A Lesson in Probability

Sample Space (S) – set of all possible outcomes of a statistical experiment.

Example: When a coin is tossed.

Sample points – elements or members of the sample.

Statement or rule – description of sample space with infinite number of sample points or large number of sample points.

Example: S = {(x , y)/ x2 + y2 = 4}, S is a set of all points (x, y) such that these points are on the boundary or interior of circle whose radius is 4 and with center at the origin.

Event – subset of the sample space

The compliment of an event A with respect to S is the subset of all the elements of S that are not in A. The symbol is A’.

The intersection of 2 events A and B,, denoted by the symbol A∩B, is the event containing all the elements that are common in A and B.

The union of 2 events A and B,, denoted by the symbol A ᴜB, is the event containing all the elements that belong to A and B or both.

Two events A and B are mutually exclusive or disjoint if A ∩B = ɸ, that is if A and B have no elements in common.

Multiplication Rule – the fundamental principle of counting sample points

If an operation can be performed in n1 ways, and if for each of the second operation can be performed in n2 ways, then the 2 operations can be performed together in n1n2 ways.

Example: How many sample points are in the sample space when a pair of dice is thrown once?

n1 = 6 ways

n2 = 6 ways

n1 n2 = 36 possible ways

Generalized Multiplication Rule

If an operation can be performed in n1 ways, and if for each of these a second can be performed in n2 ways, and for each of the first two a third operation can be performed in n3 ways, and so forth, then the sequence of k operations can be performed in n1 n2 . . . nk ways.

Example: A developer of a new subdivision offers a prospective home buyer a choice of 4 designs, 3 different heating systems, a garage or carport and a patio or screened porch. How many different plans are available to this buyer?

n1 = 4 ways

n2 = 3 ways

n3 = 2 ways

n4 = 2 ways

n1. n2 . n3 . n4  = (4)(3)(2)(2) = 48 plans

Permutation – an arrangement of all or part of a set of objects

*The number of permutations of n objects is n!

*The number of permutations of n distinct objects taken r at a time is

Example: In how many ways can 6 people be lined up to get on a bus?

n = 6; n! = 6! = (6)(5)(4)(3)(2)(1) = 720 ways

Example: Two lottery tickets are drawn from 20 for first and second prizes. Find the number of sample points in the sample space S.

Circular Permutations – permutation that occur by arranging the objects in a circle. The number of permutations of n distinct objects arranged in a circle is (n – 1)!

Example: How many ways can 5 different trees can be planted in a circle?

n = 5; (n – 1)! = (5-1)! = 4! = (4)(3)(2)(1) = 24 ways

The number of distinct permutation of  n things of which n1 are of one kind, n2 of a second kind, . . . nk of nth kind is

Example:  How many different ways can 3 red, 4 yellow, and 2 blue bulbs be arranged in a string of Christmas tree lights with 9 sockets.

n1 = 3 red bulbs                                                                                                                                 

n2 = 4 yellow bulbs

n3 = 2 blue bulbs

n = 9 sockets


The number of ways of partitioning a set of n objects into 1 cell, with n1, elements in first cell, n2 elements in the second, and so forth is


n1+  n2+ . . . + nr = n, and r = number of cells


Example: in how many ways can seven scientists be assigned to one triple and two double hotel rooms?



The number of combinations of n objects taken r at a time is

Example: A printed circuit board may be purchased from five suppliers. In how many ways can three suppliers be chosen from the five?




Probability is a measure of the likeliness that an event will occur...this article can help us to determine in how many possible ways or outcomes will happen on object or in an event... :)

As one of the most fundamental subjects in the Industrial Engineering field, I find this article utmost useful. Probability is the foundation of decision-making and management, and faulty knowledge could translate to the failure of a project or the business itself. This being so important, I applaud the author, Engr. Shiela, for posting this review. Goob job!

this article is a better way of reviewing probability concepts and formulas. I will use this article as a one of review materials for the upcoming comprehensive examination. It will definitely help alot. thanks to the author...

This article can be used to determine the chances that something will happen and how likely it is that some event will happen.Learning this can be applied in other Industrial Engineering subjects. In decision making, we can have this as a basis to get the probability that makes us come up with a correct answer. The quiz has less pressure and enjoyable to answer. I am thankful to you ma'am and this site because it really helps the students in their studies.

this article helped me to recall the lessons in probability. i need the past lessons here because we are using the equations here on other subjects. thanks to the gorgeous author :)) :>

this article helped me a lot to remember what are the formula needed in solving those problem related to probability. before i used to open my hand outs just to find out what formula am i going to used but because of this article you have the reviewer plus there is quiz that can helped to apply those learning's :)

Probability is about chances. It is used to identify the likeliness that an event will occur. This article will be of great help to us industrial engineering students because this can be used in other related fields and this help me to recall the concept of probability. Thanks to the great author. :))))

Probability is one of the most important subject that must remember because in real life these kind of things are happening. In order for you to be able to decide in proper way you must have a knowledge with this .. and I found out that in this article I still remember the lesson regarding with this, cause I answered the questions without using my notes last sem. And I am grateful with that :)

it is true that probability is one of the important subject in my ie life..and with regards to the author of this article, i thank her for the information that serves as a review for my education. sorry if some of my answers are wrong... thanks ma'am..ingat...may sasabihin ako sa inyo...:P

Probability is used to quantify an attitude of mind towards some proposition of whose truth are not certain.In this article, it helps to recall some formulas that tackles now in other subjects. And in the quiz, you know that you are understand the past lesson in probablity or not..Thanks to the author that gives an article as a review..

A very informative article indeed. It also test me if I did deserve to pass this subject that I've taken last semester.

This article is very helpful to determine how we fully understand the Probability which is one of the most important being an Industrial Engineer.Because it serves us being knowledgeable on how to get a possible outcome of a certain task or activity in the near future. Even though I got low score in the quiz.

The article refreshed my knowledge about probability. The formulas and the concepts of probability gives a flashback. Learning again helps the student to be more accustomed to the lesson. It is good to be familiar again to the formulas. The article is really useful and helpful.

The extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening or being the case. It give a lot of ideas

Probability helps a lot in decision making and it will guide us to make decisions even not so sure about the results. And through this were not afraid to make failures instead making it as a guide to pursue our dreams.This article helps me to overcome decisions. The quiz was enjoyable but a little bit tricky.I realized how important probability is. It helps me to gain knowledge and to remember the past topic.Thanks Mam for reminding us:)

This article refresh my mind in the topic probability, which helps a lot in dealing certain situation in everyday living in even in a company. Probability is really important.Thanks for the author in reminding.

Probability is indeed an important subject especially to IE students. This article helped us to recall and refresh our minds with one of the topic in our probab class. Thanks to the great author. :)

Knowledge about probability is important, not only for students, but also for other people who are involved in business industries and other kind of industries outside the academy. Many events can't be predicted with total certainty. The best we can say is how likely they are to happen, using the idea of probability.

We are not aware but PROBABILITY is part of our everyday life. And this article reminds me how very important to understand the probability. Thanks to the author of this article. More power to you.

Probability is the chance that an event will happen. This article gives me a knowledge that probabilities are fascinating and useful in our daily lives even in a real world. It helps us to have an idea that we must consider alternative prediction formulas and applicable sets of situations when we talk about the probability of something. Thank you to the great author for this information that helps a lot in decision making.

this article really helps me specially in some subjects I am taking. it is very informative and its helps me to further understand about Probability. the quiz helps also to see if the readers really understand the article and it also serves as a practice... I thank the author for the wonderful and informative information...

Probability is really important for us especially in making decision it is because it is one of the fundamental subjects in Industrial Engineering. Though, I had difficulty in absorbing this lesson in Probability. It is good to have this article in this site to help us students, professionals, and professors to review and recall this lesson.

probability is very important in our lives. we use it often with or without knowing it. it helps us in decision making and it gives idea on what will happened in such situations. this article gives us, students, a look-back on the important topics we've discussed during probability and statistics subject.

Probability is an area of mathematics which we use all the time in our daily life - and usually without thinking about it. This article is a big help in recalling our previous lessons

knowledge in probability is very important in the decision making of industrial engineers.i scored 28.

probability is important in dcision making, it helps us to have a good decision according to the result of the event to happen.

Probability is used in business to evaluate financial and decision making and it is also used to improve business performance. Every decision made by management carries some chance forailure, so probabiity analysis is conducted.

Probability is the ratio of the number of favorable chances to the whole number of chances. It is really important and can be a helpful means of making decisions for our daily living. It can be useful on our career as an ie for analyzing the appearance of reality on business or industry. Thanks to the great author. :)

Probability is about how often an event will occur. Studying probability is important especially for us aspiring industrial engineers. HAZIELLE M. BUQUIS

Probability is the measurement if something will likely to occur or not. I think this topic is very important for everyone for it helps us in our daily lives' decision making. Nice article!

Probability is important in determining how many times the event may occur. This article helped me to recall those formulas tackled in our class. Thanks to the great author! :)

Having knowledge about probability is an important thing for a person because it may help him or her in every decision that he or she will make. Why? It is because probability is very reliable if an event will occur or not. This is such a great article because can help people to have at least a little knowledge about probability. :) thanks to the author! :)

Probability is a great help in making decisions especially to us IE students. This article helped me to refresh all the important formulas and terms in probability. :)

this article help me to know more about probability and how to solve problem about it including the formulas and terms. :)

Probability is one of the subject that helps you to decide in a particular problem. Thanks for this informative and knowledgeable article. Job well done to my professor..

This article helps us to remember all the important knowledge about probability. Those learning will we bring until we graduate and apply it to our future career. Thanks to the author :) -JUSTINE CHRISTIAN DIMACULANGAN:)

probabilty means the ways of something that the result maybe in two options.such us:win or loss

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