We thank you, Oh Lord, for all the loving kindness that You have showered upon us—until now, we have the borrowed life and strength, and for these we glorify Your most holy name.

Before we perform our respective duties in the office, we ask of you to please forgive us for all our sins and trespasses, cleanse our minds and our souls, that we may also be worthy in calling your most holy name.

As we perform our various tasks in the office, we beseech You to please grant unto us the physical energy, the necessary skills, and the wisdom that we would need in fulfilling our responsibilities, keep us away from any mistake, that the office and the people we serve may truly benefit from us.

May we be filled with noble intentions in accomplishing our obligations. May we always remember that no matter how significant we may be in our office, and no matter how great our accomplishments are, we always remain to be your poor servants. Always make us humble and service-oriented, and may your peace reign in us, as we interact with our superiors, our officemates, and all the people we serve.

More important than physical strength, we pray for spiritual vigor to resist any temptation. May we always remember that You are always watching your servants. Allow us not only to abide by the state laws that govern us, but more importantly to act in accordance with Your will and precepts—that way, not only we will be able to give honor to the office and to the government, but most importantly, we will be able to give glory to Your most holy name.

Our Lord God, we firmly believe that You have heard and granted us our prayers. All these things we beg and pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.
Contributed by DAN LUJEN SENERIO



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