Online Personality Tests in

Online Personality Tests in
Brief Lecture: The Importance of Taking Personality Tests In Choosing A Career And In Setting Life Goals
Knowing something about yourself such as your skills, interests, passions, traits and inclinations can help you decide whether a job or occupation is well-suited for you.
A good starting point of career choice and life goal setting is conducting self-assessment. The results can be used to appraise various occupations and career paths.
To use an analogy, visual blind spots exist whenever we are driving. Same is true for us humans as we have what we call psychological “blind spots.” “Blind spots” are components of our personalities which are usually hidden or unknown to us. Self-assessment tool is one way by which we can learn more about ourselves—our traits, behavior, strengths, and weaknesses—as they provide us a sort of feedbacks about our personality or interpretations based on our responses. It can also help us improve our relationship with others and aid us in our personal growth.
The following links are samples of free online personality tests:
1. Using the online test results, what new thing/s have you learned about yourself?
2. Do you agree with the results of your personality test? Why or Why not?
3. Do you think the personality test results can help you in your career choice and in setting your life goals?
4. What have you learned from your experience in taking a self-assessment tool?
1. Take any (only one) of the samples of free online personality tests (A, B, or C).
2. ‘Print screen’ or ‘screen shot’ the result of your personality test.
3. Answer at least one of the questions under ‘Discussion/Sharing.’ Write your answer (2 to 3 sentences only) to the FB comment section below using hash tags #NowIKnow and #PersonalityTest. ‘Print screen’ or ‘screen shot’ your published answer.
4. Submit the two outputs (personality test result and published answer) to your teacher.
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