I.T. Time with Acer Philippines

A “Teatime with Ace David” Spin-off

HE DOESN’T WANT to be called “the man.” Although as far as his company is concerned, in various senses, he definitely is.

Mr. Manuel Wong, the General Manager of Acer Philippines, once graced with his presence Mr. Ace David’s AM radio program “You’re the Man!.” For these two “aces” or first-rate individuals in their respective turfs, the dialogue which transpired on September “the first” of 2012 was nothing less than historical, if not necessarily providential. The interview sparked off a sequence of fruitful “collaborations” between the institutions the two gentlemen respectively represent.

Getting Time Standard: Stopwatch Time Study

It is vital to every business to set expectations for its employees, balance workload, manage constraints, determine staffing levels and crew size, schedule and eliminate waste and non-value-added activity. Thus, work measurement is the technique to set off, for any organization where human and machines contribute to output, to customer service, or even to cost.

Work measurement provides tools to manage the business better. Work measurement engages the estimation of the amount of human effort needed for producing a unit of specified output from an operation. The amount of time that is usually taken by in a well trained worker, operating under normal working conditions, to produce one unit of output is referred as work standard.

The K -12 Education System: Benefits for the Filipinos

Last school year 2012-2013, the educational system of the Philippines was enhanced from the 10-years basic education into 12-years through the program called the K-12 Education Plan of the Department of Education.

Accordingly, the implementation of the K-12 education plan in the Philippine Basic Education Curriculum is the key to our nation’s development.  The government may be facing many problems in the implementation of the program yet it is important that we implement it because the enhancement of the quality of education is very urgent and critical.

It is not difficult to understand why, despite the additional costs the program would entail, the public generally appears to take the President’s K -12 basic education program sitting down.  In 2010, Mr. Isagani Cruz wrote in one of his columns in a local newspaper some good reasons not to disagree with K-12 education plan in the Philippines.

Wise Money Management

Wise Money Management

By Rodney C. Ramirez

HAVE YOU FIGURED out how to earn your first million pesos? You have at least two choices to achieve this. You may follow the lead of some who play the lotto or join game shows which offer millions as jackpot prize. If you choose this path however, you must recognize the fact that being blessed with the good fortune of picking out the lucky numbers or being given easy trivia question is as rare as hail in summer. However you can still become a millionaire without playing the number game or joining game shows. This is through wise money management.

How do you practise wise money management? Well, here are few tips from Oprah Winfrey, the talk show hostess who is a self-made millionaire herself. First, live within, not above your means. Do not keep up with your neighbours in their spending binges. This is the shortest cut to being penniless. If you own credit cards, get rid of them. Always pay your purchases in cash.

OPEN HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM (OHSP): “ Reaching the Unschooled Wherever and Whenever.”

About 6 million Filipino children of school going age drop out of school altogether. This is the data that has emerged from a study carried out by the Department of Education in Manila. 30% of the 91 million inhabitants of the country are under 18: almost 25% of them never finish their studies. (AsiaNews)

Such enormous rate had prompted the government specifically the Department of Education to launch programs that would solution the problem.  Blaming poverty as the primary cause of such DepEd, then, focus on the possibility of reaching those unschooled and under schooled youth in their respective localities on the basis that would be convenient for them.


Learning doesn’t stop in the four corners of the classroom. It always been a challenge to educators and instructional developers to cater the needs of the pupils. Innovations and techniques in teaching is rampant. Everything focused on the welfare of the learners. But how can we contribute to all of these changes and start the light in our own community? The answer is very simple; It’s just you, your time and your interest.

Our society today is mainly a mobile being. In just one click, information comes in. Everything we wanted to know is just a seconds away. These globally inclined scenario affected most of the industries even the educational sector. First world countries already started the techniques and planning. A lot of association related to e-learning emerged. But, these boils down to one question; Can the Philippines be one of them?


The National Achievement Test (NAT) is a diagnostic test given by the Department of Education (DepEd) to all public and private schools in order to measure the mastery of learning of students.  It is given to Grade 3 (for primary education), Grade 6 (for intermediate education) and Fourth Year (for secondary education) students to find out whether the competencies suggested in the Basic Education Curriculum have been learned and/or mastered. There are five areas of examinations: English, Filipino, Mathematics, Science and Araling Panlipunan.

"Politics" in Instructional Supervision

The word “politics” attaches to it the word “leadership.”  In Philippine Education, supervisors exclaim exasperation at changes every time there is a change of Secretary Education.  Teachers have no choice but to adopt the changes.  This is reflective of Philippine history that showed a change of leaders as the country went through Spanish colonizers and  American rule.  When the Americans took over from the Spaniards, the educational system was poorly structured because of the archipelagic nature of a thousand islands. 

Job Hunting: Tools and Techniques

Getting ready for a job search? This guide will help you on how to complete job application and become employed.



Consider your resume a job hunting tool, design your resume to catch and captivate the employer’s interest, the immediate purpose of which is to secure job interview. Take note that your resume is not just a chronological record of work experience. Its your sales ad.  You have only 10 seconds, more or less, to show the reader that your resume is worth a second look.

Your resume is highly personal. Only you, can organize, write and rewrite it.  It’s a boo-boo to ask somebody to write your biodata. So learn to write a power resume that is effective and can assure you of a job interview

Introduction to TV Production

An Introduction to TV Production

I'm going to assume you're serious about this; that you want to learn more than you'd need to know just to make home movies of your vacation, your little brother's birthday party, or your trip to other places and Disneyland.

The instruction manual that came with your camcorder or DSLR should cover these needs.

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