10 Tips to Overcome Math Anxiety

Are you bored in Math? Are you afraid of Math? Do you hate Math? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are suffering from the so-called Math phobia or math anxiety.
The current Wikipedia definition of math anxiety is anxiety about one’s ability to do math, regardless of one’s skill. Many experts agree that math anxiety exists when the fear and frustration due to stress about math become overwhelming.
The following are 10 tips to overcome math anxiety:
1. Be confident.
Believe that you can do it and probably you’re already halfway there.

2. Learn mathematics by doing.
Remember that practice makes perfect.

3. Be persistent.
Don't overemphasize the fact that we all make mistakes. Remember that some of the most powerful learning and discoveries begin with making mistakes.

4. Be motivated.
Develop your interest in Mathematics. Read some encouraging articles about the significance of Mathematics. (Enter “Mathematics” in the search engine of this site, OurHappySchool.com [upper right section]).

5. Review your Math notes at home.
Be ready for an exam. Remember that Mathematics is a repetition—the more you do it, the more you will understand it.

6. Find a mentor.
Study with a group. Ask a friend who is good in Math to tutor you in some things you don’t understand.

7. Make Mathematics a part of your day.
Apply the Mathematical concepts to your daily activities.

8. Have fun in mathematics.
Develop likeness in the subject. Talk to people about it and make light discussions about it.

9. Love mathematics.
Learn mathematics by the heart. Once you’ve learned to love it, learning will come naturally.

10. Think positive thoughts.
Be optimistic. Think that your ‘Math experience’ would help you in your future profession.

Mathematics should not be scary. Remember that it only deals with figures, numbers, and problems that always have a solution. Strive to have the knowledge and understanding to be able to have the correct output. Mathematics is a language of science and a versatile tool. This is a beautiful subject that students must appreciate.

About the author:
Jenifer J. Gregorio is a graduate of Rizal Technological Colleges (now RTU) with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics. She is an active member of Mathematics Teacher Association of the Philippines (MTAP).  She is currently teaching in Pinagbuhatan High School (Pasig City) and taking up her Master’s degree in Education in Rizal Technological University.

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