10 Safety Reminders for Motorcycle-Riders

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AS THE 'GEOMETRIC' INCREASE of sales of motorbikes, motorcycles, ‘scooters’, and the like has become directly proportional to the rate of motorcycle-related accidents in the country, OurHappySchool feels the need to friendly educate our motorcycle-riders on riding safely and maintenance.

Hence, OurHappySchool made a research and enumerates here 10 safety reminders taken from Reader’s Digest: How to do just about Everything:

1. “Always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. If the helmet has no face shield, wear goggles too. Protect your body from abrasion in case of a spill by wearing a leather jacket, long pants, leather gloves, and boots. At night wear clothing with reflective strips.

2. Drive defensively; motorists often don’t see a motorcycle until it is too late. Even if you have the right-of-way at an intersection, slow down and be prepared to stop or swerve. Never weave in and out of traffic, and never pass a vehicle on the right. Look well ahead so that you can avoid sand patches, potholes, obstructions, and animals. Even a small animal can cause an accident.

3. Check your rear-view mirrors often, especially when you stop at an intersection. If you see a car approaching rapidly, tap the brakes repeatedly to make the brake light flicker.

4. The front brake supplies most of a motorcycle’s stopping power; keep two fingers wrapped around the brake lever and be prepared to use it. Keep your foot resting lightly on the pedal that controls the rear brake. Use the rear brake whenever you’re stopping; it will help prevent you from tumbling forward, especially if you have to make a fast stop.

5. When entering or leaving a toll booth, brake gently or accelerate slowly. Leaking oil from cars accumulates there and can cause a skid. Oil and water is even more slippery, so be extra careful when it’s raining.

6. Keep your motorcycle in good repair. Read the owner’s manual and follow all recommendations.

7. Be sure that the tires have sufficient tread and are properly inflated.

8. Maintain proper tension on the drive chain (see your owner’s manual) and check the engine-oil level whenever you refuel.

9. If you have hydraulic brakes, keep track of the brake-fluid level in both of the master cylinders. Inspect the machine regularly for loose fasteners, leaks, and other irregularities.

10. Motorcycle safety courses are offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and other organizations. Ask your motorcycle dealer for details.”

Happy riding!

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TLE MRS CERINA V GALOY This article was give me some ideas how to prevent and maintain my ability how to drive the motorcycleamd i learn the good and right way in motorcycling and the good benefits.this article is good in our daily lives. QUESTION What is the benefits of the article?

TLE MRS CERINA V GALOY If we still listen and understand the 10 safety reminders. No One will take an accident or death while driving a motorcycle. QUESTION Why we have a 10 safety reminders for motorcycle riders?

TLE MRS CERINA V GALOY It Is important to follow all the rules for the safety of the motorcycle riders. QUESTION What will happen when all the rules did not follow

This articles are help to prevent accidents because this time motorcycle is proliferation trends . Motorcycle gives good benifits example you just saves more money using motorcylcle and you escape the traffic .

I really love reading this articles because its giving may a special safety tips when riding motorcycles.

I really love reading this articles. because its giving me a special tips that can help me safe when using motorcycles by following this 10 safety tips.

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