Sociolgy: An Online Syllabus

What is Sociology?
What is the etymology of the term ‘Sociology’?
What is the usual goal of the sociologists?
What are the areas involved in the study (Sociology)?
Who are considered the founders of Sociology as a discipline?
How was Sociology as an academic discipline founded?
When was the course sociology first taught?
What are the early international sociological organizations?
What is positivism?
What was the influence of positivism to Sociology?
What is anti-positivism in Sociology?
What is interpretative method in social science?
What are the contemporary theoretical frameworks in Sociology?
What is functionalism?
What is conflict theory?
What is 20th century social theory?

What are the areas of sociology?
a. Social organization
b. Social psychology 
c. Social change and disorganization 
d. Human ecology 
e. Population or demography 
f. Applied sociology 
What are some of the ‘scope and topics’ in Sociology as a study?
a. Culture
b. Criminality, deviance, law and punishment
c. Economic sociology
d. Environment
f. Education
g. Family, gender, and sexuality
h. Health and illness
i. Internet
j. Knowledge and science
k. Media
l. Political sociology
m. Race and ethnic relations
n. Religion
o. Social networks
p. Social psychology
q. Stratification
r. Urban and rural sociology
s. Work and industry
What is the so-called ‘structure’? What is ‘agency’ in sociology?
What are the basic research methodologies in Sociology?
What is quantitative design?
What is qualitative design?
Compare and relate quantitative and qualitative designs.
What are some examples of research methods in Sociology?
a. Archival research or the Historical method
b. Content analysis
c. Experimental research
d. Longitudinal study
e. Observation
f. Survey research
What are the practical applications of social research?



Sociology plays a big part in our daily lives.

Studying the areas of sociology improves our understanding of society. It enables us to adjust ourselves in our environment.

Sociology is a social science that give us information from different areas, it can also answer some of our questions about different issues on our surroundings.

Studying Sociology helps us understand why and how society changes.

Sociology, its scope and areas are the information we need to understand, know and learn more about our society. :)

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