10 Everyday Activities Which Use Mathematics

10 Everyday Activities Which Use Mathematics
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MATHEMATICS is defined as the study of abstract topics such as quantity (numbers), structure, space, time, measurement, and even change. It has been around since the beginning of time. The basic but fundamental activity called counting is part of this subject. Just imagine if we do not know how to count, what would life be?
Proving that the subject named Matehematics is very important and useful, the following are 10 everyday activities which use mathematics:
1. Cooking
In every recipe, measuring ingredients is very necessary. This and other aspects of cooking involve Math.
2. Designing
Many things we see everyday like houses, buildings, clothings, decorations, towers, billboards, and the like are designed using geometry, a branch of mathematics that deals with measurement and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids.
3. Shopping
Many people love to shop, especially when there are sales in malls. Knowing how to mathematically compute percentage or discount for a certain item can be useful in deciding what to buy.
4. Banking
With good understanding of simple and compound interest, you can manage the way your money grows. Mathematics is thus important in dealing with savings and credits.
5. Travelling
For every distance of travels, there is a corresponding fare (like in ‘express ways’). When travelling abroad, knowledge of currency conversion is also useful.
6. Working
Selling products, providing services, office works, and even simple jobs require knowledge of Math.
7. Budgeting
Allocating budgets for your basic necessities like electric and water bills, foods, clothing, and healthcare also involves Mathematics. 
8. Gaming
Winning in many games uses Mathematics as it involves probability.
9. Time Management
Activities should be scheduled properly. Scheduling has something to do with time and dates which we also learn in Mathematics.
10. Relaxing
Especially after doing many tasks and we are tired, we take some rest and relaxation. We either watch tv, listen to music, go malls or parks, watch movies, or use our gadgets. Unconsciously or otherwise, all these things and activities are not possible without the application of Mathematics.
As we have seen, Mathematics play a vital role in our everyday lives. It is almost impossible to get through a day without using Math. For one thing, our world and activities are filled with numbers or anything related to them. Students must therefore take their Mathematics seriously as the subject in essential and practical. It will give them useful tools in many important activities.
About the author:
Venedicta B. Del Mundo, the contributor, graduated from Rizal Technological University (Pasig Campus) and is currently teaching at Sagad High School Pasig City . She is now pursuing her masteral degree in Educational Management. Her motto in life is “If others can, Why can’t I?”
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