10 Ways to Improve Research in School

1. THE SCHOOL COULD PRODUCE expert researchers by hiring new ones or by training their existing staffs. (They will be the one to teach other teachers/students on how to make research papers.)
2. The school could expose its students to various activities and competitions regarding technical writing for research papers or theses. (Who knows, one of the students may produce findings which may be adopted as one of the school’s innovative actions towards good education and global competitiveness.)
3. The school could adopt the strategy of other schools that have higher level of performance.
4. The school administrators could try supervising the activities of the research department more closely to ensure that every part is working effectively and efficiently, and motivate the researchers from time to time.
5. The administrators could also provide training programs for the employees to develop their skills and performance in doing researches.
6. Acquisition of newer technology like software and other equipments could improve the performance of the research department.
7. Involving students, faculty members, and staff by giving them the opportunity to voice out their opinions about the school’s current state and other matters could also help the research department improve.
8. The administrators could require each and every member of the school including students to have research papers for the school improvement. Incentives may be given to deserving researchers.
9. Research classes could make research topics more interesting. As long as no school principle will be transgressed, students may be encouraged to choose topics which they would be happy and enthusiastic researching.
10. The research department could try accepting honest suggestions through suggestion boxes or virtual suggestion portals.

5 Probable reasons why research in a school is not progressive
1. Some are apprehensive to undertake new research topics for fear that these might offend some members of the school community or go against the regulations issued by the school administrators. (Suggested solution: There must be clear policies and guidelines and/or panel which will determine whether or not a topic is appropriate to be ‘researched’ in the school)
2. There is no clear structure and/or design for the researchers. Policies are seen by some as one-sided—they must be fair and just for both the researchers and the research department.
3. There’s a lack of appropriate tools or facilities in performing researches.
4. The persons involved in performing researches have inadequate knowledge, competitiveness, and expertise. The staff may be ineffective and inefficient, or maybe they lack motivation.

5. On the part of the students, the word "research" is commonly perceived as boring, hard to do, insignificant, and “a thing of the past.”

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