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LEARNING ABC’s is perhaps one of the primers of preschool learning. One can’t learn to read unless he/she knew it first. But as we, parents, strive to open the doors of learning to our children, we must also persevere to master this “ALPHABET for PARENTS” by Sor Benedict:


Ask your child daily about his day in school-activities, play, problems

Believe that corrections made are in the best interest of the child

Consult with the Mistress of Class about your Child’s progress, character, attitudes.

Demand that respect and obedience at home and your child’s success are guaranteed.

Encourage your child to prompt acts of generosity, self-sacrifice, self-forgetfulness. What else may I do?Should be your child’s motto.

Familiarize your child with the best in literature, television and recreation.

Gather your child’s associates together and get to know them well.

Have high but realistic ideals for your child, respect and develop his talent.

Inspire your child by your own example and through heart to heart talks

Judge a situation only after listening to both sides of the story.

Know where your child is after school and on week-ends.

Learn with your child through your selective reading and personal study.

Manage your home schedule: chores, television, etc. for your child. Don’t let these activities do the managing.

Notice changes in your child’s attitudes, emotions, interests and appearance.

Open new doors of experience for your child by encouraging lessons in art, music, athletics, foreign language, typing, domestic and mechanical arts.

Pray with your child. “The family that prays together stays together”.

Quiz your child before tests and other competitive events.

Refrain from open criticism of any type of authority in the presence of your child.

Seek for yourself the kingdom of God and your child will follow you.

Teach your child the art of self-control, the beauty of inner virtue, the honor of patriotic services and the social graces of refined people

Use all the available opportunities offered by your city and nation to develop and perfect the talents of your child.

Venerate your religion, the sacred liturgy, the sacraments, the things of God. Your child is another you, he will do that same.

Welcome suggestions both laudatory and critical with an open mind.

Xamine your child’s requests for exceptions or favors only when the best interest of  your child is served.

Zestfully tell your child time and again that you love him very much.
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