Getting a Little Deeper About Karl Marx

Karl Heinrich Marx is the communism’s most zealous intellectual advocate. He was born on May 1, 1818 at Trier, Kingdom of Prussia (currently known as Germany) and died on March 14, 1883 at the age of 64 in London, United Kingdom. He was a German Jewish philosopher, historian, sociologist, economist, and writer.
The following are some of the not so popular info about Marx:

1. Did you know that Karl Marx’s favorite food is fish, his favorite person is Spartacus, and his favorite writer is Baglas? (

2. He spent his most adult life relying on Friedrich Engels for financial support.  Engels gave Marx at least five pounds every month to survive. (

3. His favorite motto is “De Obmibus Debutandrem” which means ‘Doubt Everything’. It only meant one thing, Marx is not a trusting person. (

4. Karl Marx was a social butterfly, but it is really shocking that when he entered a university, his father Herschel Mordechai Marx had to tail him because he had cracked up enormous debt. (

5. He has a maxim “Nothing human is alien to me”. (

6. He and his friend Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto (1848) and they finished it for only six weeks! (Family Grolier Encyclopedia)

7. Marx and Engels started a newspaper entitled “The New Reinish Gazette”. Their articles focused on condemnation of the inequalities in Germany (and Europe) and the promotion of revolutionary ideas and activities. But then, the government shut the publication and removed all officers in office. To make a mark, the last issue of the newspaper was printed in red ink. (plato.stanford)

8. His wife Jenny Von Westphalen, after having sex before their wedding, wrote to Marx: “I can feel no regret.  When I shut my eyes very tightly, I can see you’re blessed smiling eyes….Oh Karl…..I am happy and overjoyed….Each happy hour I lived through again”. (

9. His daughter Leonor helped him in editing and discussed with him for ideas. Being intellectual is indeed hereditary. (

10. Aside from having serious financial problems, Karl Marx had issues about illicit affairs. He was also said to have loved dancing, luxury and gossip, and was attractive to women and men alike. His children experienced sudden death. (

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Try to explain this: “Nothing human is alien to me”.

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