Love or Hate Math? <3

As years pass, people, animals, plants, and things are getting old. Sometimes we didn’t even notice it. Many new things are being innovated and improved. But did you ever imagine that there is one method that’s not getting old?-----MATHEMATICS

Well, we didn’t even know how useful this method is in our daily life. Here are some TIPS that might help in loving and appreciating Math.

1. Read – Reading and understanding at the same time helps you to appreciate more math. If you deeply understood the methods and theories it might help you to easily formulate a given problem.

2. Focus - In studying mathematics, you need to exert more effort to focus on each approach for you to understand and apply it correctly.

3.    Familiarized yourself – you don’t need to memorize all the formulas, methods, and theories in Mathematics for you to be able to understand it. You just need to be familiar and know how it works.

4. Application of Math in the Real World – It is easier to deal with something that is applicable to your life. So, in terms of mathematics we need to find a good application for us to appreciate and love it.

5. Seek for Help – it is more fun if you will ask someone to join or teach you in dealing with math problems. More ideas coming from others more easily for you to understand a given problem.

6. Make a recap about the Topic – if you recall and make a recap, you have more chances to familiarized and master a certain method.

7. Practice – as per this quotation, “Practice makes perfect” –John Adams we can apply it in dealing with math problems, you need to do some exercises for you to be able to master this method.

8. Do your Homework - homework are part of learning. It might help you to practice and exercise your mind in solving problem.

9. Make friends with your Calculator - Using a calculator is a big help in answering a Math problem. If you know the capacity and ability of your calculator it might be easier for you to solve and answer a given equation.

10. Answering Math Problem – upon exerting more efforts in reading, understanding and familiarizing, you need to test yourself and answer many math problems as you can. This might help you to master a given method.

So for me, in dealing with Mathematics it’s like you’re playing, enjoying and at the same time learning. Don’t over think each problem, just think simple. 


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About the Author:

The author’s name is Maria Xuyein B. Alejo an Jr. Process and Quality Assurance Specialist in HC Consumer Finance Philippines Inc. (Home Credit Philippines). She graduated last April 2012 in Technological Institute of the Philippines as an Industrial Engineer. She loves Math, Numbers and Analyzing problem. For her, No Matter what happen, Life must go on.

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