Committee on Student Discipline and Evaluation (CSDE): 10 Programs And Services

1. CSDE Lectures
Regularly holding discipline lectures, symposia, orientations, reaching out activities, and seminars are important to keep the students updated on the school rules and regulations pertaining to student discipline. Special lectures may also be given to international students, faculty, and parents of students. The school may coordinate with a religious leader to deliver a lecture on student discipline.

2. Discipline Awareness Month
The second month of the semester is an ideal month to hold the Discipline Awareness Month considering that school year has just started by then and so campaigns to promote awareness on university policies are timely. During the month, the CSDE may sponsor different activities related to student discipline like religious worship service, exhibits, seminars and fora, student gatherings, parade, film showing, and the like.
3. CSDE Publication/s
CSDE may release an official publication (e.g. CSDE Newsletter) every semester to intensify information dissemination of student-discipline policies and activities on campus. It may feature the most recent activities of the office as well as updates and developments particularly on modified rules and regulations of the university.

4. Case Conference with Students and their Parents/Guardians
To effectively handle student discipline cases, the CSDE may develop a close partnership between the university and parents of students who commit a certain number of offenses. The parents/guardians may be persuaded to take an active role in guiding and reminding their children to faithfully comply with university rules and regulations.

5. CSDE Student Volunteers (CSDE-SV)
CSDE-SV is a student volunteer program of the CSDE which recruits students with potentials, interest, and capabilities in assisting the CSDE in the delivery of its programs and services. The Office provides trainings and activities to develop and enhance the CSDE-SVs’ skills and potentials so that they could competently assist the office and perform their tasks as CSDE support staff members. CSDE-SVs’ may be given Merit Awards and/or certificate of commendation/participation.

6. Discipline-Related Assistance
CSDE may assign roving Discipline Officers (e.g. CSDE personnel, CSDE-SV) whose assistance for discipline-related concerns may be called upon by any member of the school community. Activities involving students may request for the assistance of Discipline Officers.

7. CSDE Awards
The Student Personnel Services or SAO may sponsor and organize an annual Student Awards to recognize student leaders, faculty members, and school personnel who initiated the best efforts to encourage students to develop discipline consciousness, and to acknowledge the colleges or organizations with the least or no major discipline infraction and are able to maintain cleanliness.

8. CSDE Clean-up Campaign
To develop discipline among students, an on-going campaign that promotes cleanliness and orderliness inside the campus may be initiated by CSDE through appealing programs.

9. Lost and Found Services
CSDE may also provide lost and found services to the school community and ensures the proper implementation of school policies, rules and regulations related to lost and found items on campus.

10. Text-CSDE Service
To ensure direct and efficient linkage with members of the school community, CSDE may have a Text-CSDE Service” where all members of the school community may report any discipline-related incident or concern for CSDE’s urgent action.

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