I.T. Time with Acer Philippines

A “Teatime with Ace David” Spin-off

HE DOESN’T WANT to be called “the man.” Although as far as his company is concerned, in various senses, he definitely is.

Mr. Manuel Wong, the General Manager of Acer Philippines, once graced with his presence Mr. Ace David’s AM radio program “You’re the Man!.” For these two “aces” or first-rate individuals in their respective turfs, the dialogue which transpired on September “the first” of 2012 was nothing less than historical, if not necessarily providential. The interview sparked off a sequence of fruitful “collaborations” between the institutions the two gentlemen respectively represent.

In ways more than one, Mr. Wong has been responsible for Acer’s being the number 1 PC company in the Philippines, which, for him, only means that they have done something right in the Philippine market. “We’ve provided not only products but also solutions to people’s needs …  As a company, we need to know how we can enhance the end-users’ experience and life.” Experienced as well in the corporate world, Mr. David concurred by affirming that as one company intensifies its campaigns, understanding the consumers’ needs is indeed essential for it to positively evolve.

A beautiful case of one thing leading to another, Acer and Ace David soon worked together again in the TV segment “IT Time with Acer.” The project is actually a spin-off idea of the “Teatime with Ace David” segment over ChinatownTV aired at IBC 13. Springing from a word play of “Teatime” to “IT time” and “Ace” to “Acer, the concept first brewed at the old Acer office in PBCom Tower. Ace David tossed the idea in separate occasions to Mr. Rhey Gozon, who happened to have been onboard for barely a week as the new Marketing Manager, and to Ms. Agnes Espino who just peaked at the meeting for a meet and greet.  The concept was instantaneously approved and the nitty-gritty was presented on July 1, 2013. The following are what transpired in some of the episodes:

Episode 1

CELEBRATING ACER’S TENTH YEAR in the Philippines also denotes commemorating its dominance in the country for a decade.

Indeed a success story, this theme had become the springboard of Mr. Ace David’s interview with Ms. Agnes Espino, the Director of Sales and Marketing of Acer Philippines. In the TV program segment “IT Time with Acer,” Ace David, the host, introduced Acer by poetically stating that although some claim that they are the kings in the IT industry, the Acer is simply “the Ace among the kings,” having excellently exhibited “dedication, passion, and skills.”

“For the past ten years …we have sustained being the number 1 brand on both notebook and netbook,” Ms. Espino related. As regards market share, she reported that Acer has about “30 % for IDCQ3, 2013 and 40% on projectors.” Asked about Acer’s strategies, she disclosed bringing in products that are first in the market, producing most innovative tools technology-wise, distributing them through good channels, and offering competitive price. She also finds the company fortunate for having very supportive partners both in the retail and commercial fronts.

Another key factor is the people in the company themselves who are very passionate about their respective well-defined functions. Their enthusiasm radiates to the company’s channel partners and even the store people that “when  they discuss the products, they are just passionate.” Mr. David confirmed the point by relating his personal experience in an Acer’s concept stores where he felt so at home for the Acer people assisted him as if they really knew each other.

In the years to come, Acer promises never to be in any way extinct in the Philippine market. During their annual planning period, Acer people, especially those dealing with product development, creatively envision what the market would want in the near and far future. This attitude makes possible the invention of Acer ‘s groundbreaking products like the ‘hybrids,’ tools for mixed purposes, and mobile computing cellphones.

“We always take into consideration what it is that the market wants. We are not just talking about a specific market. We are talking about several markets … We have now many different kinds of consumers.” Having faith in what Acer can do, Ms. Espino thus predicted, “So you’ll see there is a lot more exciting products in the years to come …Technology has made all these exciting things possible.”

Episode 3

IN THIS EPISODE , Mr. Ace David was joined by Ms. Sue Ong-Lim and Mr. Alex De Guzman who talked about the Acer Academy. Responding to the host’s question, they began the conversation by affirming the existence of the so-called digital divide, a phenomenon which the Acer Academy seeks to address.

For Acer’s commercial accounts, Mr. De Guzman explained that the academy assists the clients on discovering how user-friendly Acer technology is through free trainings and seminars. As to institutional accounts like schools, clients are automatic members of the academy, privileged to receive “unique solutions” provided by Acer staff. Collaborating with its partners like Intel, Microsoft, Google and other education-specific application providers, Acer Academy endows free tutorials to client-institutions which, as Ms. Ong-Lim related, extend to their “principals, the faculty, the students and the parents.”

With the noble aim of bridging the digital divide, Acer Academy personnel would go to the client’s place to introduce, among others, the Acer Classroom Manager—a unique educational application which is pre-bundled or pre-installed in Acer’s desktops and notebooks. This classroom management system allows not only students’ e-learning interactive activities but also educators’ production of customized quiz and exam and the gathering of scores in real time, which in effect could make the teaching profession somewhat easier.

The University of Mindanao, for instance, enthusiastically availed of Acer Academy membership as the school adopted ICT as part of its teaching and learning delivery system. As conveyed by the university personnel, Mr. Ronnie V. Amorado, all of the school’s classrooms today have Acer computers. A happy Acer client, he proudly related “We have a very interesting program which supports and enhances our ICT programs.”

Episode 6

MS. JENNIFER CHUA, Acer Philippines’ Finance and Admin Director and Head of its Corporate Social Responsibility, explained in this episode some of the company’s altruistic missions.

In cooperation with other NGO’s, Acer made possible the establishment of at least three “digital opportunity centers” in secluded areas such as in Bohol, Pangasainan, and Bulacan (Sierra Madre Foothill Digital Opportunity Center). Among other things, the company donated computers in these centers which provide community Internet café, printing, and computer learning services. Relevantly, Acer donated several computers to the Aihu Foundation’s mobile computer learning center, a 40-feet-long “Van Aralan” that circuits around the country’s poor towns and villages offering free certificate courses in computer education.

Also in the Sierra Madre foothills in Bulacan, the company also established the “Acer Bamboo Greenhouse” along with the Green Earth Heritage Foundation. Around 10,000 seedlings are expected to be cultivated in this greenhouse, primarily for the benefit of the people in the community.

In May, August, and November 2009, the company collaborated with Food for the Hungry (FH), an international relief and development organization, in making a series of  visitations in Catmon, a depressed area in Malabon. For Catmon children, the group provided entertainment and games, book reading, and career/vocation orientation. In 2010, Acer held two more workshops for teenagers in the place, focusing on (1) Philippine arts and culture and (2) sportsmanship and personal development. Just recently, Acer Philippines alongside Acer Middle East donated cash for the Yolanda typhoon victims. Through the Philippine Red Cross, Acer also pitched in food packages to help the disaster victims get through the Yuletide season.

Another commendable charitable effort of Acer Philippines is its so-called “Digital Opportunity Project for the Disabled and Disadvantaged Children.” In 2007, the company donated eight (8) computers to the National Vocational Rehabilitation Center (NVRC), an exemplification of its efforts to dynamically put education and providing digital opportunity at the forefront of its community charity work. Ms. Chua proclaimed, “We hope to empower those with physical and mental disabilities and enable them to learn more about information technology.”

In 2009, when the Tahanang Walang Hagdan (A House Without Stairs), a NGO caring for the welfare of the physically and mentally disabled, suffered great losses during the typhoon Ondoy, Acer provided significant supports by donating materials to create more digital opportunities for the disadvantaged. Ms. Chua added, “In cooperation with other institutions, Acer set up a Digital Opportunity Center for the Blind in the Philippines in October, 2009—by means of integrated information and communication technologies, the visually challenged may discover new employment via their capabilities in computer science, thus helping them rebuild their life and be self-sustaining to better their prospect in life.”

Passionately bridging the gap between people and technology, Acer Philippines, in cooperation with San Agustin Church and Missionaries of Charity Philippines, also put up a learning center for poor students and drop-outs in November 2008. During the interview, Ms. Carol Balkin, a volunteer to this effort, explained that her volunteerism means that she is helping students to fulfill their dreams and to improve their lives. By the term “students,” she meant those out of school youth and jobless parents who initially have absolutely zero knowledge in computer.

Acknowledging the company’s charitable endeavors, San Agustin Church parish priest Asis R. Bajao recounted, “In addition to computer sets donations, Acer volunteers have also designed and provided computer courses. They hope that by learning computer-related skills, the dropouts can discover the joy of learning and boost their ego, thereby becoming even more inspired not only to resume their studies but also to live a better life.” The learning center offers Basic Computer Literacy like Introduction to Computer and Microsoft Office Application which could qualify a graduate to obtain a clerical job in offices like in municipal halls.

What motivates the trainers to untiringly do their mission is their students’ desire to learn computer technology. “Talaga pong on-time sila dumadating. So makikita ko po sa kanila na  gustung-gusto po nila talagang matuto,” Ms. Balkin proudly reported. These positive attitudes of both the trainers and the students are clearly perceived by Acer’s CSR Head. “CSR is very rewarding. Because of it, Mr. Wong and I get to meet a lot of people who really dedicate their time to help others without being really compensated.” Ms. Chua also noticed that the virtuous endeavor changes as well the trainers’ lifestyles and views as what they are doing “uplifts the dignity of the person.”

As what Mr. Ace David exclaimed, this Acer Philippines’ corporate social responsibility is truly wonderful and commendable. On her simple but sincere words, one of the students confessed, “Malaki po ang naitulong sa amin … Lalo na sa’kin. Isa akong nanay. Dati sa bahay lang ako. At least ngayon, may natututunan na ako. Kagaya kasi dati, sa mga bata, hindi ko naiintindihan ‘yung sinasabi nila. At least ngayon, pag nag-uusap sila, naiintindihan ko na ‘yung sinasabi nila tungkol sa computer.”


During the ender-episode, the TV host proudly uttered, “Acer has become a firework when it comes to communication and IT industry, hardware, and services. Now on it’s tenth year, it has become more intense in delivering the products and empower people through technology.” Himself an avid user of Acer since 2002, Mr. Ace David sincerely proclaimed “My Acer experience is truly going beyond limits. It is indeed above expectations to have understood their strategic direction and brand commitment to its clientele.” (Copyright 2014 by Jensen DG. Mañebog, OurHappySchool.com)



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