other than theoretical solutions. I know SK has less effect to the society. The government should think on how to fix this, SK would be a waste if they don't fix this problem.

I disagree. The SK isn't doing anything significant at all. Yes they have some (slightly) significant projects like feeding program but the barangay officials can do it themselves. SK is just an added burden to our barangay funds.

I disagree. I really can't feel what the SK is doing.

I disagree. SK doesn't really do much. Their ages are too young to become effective leaders. Being an SK officer DOES NOT train you to be a good leader because you are not actually leading. Even if you fail, no one will tell you and no one will feel your mistake, so how will you learn wih that? Anyway, they don't have true power - the final word comes from the Kagawad, so they are not really leading. SK is pointless.

For me, Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) should abolished. They are just wasting the money of our government. For addition, their only using the money for their personal expenses. In short their just being corrupt. REAL TALK, who's SK chairman did you know who's not corrupting the budget or fund in their barangay even in one cents?

I am not agree with you. For me, SK's should reform. It is because, even though they are criticizing by the people around them, still they doing their job as a leaders. And it is one of the many reasons why the Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) should not be abolished.

I'll stand for reformation. I think in their early stage of life they are trained to be a leaders of our country someday. Because they are now experiencing this kind of environment they will adopt it until they grown up as a successful one.

I strongly disagree with your comment. I go for reformation of Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan (SK). Though many people are against with this federation. Still their are people who wants to continue this kind of activities for sake of the our youth. Why? Simply because it will help them or act for them as their voice. Their voices (youth) will be heard with the help of this SK's.

The objective of the creation of the Sangguniang Kabataan is to trained youth for the country’s future leaders. but as I observed now , some SK chairman can't handle their responsibilities . In my own opinion .. If there's a problem in the SK we should not abolish it just reform. Because SK Abolition is taking away the rights of the youth.

Philippine Sangguniang Kabataan(SK) it should be abolish,sa panahon natin ngayon na maraming naghihirap na tao.kahit mga kabataan ngayon nagkakandarapa talaga tumakbo bilang SK dahil narin siguro sa allowance na natatanggap nila, kasi napansin ko sa mga nanalong SK, lagi may bagong gamit tulad ng mga damit, sapatos lalo na mga mamahaling gadgets at iba pang mga luho, puro nalang porma wala naman ginagawa.

for me, SK should not be abolished. May maganda namang na idulot ang SK kaso nagiging masama lang dahil sinasakyan sila nang ibang pulitiko o nang ibang tao. Malaki rin naman ang naitulong nito sa mga kabataan lalo na yung mga kabataan na nalilihis ang landas dahil sa druga. They help them through sports, imbes na gumawa nang kung ano-anu mas mabuting they develop there skills in sports.

This is in contrast with the comment of Sherry Mae Barce. Abolition to the Sangguniang Kabataan is not the answer to the problems that it faces at the present. We may say that there are ample of reasons why we should abolished the SK Federation but we should address the cause and not the result of problem. We say that SK will only teach the youth how to corrupt but we should also realize that they don't want to do it in the first place but the system is urging them. I believe that SK is the training ground for youth leaders the problem is not on the SK Federation but on the on the people that guide them. Youths are also victims in this phenomenon.

Abolish! Wala naman masyadong natutulong ang mga SK,. Dito nga sa lugar namin hnd ko ramdam na may SK. Aksaya lang yan sa pondo ng bayan..

This is my comment to Mico. It should be abolish for me. Oo, may mga naitutulong ang SK natin sa bawat barangay, pero hindi ganon kalaki gaya ng mga naitutulong ng mga adult officials. Parang support lang ang mga kabataan, but I insist hindi pa siguro eto yung right time para masabing they can stand on their own and may sense ang pagsali sa SK.

Abolition! Para san pa at tumakbo ang chairman at mga kagawad ng barangay? Eh kaya naman nila lahat ng projects kahit wala ung mga SK, andami kaya nilang magtutulong tulong jan. At isa pa, malaki bahagi pa ng pera ang napupunta sa mga SK, imbis na pandagdag nalang sa mga projects o kaya pag replenish ng mga gamit na kinakailangan, eh napupunta lang sa kamay ng mga SK.

Actually, I’m not absolutely against SK and I believe that the objectives and goals of these organization is quite promising and wonderful since youth is being included in terms of politics and sort of things and being realized its probable role in our country. But, if you’ll look on a bigger picture, these said objectives and goals which are supposed to be carried away of its substantial purpose don’t specifically happened and never been met which provides downfall for its primary sense of existence. This SK organization which supposedly a place where youth is being trained and prepared to become good leaders was never the outcome, instead that they would impose a change and difference for a better future, they are being corrupted and so does their wills and obligations come to ruined.

This is in reaction to post of Owen. I partially disagree with him about this context. Although we know that SK has become not the way we expected it to be, we must provide a resolve which directly react on the causes of the problem. Abolition may be one possible resolution but just maybe we can still save the organization itself.

This is in reaction to post of Owen. I disagree with him for abolition of SK. It is imminent that SK would become another corrupt organization but it doesn’t actually means that we need to dismantle it already. I believe that SK really does have good objectives and as youth, it’s great that we can play a role and position in government which we must find a solution to this problem because it will all just be waste if we don’t.

This is in contrast to comment of Owen. I think it’s inevitable that the SK will be corrupted somehow by higher ups since the guidance provided to them follows the usual(most likely) system of our government which is “corrupt”. It has large probability that they would just inherit the ways and techniques that the high officials before them. Then, the problem is not solely their fault, but we can at least change the fact that SK would just lead to another form of corrupt institution of government by simply sustaining proper and appropriate guidance and assistance to them. This doesn’t actually requires urgent abolition, there were possibilities that as youth, we can correct the mistakes made by our pro corrupt officials all over the government.

this is a reply to the comment of joseph,. For me it is reformation because it is only a training for the elected officers to become a good leaders.


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