How to Beat the Bullies

How to Beat the Bullies

By Jennifer T. Salas
Master of Arts in Instructional Technology
Rizal Technological University

“Teacher, I’m always bullied by those guys.”

Bullying is very common problem but hard to resolve when there’s no proper intervention of the school or teacher. As a pupil/student you can also help yourself out of the bullies’ target. This article suggests you the following advices and reminders to fight the bullies without hurting them.

First, know how to recognize the bullies. Most of the bullies looks boast and sometimes bigger than you. They look suspicious with bad attitudes and behaviors. They are the attention getter in the class/school and they joke to hurt somebody.

The second advice is, it is not only important to recognize the bullies in your class or in the school ignore and avoid them too as much as possible. Those children or adult whom you recognized as bullies, avoid them. Do not make encounters with them, hence ignore as long as they don’t hurt you physically. The more you pay attention to the bully/bullies the more they will subject you to bullying, because they are the attention getter and teaser.

Third, be friendly and make friends-more friends. If you want to avoid 50% possibilities to be the “bull’s eye” or target, don’t be a loner. Often times, bullies were very confident to play with loners. On the other hand, if you have friends or lot of friends they will be coward because they know you are in the circle of friend’s security.

Fourth advice is, learn to talk. Your silence can’t help you. Your teacher always cares to help you and find ways to stop bullying in the school. “Prevention is better than cure.” The quote says, be sure that your first experience to the bullies was known by the teacher so that he/she has the idea on how to solve the problem and prevent it for future bullying.

Take your energy booster every day. This is the fifth one. It is not necessarily to drink or take something to be energized. It implies to become and look strong in front of others every now and then because weak persons are always easy to bully. In contrast, bullies are afraid to bully those they know who are strong or stronger than them. So boys and girls don’t look feeble, exercise and make some workout.

The sixth advice is the most important and I think the most effective way to beat the bullies. Don’t treat them as bullies; Treat them as your friend. Many of the bullies behave this negative behavior because they are lack of self-belongingness. They think they are deprived of friends and positive socialization. Always keep in mind that these individuals display unhelpful attitude because they have their rooted problems. As a classmate or schoolmate you can help by inviting them in your group of friends and to be influenced by good conduct and good friendship. Don’t let your peers be bullied and become a bully entire their life. Everyone in the school, teachers, principals, staffs and YOU-pupils and students can make a good change and beat the bullies. Always remember it is more fun to learn in a child-friendly and safe school. 


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