Fraternity: Belongingness or Violence?

SOME AUTHORITIES say that people join fraternities or sororities for basically the same reasons. Gang membership is oftentimes related to the 5 basic needs that Abraham Maslow theorized: the physiological needs, the needs for safety, the need for love/belongingness, the need for self-esteem, and the need to feel that someone has the potential to reach specific goals (self-actualization). College fraternities are said to be not that different from gangs--members all want the security of being able to identify with a group and find solidarity through the group membership.
             As a result of the pledge of solidarity, they receive the love protection and security of the group, which then allows them an opportunity to perform a higher level and reach their full potential (self-actualization).
             Nonetheless, it is also undeniable that most, if not all, of the disputes among groups in campuses (e.g. gang wars) are fraternity related. This therefore leads us to the question on whether 'belongingness' or 'violence' is the term that best fits fraternities.

Possible Reasons for holding that fraternity is more of belongingness
1. Fraternity provides security.
2. It strengthens brotherhood and friendship.
3. Other government officials, who support each other, are also members of fraternities.
4. It promotes socio-civic activities.
5. It builds one’s confidence and feeling of security.

Possible Reasons for holding that fraternity is more of violence
1. It promotes brawl inside school campus.
2. It exposes youth to drug addiction.
3. It promotes conflict of interest.
4. It has become training ground for youth to become activist.
5. It ruins one’s academic performance.
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