The Best Teaching Methods in the Elementary

The Best Teaching Methods in the Elementary Teaching is is commonly defined in many ways. Among the neophytes, it is mission. Experienced educators define it as a vocation. A tenured teacher like me simply summarizes it as the "3Cs". Common Sense is a basic instinct. Relevant judgement in every situation guides us to do the right action. What will you do with an unruly class with reading problems?

Don't be idealistic with your teaching methods but rather evaluate your approach. Elementary graders are attention seekers by nature. Let them realize they are important in the class through reverse psychology. Give a chance to the very unruly pupil to share his list of positive and negative deeds in day.

Allow the class to open up as to who were helped by his good deeds and were hurt with his mistakes. Make quick count of those who like and dislike him to him realize his standing in the class. This technique requires patience and encouragement. Breaking the barriers of unruliness opens the door for smooth learning in the class.

Now it is appropriate to choose the best teaching method in order to succeed in enriching the basic skills of the learners especially reading. Cooperative Learning has a variety of learning strategies and approaches to make learning interesting. Think-Pair-Share, Jigsaw, Three-Minute-Interview and Numbered Heads are just few of the numerous options we can apply in teaching.

Its nature promotes positive interdependence, face-to-face interaction, individual and group accountability, interpersonal and small group skills and group processing. Demonstration Method is common but very effective in delivering a lesson. It may be done by giving examples, demonstrating steps or procedures. Cooperative learning strategies are also adaptable in a demo class.

Small groupings like stations and dula-dulaan are cooperative learning strategies in nature. More than knowing the best teaching methods to succeed in the profession is when you enjoy the company of your pupils!



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