STI College Alabang CounterFLOW Club

STI College Alabang CounterFLOW Club

What is CounterF.L.O.W?

CounterF.L.O.W is a club that was established last February 4, 2014 at STI College Alabang which aspires and desires “to help” the lives of students as well as the school and the nation.

This club wants not only to address the personal and academic discipline of students but as well to create awareness about their role to the community and country. Another, as an institution, we must not only produce learned graduates but also functional graduates coupled with sense of nationalism.

The club was established for the reason that those educated should be the ones creating solution or be the solution and make the change to the current setbacks (F.L.O.W.) of our community and country. However if they are not the opposite, they are the passive ones. Why the educated, because they have the available skills and knowledge to be utilized and maximized.

The club is called CounterF.L.O.W as a symbolism of countering the contemporary FLOW in the Philippines: TO COUNTER THE FLOW of

Following blindly

Low-order thinking

Obsession without contemplation

Way of living which leaves no legacy

OUR Vision

To see exemplary and admirable students and graduates who are transformed, directed and purpose-driven hence contributing valuable changes in their school, family, community, society and the Philippines.

OUR Mission

To mentor and lead students towards discovering, unleashing and maximizing their life potentials and upholding admirable values favoring both men and God.

Our Philosophies

“An examined life is worth living.”

“God created everything with potential and nothing in life is instant.”

 “Our understanding of life defines our worth and destiny thus the ‘collapse’ of human lives mean the collapse of one’s nation however the conservation of human lives mean the conservation of the nation and the future.” RMR

“It is not how long you lived your life on earth but it is about how you lived your life for yourself, others and to God.” RMR

“Be the greatest person that you can be in mind, body and spirit. Live for others. For it is in serving others that we will find true happiness and contentment. It is the type of life that really matters.”


HEART: To cultivate and develop students’ character, personality, values and spirituality which is essential in the transformation of one’s life (student).

HEAD:To assist students toward academic excellence, knowledge and critical thinking.

HABIT & HANDS:To organize activities that encourage students’ passion and enhance their skills and talents toward unleashing and maximizing their life potentials.

HELP: To support and participate in activities which promotes family solidarity, community development and nationalism.





           uNity in Diversity

  TalenT Maximization



              Faith, Hope & Love





Types of Membership

1.      Honorary Membership– appointed by the adviser and suggested and voted upon by the CORE 1 officers considering the values and ideals of the person.

2.      Full Membership– finished and accomplished all the requirements for membership.

3.      Probationary Membership– under observation, not yet a full-pledge member.

Membership Requirements

1.      2PCS 1x1 picture.

2.      Membership Fee (Php. 30.00).

3.      Membership Renewal (Php. 30.00).

4.      Accomplished membership form.

5.      Photocopy of school assessment.

Membership Privileges

1.      Free access to life and leadership books.

2.      Free access to educational games.

3.      Priority to any paid and non-paid events of the club.

4.      Group tutorial as per schedule.

5.      Life and Leadership seminar and coaching

6.      Other more 

Duties of Members


As a member of CounterF.L.O.W CLUB, I promise:

1.      To be the finest representative of our club in the school.

2.      To attend club meetings regularly.

3.      To actively support the plans and programs of the club.

4.      To prepare for and fulfil meeting assignments.

5.      To provide fellow members with helpful, constructive evaluations.

6.      To help the club maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow.

7.      To treat my fellow club members and our guests with respect and courtesy.

8.      To maintain honest and highly ethical standards during the conduct of all CounterF.L.O.W activities.

9.      To be an asset and adds value to our club.

10.   To raise the bar of excellence in all my works and assigned tasks.




Club Adviser: Ricson M. Ricardo



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