UPCAT is part of the admission requirements of the University of the Philippines for the aspiring students who wish to study in the said university. For this examination, this Free E-LEARNING UPCAT ENGLISH Reviewer was primarily made.

This reviewer covers the following topics--parts of speech, general grammar rules, syntax and mechanics, diction and vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

This fun quiz game/reviewer was made by the following persons:

Aguda, Abby Joy F.
Sagadal, Milca M.
Garduque, Querstine Michaille B. 
Morales, Jayvee 
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thank you :) medyo mahirap pero nice works :)

THANK YOU :) ang hirap :)

thankyou to Milca Sagadal and Group

thank you nice work

thank you :) ang hirap mich ang lalim ng words :)nakalimutan ko na

Thank you ;) Medyo hard ang tanungan. Easyhan nyo lang XD

thank you :) sayang 2 points na lang passed na

Okay po yung reviewer. Nice! :)

Thank you. Makakatulong po ito sa mga estudyante na mag review. :)

It's so hard. But I would like to thank you guys!

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