Education Towards a Progressive Philippines

The common good is the goal of every society. Every society aims where its citizens can live with peace and harmony; where they can share the resources and wealth of their society with equality; where people can ensure their lives in terms of security. Attaining the common good the society must use common means, and that is through education. This is a means where every society can ensure its future for a better one.

In a developing society like the Philippines, education is essential in order to achieve a better future. The state must always consider how their citizens would be able to reach their potentialities and nurture it. The potentialities of the people will decide the fate of a society.

In the Philippines, everybody knows that corruption and poverty exists. It has inflicted suffering upon human society from time immemorial. Poverty, being the product of corruption, had been the scourge of so many people particularly those who have nothing to depend on.Their presence in the country had been the problem for so many years, and it seems that it will extend its dwelling in the country for some years. Since the state aims for the common good of the Filipino people, the government must work on it, and it must be the education of the Filipino people its main priority. Why? Well this are some good answers why.

Education is a basic need of every citizen.Every Filipino must be educated. Human beings are the most efficient resource that every society had. In developing countries like the Philippines, it is necessary for the state to encourage its citizens to be educated. The state must urge them to take seriously education because it will benefit not only their homeland but most especially themselves and their families. Since education is a basic need for every human person, the state, in all its power, must focus on how to achieve a high quality education. The budgets and supports of the state must also be supported by some private agencies and both must cooperate on improving the facilities and quality of education in the country for it is the key for a progressive Philippines.

Education erases the unawareness or ignorance of the people. Being aware of the things that are happening people tend to come out with their ideas and learn how to engage with the problems around him. The involvement of the citizen on the issues and problems of the country helps a lot. Being aware and being responsible must go hand in hand. The world is offering a lot of information and knowledge about the things of the world. Human person must always be informed or updated with these things because they themselves are the ones who are engaging with the world. Ignorance is always a problem in the society. A lot of people experience difficulties and sometimes troubles because of limited knowledge that they had. If a person is educated, he will have the capacity to involve himself to the society and avoids any difficulties on his endeavours.

Education informs the people how to use technology properly. We now live in a world were advance technologies became part of every people’s lives. These technologies that we had today were helping humanity to achieve progress and make life easier and more comfortable. True that this technologies were amazing, and far beyond my human imagination could ever think of such things existing. People cannot deny the fact that these technologies and advancements became already part of our daily human work.

True that Filipinos have an intense need to keep in touch with each other and we found these advancements reliable for our needs. That is why, it is very important to know the limitations and effects of these technologies which education could offer. The proper uses of technologies are needed in transforming Philippines in a more progressive nation. It will also give a chance for the country to be known as one of the most advance country who had the natural resources and human resources that works together and able to gain a more stable and rich economy.      

Education is the life of every society primarily because it transforms its citizens into their potentiality of becoming a true and active citizen of the society who knows their responsibility and duties to their nations. Being a responsible and aware citizen of the country is a blessing to a society. As what the philosopher John Dewey would like to inform, a society must have faith in the capacities of human nature. In order to have the faith to the people, the state must have the first initiative to build the foundations of its faithfulness to the people, and that is, to ensure that the people acquires proper education. 

About the Author:

The author, Mr. David John D. Pereira, is from the province of Isabela. He is 22 years of age and a working-student. He is an ex-seminarian of the Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate and took his Degree in Philosophy at Rogationist Seminary College-Manila. Currently, he is studying at Rizal Technological University-Mandaluyong taking Masters of Arts in Instructional Technology.

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