10 Things You Should Know About John Locke

 John Locke was born on August 29, 1632 in Wring ton, Somerset, England. He died at aged 72 on October 28, 1707. He was a 17th century philosopher, and had a brainy quotation that “Education begins the gentleman, but reading, a good company and reflection must finish him”.
The following are some interesting facts about John Locke

1. John Locke believed in the middle class and its right to freedom of the inner voice, and its property. (answer.com)

2. Locke's greatest philosophical work, “An essay concerning Human Understanding” is generally seen as a defining work of seventeenth-century empiricist epistemology and metaphysics. (Stanford encyclopedia)

3. John Locke’s idea of “Natural Laws” had a big deal to do with both the American Revolution and the French revolution. (answer.com)

4. John Locke stated that the only source of knowledge comes through our senses. (wikipedia.com)

5. John Locke was the Father of Class Liberalism. (wikipedia.org)

6. John Locke’s father was also named John Locke. (answer.com)

7. John Locke was an English Philosopher and Physician. (wikipedia.org)

8. John Locke was baptized on the day of his birth. (answer.com)

9. John Locke also had an idea that people should be able to overthrow the government because they are free to reform the legislative to create a new civil state that works in their interest. (answer.com)

10. John Locke closest female friend was the philosopher Lady Damaris Cudworth Masham. Before Lady Damaris was married, the two had exchanged love poems. On his return from exile, Locke moved into Lady Damaris and her husband’s household. (history.com)

For me John Locke is one of the most interesting philosophers because he had a bright idea, wide knowledge, and special wisdom. I idolize many philosophers because they did their best to become a great and intellect philosopher.

Pauline Joice Madriaga, the contributor, is 18 years old. She graduated from Eusebio High School, Pasig City, Philippines and currently taking up AB Political Science. You may invite her on Facebook (joiz.madriaga).

What philosophy of John Locke is applicable to your life?

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