Tips on How To Earn the Respect of Other People

Respect, as a matter of fact, is not really that easy to earn. One should gain it, keep it, and maintain it, for there it is priceless.
The following are some helpful tips on how to earn the respect of other people:
1. Listen to someone who is speaking.
If you patiently listen, he/she will see your appreciation, respect, concern, and attention.
2. Genuinely respect other people.
If you want others to treat you with respect, you need to respect others first to return their respect to you.

3. Don’t talk bad about somebody behind their backs.
If you are a back fighter person who wants to downgrade others, then you don’t deserve to be respected.

4. Be yourself all the time.
Don’t pretend as someone else. It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

5. Don’t reject or judge someone for his or her belief.
Don’t think ill of anyone just because he or she has a different religion from your own. Also, don’t judge a person based on his or her social status and family background.

6. Be honest and reliable in your words and promises.
A respectable person is one who is honest in his/her words. He/she can be trusted that he/she will do what he/she promised.

Treating other person with respect is very important, because every one of us wants to be respected also. Showing respect to others can be done in simple ways like by saying, ‘’Please and Thank you’’.

About the Author:
Myca A. Urnagan, the contributor, graduated from Signal Village National High School, Metro Manila, Philippines. She is now taking up AB Political Science in a university in Mandaluyong City.

Question for Discussion:
What do you think should a person do to earn others’ respect? Explain your answer.

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Respect, we can't get it that easily, we have to earn it but when we get their respect we can have a good relationship with our friends and even in your partner in your life. :)

1. it is important to me because that is the way to communicate other nation. 2.this is the way on how to communicate other people. 3.the important of studying english grammar to speak fluently.

Akin to :) Hehe

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