Philosophy I Jensenismo Final Exam

This Philosophy I Jensenismo Final Exam is a fun e-learning evaluation using a compelling mechanism considered by many as exciting, interesting, and engaging.

This online automated quiz game contains questions based from the Philosophy book LOGIC: A Foundation of Critical Thinking (2013) by Filipino Philosophy Professor Jensen DG. Mañebog, et. al. pp. 111-186 (Oppositional Inference to Informal Fallacies).

NOTE: Before starting to take the exam, open first your Twitter account in another browser and follow first this Twitter Account @jensenismo (if you have not followed it yet). You will need it for the essay part.

Even though the essay in the exam, states "Do it last", the quiz machine may not allow yu to continue answering the rest of the questions without doing it first, so your opened Twitter account must be ready. Goodluck!

After taking this e-learning online exam, 'print screen', print, and submit the result to your Professor (through the Monitor). Godbless!


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