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10 Remarkable Facts About Sinulog

Sinulog, Cebu’s biggest and most popular festival, is celebrated every third Sunday of January. It is to honor the Catholic Church’s Santo Niño de Cebu. This festival is characterized by a very long parade with many groups of persons dressed in colorful costumes while dancing Sinulog through the streets.
            The following are 10 remarkable facts about Sinulog:
1. Sinulog comes from the Cebuano word “sulog,” a term which describes the back-and-forth movement of water currents. 

10 Tips to Overcome Math Anxiety

Are you bored in Math? Are you afraid of Math? Do you hate Math? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are suffering from the so-called Math phobia or math anxiety.
The current Wikipedia definition of math anxiety is anxiety about one’s ability to do math, regardless of one’s skill. Many experts agree that math anxiety exists when the fear and frustration due to stress about math become overwhelming.

20 Interesting Facts About Laguna

The province of Laguna is located southeast of Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Laguna was named after the Spanish word “laguna” which literally means lagoon or lake. The province’s previous complete name given by the Spaniards was “La Provincia de la Laguna de Bay.”
            The following are 20 Interesting facts about Laguna:
1. Laguna was founded in July 28, 1571. It is now more than 400 years old (435 years old) as a province.

7 Ways to Get Your Children To Read

 It is a usual problem to parents and teachers to make the children to read. Now more than ever, it is much harder to deal because kids have other things which can easily catch their attention like playing computer games, watching TV, and other things that have nothing to do with books or studying. This lecture would lead them to the path reading and enjoyment of books.
            The following are 7 ways to get your children or students to read:

1. Choose a book for the child’s age
Provide the child with kinds of books intended for his age. Selecting the proper books is important because it gives a greater chance of getting the child’s interest.

The Uses of Numbers in Our Daily Life

Numbers play an important role in our lives. Almost all the things we do involve numbers and Mathematics. Whether we like it or not, our life revolves in numbers since the day we were born. There are numerous numbers directly or indirectly connected to our lives.

10 Modern Ways to Express Filipino Nationalism

 Nationalism is a devotion of love for one’s country. A country’s identity is seen through its culture, traditions, religions, beliefs, and even the unity or togetherness of the people in it. The history of the Philippines reflects the kind of nationalism the Filipinos have. Their heroes stood and fought to preserve the Filipino identity and attain freedom and independence.
The following are 10 modern ways to express Filipino nationalism:

Candle in the Night: An Inspirational Lecture

GOOD INDIVIDUALS are like lighted candles in darkness.
The darker the night, the brighter they shine. Never do they make noise about their brightness nor lose the same by sharing it with others.
I remember one of my favorite mentors when I was in college. She is one of my motherly friends who keep on inspiring me in her little ways. Day in and day out, she teaches me the power of beauty, joy, peace and love in my personal life. Though she is from a prominent family in the province, her heart and mind know well the empathy for a poor and shy girl like me.

Augustine's Moral Philosophy: An Analysis

 AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO (354-430) is one of the most eminent Western Doctors of the Church and the first major Christian ethical philosopher.
Augustine’s moral philosophy is also eudemonistic or concerns the attainment of happiness. It also recognizes the significance of virtues, though its real focal point is love, particularly the love of God.

Happiness, wisdom, and reason
Following the ancient Greek ethicists, Augustine regards moral philosophy as an enquiry into the Summum Bonum: the supreme good, which affords the happiness all persons seek. Happiness is equated with the achievement of wisdom. The typical objects of desire – wealth, earthly power, honors, physical beauty – do not guarantee happiness, much less moral goodness. Only the Supreme Wisdom, the Omniscient God, provides ultimate contentment.

Thomas Aquinas' Ethics: An Analysis

 ALSO CALLED THE ANGELIC DOCTOR and the Prince of Scholastics, Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) is an Italian philosopher and theologianwho ranks among the most important thinkers of the medieval time period. 
In Ethics, Aquinas depends so heavily on Aristotle. Like the Greek philosopher, Aquinas believes that all actions are directed towards ends and that happiness is the final end.Aquinas also thinks that happiness is not equated with pleasure, material possessions, honor, or any sensual good, but consists in activities in accordance with virtue. A person needs a moral character cultivated through the habits of choice to realize real happiness. But like Augustine, Aquinas declares that this ultimate happiness is not attainable in this life, forhappiness in the present life remains imperfect. True happiness,then, is to be found only in the souls of the blessed inheaven orin beatitude with God.

10 Tips to Get Good Grades in Accounting

Behind every successful child is someone who cares.”

Accounting is the system that measures business activities, processes that information into reports, and communicates the results to decision-makers. For this reason, accounting is called the language of business. A sound understanding of this language will bring a better management of financial aspects of living.

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