Some things we need to know about aerobics

AEROBICS STRENGTHENS THE HEART and lungs and builds endurance. For those who wish to reduce weight, aerobics is also a ‘must-try’.

Though some suggest that we need to do aerobics for a minimum of 30 minutes at least three times a week, some experts say that 20 minutes at least thrice a week would suffice.

Reader’s Digest: How to do Just About Anything (The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., Pleasantville, New York, 1986) explains that aerobic means “occurring in the presence of oxygen.” Doing it “stimulate[s] more rapid and efficient transport of oxygen through the bloodstream. Oxygen is needed to burn the fuel (calories) that provides the energy for the exercise. In essence, the blood flow to the heart increases, requiring the heart to pump harder. Since the heart is a muscle, the harder it pumps, the stronger it becomes.”

The book adds, “Jogging and running are the most popular aerobics, but any activity that is rhythmic and sustained and uses the body’s large muscle qualifies. This includes walking, swimming, cross-country skiing, jumping rope, climbing stairs, bicycling, and even vigorous dancing.”

The reference also enlightens us that “the object of all aerobics is to increase your heart rate to what is called a training level and to maintain that level for at least 20 minutes. Your training level depends on your age. The maximum human heart rate is 220 beats per minute, but the rate declines by one beat for each year of life. The maximum heart rate for a 20-year old, therefore, is 200 beats; for a 40-year old, 180 beats.”

Moreover, it elucidates that our training level “is between 70 and 85 percent of [our] maximum heart rate. For a 20-year-old, this would be between 140 and 170 beats per minute; for a 40-year-old, between 126 and 153.”

In determining whether our heart rate has reached training level, the book furthermore teaches us, “take your pulse for 10 seconds immediately after exercising hard for several minutes. Then multiply by 6. Work up gradually to your training level. Anyone over 35 should check with a doctor before embarking on an exercise program.”

Just a final piece of advice: While doing aerobics, never forget to drink a lot of water every now and then, especially nowadays that temperature is extremely high more than ever. Happy exercising!

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In my case, I agree that aerobics could help us to maintain our healthy lifestyle. Also aerobics are very useful for adults. How about you? How Aerobics help you?

Performing aerobics can also help us be physically and it can make your body smooth and sexy.

Aeorobics is one of the best way to maintain our good health and can help us to reduce weight. Aside from aerobics , what do you think is the alternative way to maintain our good health ?

Aerobics will really be a good help to me especially I'm already a Mom and it can help me maintain a good body posture and can make my body more sexy

yes.because aerobics is a one of the good ways to prevent health diseases like heart attack.

Yes I agree. Due to all modern technology. Many people including me doesn't exercise because they just sit back and just stare at they computers that may cause they illness. So with aerobics, we can improve our physical abilities and be better with our lifestyle.

For me as an athlete, aerobics is important because it can me help to maintain a good healthy body and perform task with at ease.

Yes, because as said earlier, aerobics can make an individual healthy so it means that it can also help those who have sickness

aside from aerobics I think the other alternative way is to eat healthy food and always maintain our body clean.

i think that AEROBICS is the best way exercise ever . why ? because we can do it by ourselves in our home and in other place etc. we don't need to pay money to others to teach how to perform aerobics , we can easily watch in the famous websites in internet like you-tube. what are the benefits that we can get by doing aerobics exercises ???

now that i realize that aerobics is helpful to us especially in the old age i will tell my grand father and grandmother that they do some aerobics ay least 3 times a week to make they body strong and they heart .. so do you tell your grandfathers and grandmothers to do aerobics to make them strong ??

dancing and jogging because it burn my fats at the same time make my body fit.

dancing and jogging because it can burn my fats at the same time it makes my body fit.

In maintaining my body fit I eat healthy foods like vegetable and fruits beacuse this certain foods can reduce the excess calories in my body.

For Jehndel's Comment, I do also believe to what Jehndel said and I am hundred percent sure that Aerobics can reaaly helps ou body because I do Aerobics everday and it really helps my body to become more healthy.

For me the other benefits that i can get from aerobics is its reduces my risk for heart disease and stroke especially for old person like me.

The other benefits that you can get from aerobics is its strengthen your heart and lungs so that they will work more efficiently and your body become healthy.

It is not right.... if you are doing aerobics and yet you are not following the proper diet, the effort you are exerting doing aerobics is useless.

for me, it's a "NO" because proper diet is one of the secrets on having a healthy lifestyle.

NO, its not right to make aerobics as an alternative way to have a healthy life instead of having a proper healthy diet. we can have a healthy life by means of proper diet and we should not forget it. :))

my answer is a big "no". yun lng...^^v

my answer is a big "no". yun lng...^^v

aerobics realy is the safest way to lose or gain weight . in your case ? do you consider aerobics for you to lose or gain weight and be in a stable condition ?

When I hear Aerobics, Exercise comes first in my mind.

Aerobics is one of the healthy lifestyle that is easy to perform.Most adult here in our place especially women our having an Aerobics during Sunday morning.

Like Camille Espiritu says, aerobics is really a healthy lifestyle and aerobics makes me fit and healthy.

Aerobics helps us to maintain our healthy body, and it protects us from different diseases. -Camille Espiritu

Aerobics is not only about being healthy and to maintain our good posture but also to make us enjoy and be stress free. -Camille Espiritu

For me, being a student, studying occupies a lot of time and energy. So AEROBICS helps and balances the circulation of the blood even if we're stress. For you, how aerobics affects your life?

Exercise. It comes first in my mind when i hear Aerobics :))

Aerobics strengthens our immune system to fight different illness that might encounter due to so much fatigue. Does too much aerobics brings illness to an individual?

It strengthens our immune system. Yun lang.

For me aside from aerobics sleeping and relaxation are one of many ways to maintain our good health.

im glad to learn that aerobics is one way to be healthy and physically fit.This article helps me a lot.What kind of aerobic activity can help individual to loose weight in a short period of time?

They say that too much is harmful. So I therefore conclude that too much aerobics can lead us to sickness.

Aside from aerobics, I think the other alternative way and the simplest way to maintain a physically fit body is to have proper diet and proper exercise.

As a worker, it affects my life in terms of giving time to perform such aerobics.

I have learn in the article that aerobics can make us healthy and physically fit. I also learn that it makes our heart stronger, this will help us avoid and prevent heart diseases. What kind of aerobics can help individual loose weight and reduce body fats in a short period of time?

to kate aranzamendez: I agree to what you've said .. :)

to kate aranzamendez: aerobics help us to maintain our healthy body.. it's also a healthy lifestyle for those persons who has disease..

I agree that aerobics can help to maintain our health and body physically fit. Is aerobics really good for those people who have sickness?

for me advantage of doing AEROBICS is to help us to prevent health problems,strengthens our heart and reduces body fats. So we must do it atleast thrice a day . THANK YOU !

I have read in the the article that aerobics helps many people to have a strong heart and lungs.I also read that if the heart pumps harder, the stronger it becomes.Who can help us to do aerobics?Is it suit to our age to do aerobics and why ?P

Yes i have also knowledge on how we can keep our healthy living.Like the two other person answered that eating foods ,proper diet and having enough time to sleep,is also having any activities or sports.Doing some sports helps to strengthens the heart and lungs endurance and some body parts.

It not only helps burn calories and fat, which in turn helps you lose weight, but it can reduce and minimize risks to so many medical conditions.

There are alternative ways like walking, going upstairs, cleaning the house etc.

. I learn in the article that aerobics can make us healthy and physically fit. I also learn in the article that aerobics help us to avoid and prevent some diseases. It helps our heart to become active and stronger. Is aerobic is needed in our daily life? Is aerobic and exercise the same ?

Aerobics is useful as exercise in our daily life. But for those who have sickness, it depends on what is the person sickness because it may harm it. Aerobics is useful but it depends on the sickness of a person. Kate Aranzamendez

For me i think the answer to your question is yes because like what you said it can help u to make our body healthy and fit.!!! :))

Aerobics helps us but if we abuse our body doing such thing. It can lead to unhealthy habits.


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