How To Deal with Terror Teachers

How To Deal with Terror Teachers
It is a natural scenario for us students to encounter terror professors or teachers once in a while. We feel doomed every time they enter or even take a step in our classroom. So the biggest question for us students is “How can we deal with our terror teachers or professors?
            The following are some tips on how to deal with terror teachers:
1. Students must always do their assignments and tasks; it will show the teacher the effort that they make for the subject. They should also pay attention to the class lecture by listening carefully and not be interrupted by anything or anyone.
2. Even if the teachers are terror, their advices, though given sarcastically, actually work. So while the idea of listening to terror professors is a bit difficult, it just might work for your benefit.
3. Think that what they have done in failing you doesn’t mean that they want you to be getting drowned; they just want to teach you to demand from yourself and to never, ever settle for “good enough”. (
4. React to the subject of your professor like he wants you to. You may respectfully challenge his statements with good ideas of your own and sensibly back them up.
5. There are professors who get irritated when students could not answer his or her question or when students are noisy in the class. In this situation you must shut up and listen to the lecture; sit away from your friends so you can easily avoid private conversation.
6. In the class of a terror professor, take some notes in his or her lecture, always be on time, and be polite. Don’t argue, but you may respectfully ask intelligent questions. This way, you can show that you are at least learning something.
As a student, no matter what kind of subject, or what kind of professor we encounter every semester, we must account to ourselves that we do our best and we take responsibility in every action and decision we made. We, students, are still the director of our own future, and our professor may be one of those obstacles that we must surpass.
About the Author:
Mary Joy Gorospe, the contributor, graduated from San Joaquin-Kalawaan High School, Pasig City, Philippines. She is now taking her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree in a state university in Metro Manila. (Email Address:
Question for Discussion:
What is your own style of coping with terror teachers? Is it effective? Elaborate.
In the comment section below, write your short answer to the “Question for discussion”. Ask at least 5 friends (not from your school) to write a reaction on your comment (also in the comment section below, not in Facebook). (You may print your and your invited friends’ comments and submit the print-out to your teacher.)
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I always do the assignments or projects given by my professor although I dont have the guts to recite in front of the class I make sure to excel in our written exam or if not atleast pass that exam. And always pray that God change his attitude towards his students and for him to be more considerate :)

There is no terror teacher for diligent students.Teachers are normal people.Maybe they want to appear like that to get student's focus and attention.

For me, I choose for Andres Bonifacio as the Philippine National Hero because he fight for our freedom.Though Jose Rizal is a brave man and a novels who write the El Filibusterismo and Noli Me tangere where the mind of Filipinos was awakened. And Rizal use his pen and paper to advocate our freedom in a diplomatic way to speak out Spanish Indifferences. But Bonifacio advocated a bloody revolution. Which prove he fight for us and to our Country.

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