SHOCKED!  S-H-O-C-K-E-D. This was what I felt upon seeing my monthly electric bill.

Imagine, staying at our house for just 16 days in a month since our family and I used to stay most of the time at my in-laws, painstakingly tolerating the summer heat (sleeping without air conditioner even if my toddler begs me to switch it on), switching off the refrigerator at night, and plugging in our energy saver device, still, my bill is so high!

For people with the same sentiments as I do, let us watch this video for some energy-saving tips! FAN PLEASE…

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this will really help us to save energy, money and our beloved mother nature!. :))

great!.I think its the easiest way to lower our electric bill,because you don't need anything just to unplug, it also help us to conserve energy and money.

--Electricity is one of the most precious gift from God . It is also the one who gives our life with ease in everything . . . . --This video may be a good one to help us people with high electric bills . This is a great help for everyone . .

The total current then increases and may exceed the limit that the wires can safely carry. This is cause to overloaded. Never connect too many appliances to one outlet to avoid fire and overloading the circuit.

--This thing will really help us to save energy therefor we can know how we can avoid overusing energy ..

---I strongly agree on what you said there Lauritto ... you have a good idea ..

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