I promised not to play the piano again

Zahura Munsayac Khandaker Haider, the contributor, is from New Era University, Quezon City, Philippines.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAVE—a debut party or a piano?" asked by my lola. But to her dismay, she just slept without hearing an answer from me. What I really wanted to have that time was a laptop. Two months later, upon arriving from school, I saw an upright piano leaning on the wall of our house.

Seeing its black and white keys, I asked myself, “How in the hell could I play with it?!” But my lola was a psychic-turned-girl scout and immediately handed me a YamahaPiano School calling card. I called and inquired and have known that there's no guaranty that I could really learn to play the piano after I complete the tutorial sessions. One thing is for sure though—they'll charge me heaps for those tutorials. So I decided to just look for my MAPEH books and learn to play the piano by myself.
I read those lessons on how to read notes, on what a musical staff means, on what happens to a note when there are flats and sharps on a staff. After reading those lessons, I felt like my head was going to burst, and I wasn’t sure if I could solve my dilemma on reading notes and pressing the keys of the piano simultaneously.

The first song that I tried to play was the all-time favorite 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', and honestly, it took me ages to finish that song, not to mention those out-of-tune keys that I've mistakenly pressed. After playing that in front of my lola, I was motivated nonetheless. Yes, motivated to just give it up and bring my life back to where it used to be before I had that piano. Honestly, I was really pissed off by those out-of-tune notes and hearing them frustrated me so much.

I promised not to play the piano again.

Until one night, while I was lying in bed with my lola, she said that one of her death wish was to see me playing her favorite songs and hymns with the piano which she gave me and if possible, to see me as an organist in our local congregation. That really moved me. And I realized I only have little time left because that my lola that time was already in her terminal stage of colon and liver cancer, not to mention that her kidneys were also starting to fail. Time was running out for me to fulfill my lola's wish.

I pulled myself back together and persevered to learn to play the piano. Everyday, I practiced for at least 5 hours. First, with just my right hand playing the soprano part of the musical sheet that I was reading. Then I learned to play with two voices, soprano and alto, at the same time. I tried to play with my left hand and this was the hardest part. At first, I could hardly move my left fingers. I was also experiencing severe back pains due to hours of practicing. If it were not for my lola’s wish, I would have given up.

Time came when I could already play the favorite songs and hymns of my lola and 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' as a piece had become like just a ‘piece of cake’.
Eventually, those out-of-tune notes left me. (Though goodbyes are not really forever, for up to this date, those notes once in a while still visit me.)

I could still remember myself playing my lola's favorite hymn when she breathed her last. I could vaguely see the notes because tears were flowing in my eyes but I know I made my lola really happy and somehow I've fulfilled her dreams.

After her death, I realized that the most precious thing that I have now is my piano. I forgot all the hardships and frustrations that I've experienced before just to be at ease playing it. At the end of the day, I realized that my lola's wish is also my greatest dream.

Indeed, life is like a piano. The white keys represent bliss and happiness while the black keys correspond to griefs and sorrow. To produce sweet melody nonetheless, both keys should be played together.

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Zahura Munsayac Khandaker Haider, an organist in a Church’s local congregation and the President of Lex Regia, the organization of those taking up Legal Management in her school.

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ang galeng. kakatouch. keep on writing. it also MOVED me. yee.

awww. deemed nice. i can very well relate. i wish to play the piano again.. with my choir robe.. and the things i used to do way back..

my frustration..i wish to play piano too...

my frustration..i wish to play piano too...

We can never question the wisdom of the old, their wrinkles represent stories of grief, sadness, and frustrations. But seeing you (Ula) makes aging worth it. I guess the reason why your lola picked a piano is because a piano lives beyond a captured moment and that she wants to share God's bliss in her life through the melodies by her treasured blessing, you.

great story... that motivated me to learn playing the piano...

IT is said in many people that the person who worked in other countries ,becames rich . do you agree that the person worked in other countries became rich why?why not?

It is said in many people that the person worked abroad in other countries became rich. do you agree that the person worked in other countries became rich why?why not?

im not agree with you .... because their are many people who worked abroad and when they came back...as their past life they dont have any rise to their family

I think ..im dis agree ,because at what you heared on the news their are many people worked died because of their work in other countries ..

Im dis agree with you ,because at you heared on the news .their are many OFW abusses in other country ..

..maybe your rigth ,but Im dis agree ,kasi ang dami paring filipino ngayong mahihirap kahit na may trabaho sa ibang bansa ang nanay o tatay nila ..at saka kahit na galing silang ibang bansa ,di ibig sabihin non mayaman na sila ,oo sometimes ,pero mas madalas ,bumabalik sila sa dating gawi

yes ,I agree to your commentor ,Its not really true that the person ,worked in abroad became rich,because their are sometimes that the filipino in abroad abusses by their amo...is that what we call in tagalog ...so Im dis agree to your said ...

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