10 Interesting Facts About Parokya ni Edgar

Parokya ni Edgar is a Filipino band formed in 1993 by a group of Ateneo college students. The band is famous and most lauded for its original rock novelty songs and often satirical covers of popular songs.
The band comprises five members: Alfonso “Chito” Miranda Jr. (lead vocals), Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses (bass guitar), Darius Gerard "Dar" Semaña (lead guitar), Gabriel Ignatius "Gab" Chee Kee (rhythm guitar/vocals), and Ferdinand "Dindin" Moreno (drums).
The following are some interesting information about Parokya Ni Edgar:

1. The band’s name ”Parokya Ni Edgar” came from their classmate Bambi Cuna’s answer when asked by their teacher about the school of Crisostomo Ibarra. (storyangparokya.xiomai.net)

2. Their first album, Khangkhungkherrnitz became a triple platinum hit in the Philippines having sold 120,000 units. (en.wikipedia.org)

3. The true nickname of their vocalist Chito Miranda is TIKMOL, a nickname given by his father himself. (ltimones.tumblr.com)

4. The band was originally composed of three vocalists and two guitarists—Chito Miranda, Vinci HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Vinci_Montaner&action=edit"M... HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Gabriel_Chee-Kee&action=edit..., they called themselves Comic Relief. (en.wikipilipinas.org)

5. When Buwi started playing bass for Parokya, he was already a vocalist in a punk band with Darius.(ltimones.tumblr.com)

6. Chito Miranda, the band's vocalist, played in an episode of the Philippine version of the TV game show Deal or No Deal. Failing to bag the jackpot prize of Php 4,000,000.00, the group instead took home Php 750.00. (en.wikipilipinas.org)

7. Chito Miranda, the vocalist is a member of Alpha Kappa Rho, a fraternity in the Philippines.(en.wikipedia.org)

8. Francis Vincent "Vinci" Montaner (backup vocals) left the band for personal reasons. He announced his exit last October 14, 2012 through the band's official page on Facebook with lots of fans giving him their support for his new career path. Back in 2005, he also left the band to attend school and rejoined them in the making of their album ‘Solid’ released in 2007. (en.wikipedia.org)

9. Parokya ni Edgar has almost 200 songs. The band has released a total of 12 Albums. (en.wikipilipinas.org)

10. The latest news about Parokya is that Chito Miranda had a sex video (with girlfriend Neri Naig) which surfaced in the internet.

Mark Christian Monsalve, the contributor, is a college student pursuing Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology. He is now 19 years old. He loves music and he is a fan of Parokya ni Edgar. His hobby is playing musical instruments. (E-mail: mhark123@yahoo.com)

Do you think it would be better if the vocalist of the band is Francis Vincent Montaner (“Vinci”) and not Chito Miranda? Why?

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AT KAHIT mahal kita kita wala akong magagawa .... PANGRAP LANG KITA

i think no ..like what you have said in the article Vinci left the band not once but twice for his personal reason so if he became the vocalist of the band that time siguro wala ng Parokya ni Edgar hanggang ngayon ..

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