7 Tips to Learn to Love Mathematics

WE OFTEN HEAR THE REMARK, “I hate Mathematics!” But do we really realize how relevant and interesting to make it as significant part of our daily routines?    

Learning mathematics is like learning another language, so at first it will be hard but it will get progressively easier. Being not able to get the correct answer should not discourage you; it is a natural part of the learning process. So, keep on studying Math.

Here are some points to consider when learning to love Mathematics:

1. Have a positive mindset.
Believe on the power of positive thought as one of the most potent forces. Set your mind that learning Mathematics is a great fun and beneficial.

2. Dedicate some time to learning Math.
Make sure to allot at least an hour a day to study mathematics.

3. Become familiar with the vocabulary.
Having a math dictionary at your side is a huge help. There are many technical mathematical terminologies that need to be understood. It will be a relief to be able to quickly look up the meanings as you study.

4. Have reference books.
This will provide different explanations that will help in your study.  One of the explanations may make better sense to you than the other; or a combination of both may help you to get it.

5. Practice and practice more.
It makes perfect. Solve as many math problems as you can. In this way, you may get good feelings and get used to solving various Math problems.

6. Consult the more knowledgeable. You can always seek for help on something confusing and things you don’t know yet.

7. Never stop studying.
Grab every opportunity to learn. Sooner or later, you'll learn to love Math. Happy learning!
Maya Elaine Paler, the contributor, is a BS Accountancy student from Caloocan City, Philippines.

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