An Open Letter to School Principals, Teachers, and Parents

An Open Letter to School Principals, Teachers, and Parents
Re: Free e-Learning Reviewers for NAT, College Entrance Test, etc.

Dear Beloved Principals, Teachers, and Parents:


In cooperation with, the ELPAP E-Learning Inc. (E-Learning Practitioners Association of the Philippines), a non-stock, non-profit organization composed mainly of Filipino educators with e-learning background, launched a ‘Kawanggawa Project’ for the benefit of pupils and students in the Philippines.

In line with its advocacy to promote education using technology, ELPAP creates and publishes free reviewers for NAT (National Achievement Test—4th Year High School, Grade 6, & Grade 3), Science School Entrance Test, and College Entrance Test.
To see how its modern e-learning reviewers work, please try this 5-item sample:
The reviewers posses the following features:
e-Learning ‘Fun Quiz-Game’
The reviewers are in an interesting e-learning mini-exam format through which users are just like playing entertaining games.

Automated and interactive
The reviewers with time limit automatically check and score the users’ performance. Through their ‘immediate feedback’ per item, learning is reinforced by the pop-up correct answer and/or additional information.

Multimedia and multi-colored
Some items are coupled with pertinent images and/or audio for better understanding and retention of the concepts.
With the use of internet (which is now common), the reviewers are accessible anytime anywhere. Students and pupils can use them even outside the school.

Though ELPAP does not promise that the reviewers are flawless, it nonetheless guarantees that they were created or edited/validated by subject experts. Every now and then, the e-learning materials are reviewed and, if necessary, revised.

We, therefore, respectfully offer our humble project for the utilization of your pupils/students/children. The ‘homepages’ of the NAT and College Entrance Test Reviewers are (also) clickable on the main page of (Just open in a browser)

Some public and private schools in Metro Manila have already included our project in their ‘NAT Review Program.’ (Some schools encourage their students to take at least two or three prescribed reviewers per week. Students’ performance are monitored by asking them to ‘print screen’ and print their ‘quiz results’ and submit them to their subject teacher or NAT Review coordinator).

As our project is also compatible with the ALS and Open High School programs, some academic institutions and ALS centers have been using our instructional e-learning materials. Moreover, private and school-based review centers likewise take advantage of our free online materials for their review programs (like UPCAT and other College Entrance Test Review, Science School Entrance Test Review, etc.).

We also encourage you to join us in our modest advocacy by donating ‘reviewer questions’ (with answers and brief explanations) to our database. You may send your contribution (in MS Word format) to these e-mail addresses: and Our people shall convert them into e-learning format and publish them online with your name or the name of your school in the ‘credits.’

Thank you very much!

Respectfully yours,

President, ELPAP E-Learning Inc.
Professorial Lecturer, Graduate School--Advanced Instructional Technology

Incorporator, ELPAP E-Learning Inc.
Educational Technology Institutional Coordinator, La Salle Green Hills

Member, ELPAP E-Learning Inc.
Associate Professor, Ateneo De Manila University
President, Philosophy Circleof the Philippines
Tarlac Chapter Coordinator, ELPAP E-Learning Inc.
CASS Lecturer, Tarlac State University

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"Free e-learning reviewers for Filipino pupils and students”. #Advocacy #PromotingEducation

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