To be loved by an angel

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ONE BUSY MONDAY MORNING, I went to the market to shop for fresh ingredients of the whole week’s menu. I hate getting midway through a recipe and not being able to finish because I ran out of staple ingredient so I was very cautious as I peruse my list. All of a sudden, someone hugged me from behind. I was surprised. I wasn’t prepared for a hug at that moment while I am shopping in a busy market. It took two seconds for me to collect myself to react and turn my back to check who it was. My eyes met two innocent eyes of a girl about nine years of age who was gladly smiling at me. I stooped to reach her level as I force myself to remember where and when did I meet her. Suddenly, an old woman came and pinched her but she wasn’t moved. She was still gladly smiling at me.

At that point, I hugged the kid back. I recognized her. She is Angel, my extraordinary mute friend. She is one of the kids I used to visit three years ago when I was still living in Sagana. Her physical appearance changed a lot. The last time I visited her was when she was about seven years old. Her family moved to a province and I never heard about her since then. I almost did not recognize her.

The ambivalence is unexplainable. I was glad, guilty and sorry and upset simultaneously. I was glad because I saw her again after three long years but I felt so guilty for not recognizing her. I felt so sorry that she was pinched because her grandmother thought she hugged a stranger. I was so upset that it took almost ten seconds for me to realize and hug her back. The ambivalence is unexplainable.

I never thought that those once-a-week visits sowed something so precious. She is mute but she was able to tell me the love I never expected to hear from her. I am so blessed to be recognized by heart by someone like her. I am so blessed to be loved by Angel.
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i love such was unexpected but worth of keeping, i think, the child really likes you! she was attached to you already even you just came into her life for a while. It's really good to feel that you've been recognized by someone in a way that you totally do not expect. I love the hug thing!!!..that was so sweet:)

I am very lucky if I would also have a friend like her, a nine year old little girl. Despite her deficiency, she able to tell her love in a warmest way.

How can we say whether an act is wrongful or righteous? Is it immoral or moral to do things which we know for ourselves, is what we need and what we have to? It is not sufficient that the basis for morality is man's beliefs and customs, man's rules and traditions alone. We can never set aside God's words. That should be the first thing to consider. No matter how a person desire to be in a good disposition and eventually came into that point, however his means does not conform to what is right and just, the same has not been and will never ever be justified. "Not just knowing, but doing the right thing and avoiding the wrong one".

I feel blessed if I was the one who hugged by an Angel because for how many years she still remembers me. Even if she was mute, she can still shows how much she loves the person. It's a wonderful story that shows actions speaks louder than voice.

the emotion is differently unexplainable when someone whom we do not expect to recognize us, actually did the same. The feeling was made more special because you've been with that person only for a very short time. However, it only means that whenever you love someone indefinitely, the tendency is for him to love you back.

If we say angel,first comes to our mind is messengers of God,but for Christine May in her article,it was her extraordinary mute friend. This is example of ambiguity,having more than one meaning or interpretation. Very nice article.

Men, women or children is able to show their love and appreciation to someone in different ways and even those who are not able to speak or those who have physical incapabilities has their own special way to show their love to someone. All of us, no matter who or what we are, have the chance and the ability to show our feelings, such as love, to someone dear to us.

Love can be expressed in different way, its really action speaks louder than words its not in the words that matter to this kid but how this kid had shown her love to her friend despite her deficiency.

I do relate with this one. I love kids and in every place I go I befriend kids. They're the most precious friends I have. They show their love in their own simple ways.

advantage: to maintain the safeness and wellness of teenagers in a crime and this can help them to prevent doing bad things, especially during late at night.

I am advantage because this help them to prevent in out at a certain times of during late hours at night and prevent from the youth growing crime.

true, action really speaks louder than words, even though they don't tell you sweet little things but a simple hug let the person feel how important he or she is.

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