10 Ways to Teach Students to Like Math

Are you having a hard time teaching your students about mathematics? Well today, Mathematics is considered one of the most (if not the most) disliked subjects. For some reasons, most students generally don’t like mathematics.
Students’ abhorrence of Mathematics can be overcome if teachers will apply some of the ways or methods suggested here.
Listed below are 10 ways to teach students to like Math:

1. Build rapport with the students.
One factor why students don’t like math is the so-called ‘teacher factor’. So building rapport with the students can be a good start. It will draw the student’s interest and trust to the teacher, little by little they will like the subject.

2. Encourage creative students to discover different ways to solve a problem.
Let the students discover other ways on how to solve the given problem. This is boosting their interest to the subject. It will also develop their mathematical skills. Give them also ample time to think.

3. Always relate Mathematics to real life situation.
This will allow the students to realize the usefulness of Math in real life situations and develop their love for Mathematics.

4. Don’t give students plenty of homework during weekends and long vacation.
This way, students would not see Math as suppressing. Math would not be seen as a hindrance to having great time together with the family.

5. Make Math enjoyable by being cheerful.
Don’t let your students feel bored over the subject. Injecting some humors during discussions will help. Also try to give enjoyable but pertinent activities.

6. Do not give Mathematics as a punishment for misbehavior.
Math and punishment should not be seen as synonymous. The more Math would be scary if we present it as a punishment.

7. Patiently guide students to solve Math problems.
Teachers should guide the students, step by step, in solving Math problems. Always remember that not all students are fast learner.

8. Strive to demonstrate that Mathematics is an interesting subject.
Make some researches and prepare some inspirational lectures which prove that Math can be and is actually an interesting subject. This could bring about desirable learning outcomes.

9. Encourage students to attend Math activities.
Advise your students to attend Math tutorials. (In the Philippines, there is MTAP [Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines] Saturday Classes.) With these activities, students’ mathematical skills can be enhanced and developed further. 

10. Utilize the current trends and innovations in teaching.
Give students more online activities that develop their mathematical, critical, and reasoning skills. Look for sites or apps pertinent to learning Mathematics.

Teachers are agents of change. As we are an important part of the teaching and learning process, we can influence our respective students to love to learn significant things like Mathematics.  Together, let us impart our knowledge to the future leaders of the world.

About the Author:
GINA C. AMOYAN, the contributor, is a Mathematics teacher handling Grade 8 in Pinagbuhatan High School, Pasig City, Philippines. She’s a graduate of B.S.E. major in Mathematics at Rizal Technological University (RTU). She’s currently a member of Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) and presently earning masters in Educational Management at Rizal Technological University (RTU). 

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I think we should like math, becouse the math is important to our life. math help us think logically and expand our koowledge..

The math is important because we learn to solving problems and we know evaluate the solution.

The math is important because we learn to solving problems and we know evaluate the solution.

The math is important because we learn to solving problems and we know evaluate the solution.

The math is important because we learn to solving problems and we know evaluate the solution.

the 10 way of like to mathematics it is the most way for the students like me. mathematics is hard subject but it is good lesson for the students.

These points will be more helpful on math notes.


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