10 Easy Ways to Remember Basic Grammar Rules

RULES ALREADY EXISTED even before the foundation of the world. Without them, the universe will be chaotic. Rules have to exist to maintain order. It is not a wonder that grammar is also bounded by them. As the universe moves symmetrically and synergistically so is grammar.
The following are 10 easy ways to remember basic grammar rules:

1. Start with the mother rule that says “it’s the verb that agrees with subject in person and number.” Singular subject takes verb with ‘s’, plural subject takes verb with out ‘s’.
Example: The boy runs. The boys run.

2. Don’t be lost. Know the location. Sometimes sentences follow the inverted pattern. Avoid errors. Locate the subject and make the verb agree with it.
Example: There ARE many ways to direct our lives. From what source WERE those ideas taken?  

3. Dance with NEO. These are compound subjects connected by “Neither…nor”, “Either…..or”, and “Or”. The verb agrees with the subject nearer it.
Example: Neither the teacher nor the students WERE represented at the convention. Either her parents or her teacher HAS influenced her decision.

4. Jazz the expression “a number”, “the number”. “A number” is plural, “the number” is singular. (Say this 3x.)
Example: A number of boys are here. The number of boys is here.

5. No intervention please! Intervening words such as “along with”, “as well as”, “together with” and the like, do not affect agreement. Verb agrees with the first subject.
Example: Mario, as well as his brothers, eats in a very posh restaurant. The siblings, together with their mother, join the contest.

6. Sing with PAM. “Period of time”, “Amount” and “Measurement”. These are usually preceded with singular verb.
Example: Ten years is a long time. One million pesos is not enough. Ten kilometers is long.

7. Listen to ‘BOT’. These are indefinite pronouns with ‘body’, ‘one’, and ‘thing,’ as in ‘nobody’, ‘anybody,’ ‘somebody,’ and ‘everybody,’ ‘no one,’ ‘someone,’ ‘anyone,’ ‘everyone,’ ‘anything,’ ‘something,’ ‘everything,’ and ‘nothing’. They are all singular. But ‘MAFS’ are plural.  They are ‘many’, ‘all’, ‘few,’ and ‘several’.
Example: Everybody is invited. Many are called but few are chosen.

8. How about a title?  It is always singular.
Example: “Romeo and Juliet” is the most popular Shakespeare’s play.

9. Together? Or Individual? Collective nouns, when acting as a single unit, are singular. But if they refer to separate individuals or parts, they take plural verbs.
Example: The jury is in session. The jury are heading to their respective homes.

10. “S-S-S”. Nouns such as Philippines, Economics, Mumps, Physics, Ethics, Dramatics, and the like are singular.
Example: Mumps is a disease children are susceptible to. Philippines is a beautiful country.

There are many ways to make hard things easy. Sometimes, it just requires a matter of sharing one’s craft and art. With this, I hope that difficulty in remembering rules on grammar will be remedied even just a bit.

About the Author:
Jean Valdez Periabras Robillos, the contributor, is a self-made woman who has been an English Teacher I for seventeen years now. She believes that though for every rule there is an exception, no one is above it. You may contact her through Robillos_Jean@yahoo.com

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Grammar are really difficult to study, reading the article made me realize that I can be a good English student. Question: Is grammar really important in speaking English language?

I know grammar is important, but I am not good in English. This article will help me. Question: Do you agree that it is a must for a high school student to master grammar

I like the article. thank you mam Jean gagaling na ako sa English. Hindi na nila ako pagtatawanan sa grammar ko. Question: Do you experience bullying because of your poor grammar?

For me, it is important for student like me to be good in grammar. Question: Why grammar is important to students in terms of communication?

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love your artivle mam jean. there is easy way pala to understand grammmar rules. love it. Question Can we discuss rules/ using that lectures?

For Me It's Easy To understand English Than Reading Question: Why students find it difficult to understand and express their ideas in English?

for me its hard to understand different rules in english but true this i will find it easier now thanks a lot

Grammar is important because when you used grammar, many people did understand your sentences and if what you say !!!! ^_^v

grammar is very important of citizenship because grammar is useful for intimacy and goodwill and be understud of many people

the grammar is important because to be understood what is my sentence and to understood what is my saying to them

the grammar is very impotant fo many people to practice a use of word and to veterance

the grammar is very important to learn becuse the other person in the philippines have no education and the other people is no money to study.

the grammar is verry important becuse the god idia is very important.

many person in the philippines did say the grammar is very dificult to used in sentences.

because the other person in the phillipines have education and the other people no money to study.

the study English is good to speak a English

Studying grammar is important.Why?For me studying grammar is important because it can help our grammar improve.It help us to write English poem,and story properly and to speak English well.And it can help us communicating to other easily by using English language.

I'm important studying grammar because ours speak to be know them.Nothing say if you know what it.Ought you know a say because parts of speech.For example I'm say Birds fly away I question myself if what parts of speech word bird.Bird is noun for this important of grammar.

it is good to study English grammar to hasten our vocabulary in Understanding English Language very well it is an ideal Practice to show that we are volatile and interlligent persons by knowing the english grammar , and Lastly,it is important that we should know to speak Different Language Especially the foriegn ones most Likely the English Language for it is known by being the UNiVERSAL Language :)

It is not easy to understand grammar but to studying we can.

English is important. Where ever I go and what ever I do I use it. I sound different from the rest when I speak correct English. I am proud to hear that people say I am good.

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