Philippine Automated Election May 10, 2010: VOTERS' experiences, complaints, assessments, etc.



OR, do you have any COMPLAINT, grievance, or protest concerning this MAY 10 ELECTION? Did you witness any anomaly, irregularity, or CHEATING in your polling precinct? Are you satisfied with the way this election was handled by the COMELEC? How would you evaluate this historical AUTOMATED election in the Philippines?

Let the COMELEC and the WHOLE WORLD know what really happened in OUR ELECTION, without SPIN, without TWIST, directly from the VOTERS’ MOUTH!

Log-in and LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE! (You may use ‘alias’ instead of name, but mention the specific polling precinct, town/city where you voted.)

Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS!


Ang haba ng pila..totally inefficient ang system ng comelec.. andaming nawawalang pangalan, pcos machine breakdown, rejected ballots..hay naku..kaloka tong eleksyong to.

<p> dahil sa hindi natuloy yung ballot secrecy folder na x0brang mahal.... makikita na agade yung kung cn0 ang binoto mu , wala ng privacy, madali pang magusot ang balota...</p>

The line was just too long. I waited almost 4 hours to vote, 10.15am to 2pm. Whoa.

dito sa amin sa malabon (sorry di ko na sabhin precinct # ko), mahaba din ang mga pila.. naging ok lang nung hapon na. mas ok pa ang botohan nung hindi pa siya automated. fast counting nga pero pahirapan sa pagboto ang mga tao ngayon. comelec lang ang madadalian sa pagbibilang... at ang naging prob ko sa election ngayon ay nag iba spelling ng surname ko! kaya pala wala sa comelec precinct finder na site at pahirapang hanapin ang precinct tuloy.

Just wanted to report the massive vote-buying done here in Navotas, brought to you by Erap Estrada and Toby Tiangco, his nephew running for a congressional seat. Erap reportedly bought the votes of at least six barangays in Navotas (N.B. Confirmed yesterday night, 8:57 PM) through his nephew Toby. Also, there was a payoff involving some of the members of the BEI at Tiangco's house, located at the border of the barangays Sipac-Almacen and Navotas West, dated Friday, May 7, 2010 (N.B. Personally confirmed and supported by 4 videos taken from nearby rooftops, as well as whole unedited audio records of the said meeting.) Regarding the BEI, my friends who voted at Bagumbayan High School, located at the back of the city hall in Navotas, were instructed by th BEI to get their ballots and folders from them, then forced my friends to insert the ballots directly into the PCOS - and they haven't even marked anything on the ballot yet! Due to their fear of the BEI harassing them, they inserted their ballots and had their index fingers inked, and went on to call me, 2 PPCRV volunteers and 2 cops. We had the BEI members in question arrested (after production of evidence by my friends), but the horrible thing is the BEI members were released 2 hours ago, without any charges, despite the fact that we filed 2 complaints for each of them! God Save the Philippines from the CORRUPT! We are on the way to file disqualification charges against Erap and Toby Tiangco.

Comelec has to provide more PCOS machines next time. Of course, for security reasons, they can't have 5 precincts in 5 different rooms sharing one PCOS machine that's why they had clustered precincts. While the machines can handle the volume of voters, the public school rooms can't - they're too small. They also can't have too many people in the room because then it would be difficult to control.

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