Free NAT HIGH SCHOOL Araling Panlipunan REVIEWER

This Free NAT HIGH SCHOOL Araling Panlipunan REVIEWER is for the National Achievement Test (NAT) -- an examination given annually in March to assess the competency of both public and private school students. A score of 75% and up indicates mastery of the subject and 50% to less than 75%, near mastery; while a score of below 50% indicates low mastery.

This reviewer is about Araling Panlipunan  (A.P.) (Social Studies). It covers information in economics, world, philosophers, reformists, stone ages, and so on that are related to the subject matters studied in the subject (high school level).

This reviewer is a not an official product of CHED or any other institution. This is a contribution of the following persons (see Disclaimer):

Jenny Ann Teaño, Kathiryn Ginoy, Dawn Teotico, Madel Valencia and Renalyn Rañola.


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Free NAT HIGH SCHOOL Araling Panlipunan REVIEWER


Maganda ang pagkakagawa ng reviewer na ito, kaya nga lang masyadong mahirap yung ibang mga tanong. :)

ayos to mga ate... :)GOOd JOB PO..

Ayos yan :D LIKE (Y)

maganda ang pagkakagawa ng review, pwede talaga magamit, good job :)

ang galing user friendly tong ginawa ninyo....

i think okay tong reviewer ninyo ha, magagamit ng mga estudyante. greatjob!

maganda yung ginawa nyong reviewer. Makakadagdag ng kaalaman sa mga estudyante at makaktulong din. approved! hehe

hmmm, ok lang naman. mganda ung pagkakaconstruct ng quiz and it is also helpful for those high school students.. nice one mga ate !! :D

LIKE ! :D ok po to...

This was pretty amazing for those students especially in h.s. level. But i suggest to change the theme or background of your reviewer. :) ... you guys are nice ladies also. :) great job.

nakakaEnjoy, medyo mahirap yung iba but magaling kasi marereview talaga ..!

makakatulong to sakin at sa iba pa , ang galing nakakawili sya .

Magaling, makakatulong ito sa mga estudyante.

Good Job. makakatulong sa pag-aaral ng mga kabataan.

Good Job. (y)

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