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Reviewer in TLE ICT

Today, computer literacy is very important because it is considered as one of the required skill to possess by an individual. If you are going to apply for a job, the employers nowadays want their workers to have at least basic knowledge and computer skills because most of the companies rely on computers. Computers are widely used to help them in running the business. In the field of education, it is now included as one of the subjects in the curriculum.

This e learning reviewer contain questions designed to test one’s understanding about computer. This was made to help students, teachers and others about computer education. The competencies and questions were aligned to the k-12 curriculum. The questions in this reviewer were patterned from the textbooks by Jemma Incorporation and from iBook development group and some from the compilation of TLE reviewer. Introduction to computer/ History of the Computer/ MS Office ,Computer Hardware and Servicing were the topics included in the test.

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About the contributor:

Mrs. Purita S. Espanola  is working as Secondary School Teacher in Nagpayong High School, Pasig City and she’s currently taking her Masters  Degree at Rizal Technological University, Mandaluyong City. Shes's very much thankful to her Savior,  family for the love and support, to her classmates especially to sir Mark, mam Joy and Jen for accomodating all her queries to successfully finished this automated e learning reviewer. Also, to sir Jensen  for sharing his expertise in Instructional Technology. Thank you so much.

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