The Schools’ Student Personnel Services

STUDENT PERSONNEL SERVICES (SPS), basically, are ‘student-centered’ services and programs provided by academic institutions through their specialized units and systems designed to develop the total personality of the students. These services, in a great deal, are also directed and coordinated in assisting the students to be well-attuned to the learning processes they have to undergo in schools as these services essentially complement the academic programs.
          Aware of their noble duty to develop the full potentials of the individual, many universities implement comprehensive student services programs that are offered by their various offices, which are usually handled by the Student Affairs Offices. These SPS customarily cooperate with the students’ respective families and other social institutions to assist the students in attaining maximum self-realization and becoming effective and valuable in their social environment.

Missionand Vision of Student Personnel Services
The Student Personnel Services of many Philippine universities aim to live by the values of faith, service, community, excellence, concern for others, and teamwork in facilitating the development of students to become achievers. As such, they ideally commit themselves to a world-class quality and excellent student services that promote the virtues of faith, concern for the community, and holistic formation.
          Through innovative, responsive, and integrated co-curricular development programs, competent personnel, vital linkages, and state of the art technology, SPS endeavorthe development of mature, intellectually competent, culturally sensitive, and spiritually rooted Christian achievers for God and country.

1. Assist the student attains maximum self-realization.
2. Assist the student become effective in his/her social environment.
3. Complement the academic program of the Institution.

Specifically the Student Personnel Services seek to:
1. Provide student orientation to facilitate adjustment to school life.
2. Perform individual inventory and testing to aid towards self-knowledge and self-realization.
3. Perform student and group counseling.
4. Provide placement and follow-up services.
5. Perform research and student evaluation.
6. Provide adequate students assistance on finance, health, food and housing.
7. Provide a variety of co-curricular activities.
8. Approve and monitor activities of recognized student organization.
9. Implement the Student Code of Conduct and recommend the appropriate disciplinary action to the proper school authorities.
10. Assist in the selection of students for scholarship grants.

1.   Student Personnel Services must be available to students either through institutional programming or through student support services.

2. Information related to all personnel services must be clearly communicated to student, parent, faculty and staff (e.g., through student handbook, faculty and staff orientation, student assembly, Student Affairs Office [SAO], Information Office, and other related support services like Mass Com Guild radio station.)

3. The institution must provide effective personnel services for student with learning disabilities and/or other student with special needs through institutional programming like tutorial, occupational therapy, inclusion program, intervention, etc.

4. The institution must demonstrate student personnel services that are subject to a comprehensive, written evaluation and/or accreditation for each department or college, at least once every three years by appropriate academic authorities outside the academic personnel services area (e.g., faculty members, degree program coordinators, academic administrators of the institution or non-institutional academic support specialists).

5. The institution must involve on-campus personnel who are employed outside the department of intercollegiate (e.g. academic board, undergraduate education, student assistant) as participants in the evaluation and part of personnel services for students.  

6. The institution must provide evidence that all academic progress rate improvement plans developed and approved by the institution during the previous plan or as required by the Department of Education (DepEd) & Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on Academic Performance have been implemented.  

7. The institution must demonstrate its staffing, physical space and financial support as part of student personnel services and must be reviewed by appropriate institutional authorities and determined to meet the academic needs of the student.

8. Student personnel services can be initiated and developed with maximum benefits to students (e.g. scholarship, discount to cash payers, discount to the faculty and staff, etc.).

9. The personnel services contribute directly to the varied out-of-classroom needs of students through extension program (Outreach/Community Services, NSTP, ALS, TESDC, etc).

10. The Student Personnel Services (ideally) include the following areas: (a-z)
a. Academic counseling/advising resources and services (Guidance & Counseling Center)
b. Academic progress monitoring and reporting
c. Assistance for special academic needs
d. Assistance for at-risk students
e. Academic support facilities
f. Academic evaluation of prospective student (e.g. outstanding student, student organization officer, student-athlete, etc.)
g. Student degree selection through courses offered or institutional programming
h. Remedial Services
i. Orientation of new students
j. Supervision of student activities
k. Health Services
l. Job Placement Services
m. Admission Services
n. Maintenance of Student Personnel Records
o. The Regulation of Student  Conduct  – CSDE
p. Audio-Visual Facilities
q. Canteen
r. Bookstore
s. Computer system / AIG
t. Laboratory
u. Library
v. School service, e.g. school bus
w. Review center
x. Research center
y. Dormitory
z. Utility & security personnel, etc.

Services Commonly Provided in Philippine Schools
Though the above-mentioned principles of SPS ideally mention of an a-to-z services, not all academic institutions, especially in the Philippines, can provide all of them. The following are the services usually offered by local schools:
»  Guidance Program and Services
»  Health Services
»  Dental Services
»  Food Services
»  Co-Curricular Program and Activities
»  Student Recreational Program
»  Placement and Follow-up Services
»  Transportation Facilities

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