LUCIA RIZAL: Partaker of the Hero's Sufferings

Lucia Rizal (1857–1919) is the fifth child in the Rizal family. She married Mariano Herbosa of Calamba, Laguna. Charged of inciting the Calamba townsfolk not to pay land rent and causing unrest, the couple was once ordered to be deported along with some Rizal family members.
Lucia’s husband Mariano died during the cholera epidemic in May 1889. He was refused a Catholic burial for not going to confession since his marriage to Lucia. In Jose’s article in La Solidaridad entitled Una profanacion(‘A Profanation’), he scornfully attacked the friars for declining to bury in ‘sacred ground’ a ‘good Christian’ simply because he was the “brother-in-law of Rizal”.
In December 1891, the then widowed Lucia was among Rizal’s siblings who were present in their so-called ‘family reunion’ in Hong Kong. She also accompanied Jose when he returned to Manila in June the following year. From July 6 to 15, 1892, Jose however was regrettably imprisoned in Fort Santiago and later deported to Dapitan on a made-up charge that anti-friar pamphlets were found in Lucia’s luggage on board Don Juan.
Lucia and Mariano’s children were Delfina, Concepcion, Patrocinio, Teodosio, Estanislao, Paz, Victoria, and Jose. Delfina (1879 –1900) became renowned for being one of the three women (along with Marcela Agoncillo and her daughter Lorenza) who seamed together the Philippine flag. She became the first wife of Gen. Salvador Natividad of the Philippine Revolution. Teodosio (Osio) and Estanislao (Tan) became pupils of their uncle Jose in the school he established in Dapitan.  (© 2013 by Jensen DG. Mañebog)
Jensen DG. Mañebog, the contributor, is a book author and professorial lecturer in the graduate school of a state university in Metro Manila. His unique book on Rizal comprehensively tackles, among others, the respective life of Rizal’s parents, siblings, co-heroes, and girlfriends. (e-mail:
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